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How to Avoid Promotional Staffing Issues

In experiential marketing, you get one shot. Events exist in the here and now, and the initial interaction that you have with attendees can make or break how they perceive your brand. The data shows that marketing events are powerful. The research survey EventTrack 2015 found a staggering statistic related to the impact that events have on attendees. The report noted “a significant 98% of the respondents said that, assuming the product or service promoted was one they were interested in, participating at the event or experience made them more inclined to purchase.” When engagement is done correctly, brands enjoy significant dividends. If it is not, tremendous opportunity is wasted. Paying attention to every aspect of your event, from the people you hire to your post-event engagement plan, is critical. This week we highlight an article detailing how to avoid promotional staffing issues at events. We also talk trade show tech, fresh social tools for events, and more.

Beach Whiskey8 Steps to Succeed at Event Staffing

Having led the industry for almost 2 decades, promotional staffing is our passion at EPS. We are adamant in communicating to our clients that, in all ventures (but especially event marketing), your people are your number one asset. In event marketing, you can have the greatest engagement strategy in the world, but if your people don’t communicate it effectively, it is useless. One of the strongest aspects of promotional marketing is the face-to-face interaction with a brand. It is for this reason that getting promotional staffing right cannot be understated. Here UK agency Eventeem details successful promotional staffing in 8 steps.

Brand awareness5 Social Media Tools to Incorporate Into Events

For event marketing veterans, the thought of skipping social media in event planning is heresy. Social media provides immense potential in continued attendee engagement, but also amplifies your marketing message beyond the event itself. Giving attendees the opportunity to spread brand love provides you with an army of brand advocates who are distributing your message for free. And that message carries immense weight, as it contains built-in social proof. As a result, companies are lining up to provide brands with better engagement tools to boost their social media initiatives at events. Here are 5 platforms to consider to boost your social media game.

Building a brand at country music festivalsThe Best in Experiential from the 2017 CMA Festival

Festivals have become an experiential marketing staple. Brands increasingly understand how effective the alignment is between these events and brand experiences. It is also true that in these environments promotional staffing is key. Finding the right people to engage a festival’s audience boosts a company’s event ROI. Festivals can also provide exposure for a multitude of industries. The 2017 CMA festival featured brands from HGTV to Budweiser. And these industry leaders delivered exceptional and memorable brand experiences for CMA fans. So, whether your brand works in retail or entertainment, take a look. This article features the best in experiential coming from this Nashville-based festival.

Staff training and developmentThe Case for Marketing to Gen Z

It seems the topic on many marketers minds these days can be summed up in one word: millennials. This up-and-coming generation is thought of as a smart bet. They are spending money now and, as they age, continue to increase their buying power. They are also the largest generation, eclipsing Baby Boomers. But as this article points out, even they are aging. Those looking for the next up-and-coming consumer group should consider Gen Z. “By 2020, Generation Z will account for a massive 40% of all consumers, so there’s never been a better time to win them over with your brand story.” Here are 6 ways your brand can tailor its message to reach this new demographic.

Promotional staffing for instagramWhy You Should Optimize Your Event for Instagram

As mentioned above, there is no question that a social media strategy should be woven into every marketing event. But, as this article points out, as lucrative as social media can be, it is also unpredictable. “With the rise of this attendee-driven amplification channel has come hard lessons in letting go—that, unlike photo activation booths, brands can’t always control the visuals or the messages shared.” It is for this reason that some brands are taking social media integration a step further. They are designing their events around attendee content optimization. And when it comes to visuals, the clearest platform to design to is Instagram. Here are four examples of how big brands succeed at creating event spaces that are not only share-worthy, but share-irresistible.

live-music-2219036_1920Using Experiential to Create FOMO

For human beings, the desire to belong is innate. We want to be included in the group, whether that is in the form of approval or physical approximation. We also have the desire to “keep up with the Joneses”, often putting immense value on what we have compared to others. It is for this reason that FOMO, or the fear of missing out, is a powerful force. And FOMO is in full effect when people witness their friends taking part in something amazing – when they are not. When your brand creates an envy-worthy experience, attendees will share it. And, as millennials put experiences above material possessions, FOMO is guaranteed to result.

Product Specialists4 Components of Every Experiential Campaign

Experiential marketing is successful in part because it involves human interaction. This authenticity and personalized connection goes a long way in creating life-long brand advocates. It is for this reason that promotional staffing is so important. But finding the right people is just one piece of creating an effective activation. Experiential is rooted in building a relationship with a customer. And while this can’t be scripted, it doesn’t mean that detailed, strategic planning doesn’t go into every event. It is quite the contrary. To execute an effective campaign, marketers need to consider every angle of the event to set their teams, and themselves, up for success. Here are 4 important considerations to remember every time you design an in-person marketing event.

Convention StaffingTop Technology Tools to Measure Trade Show Traffic

Trade shows can be a great opportunity to meet potential clients, customers, and strategic partners. Yet not all trade shows are created equal. Who attends and how many people are in attendance are critical points for all stake holders. From the perspective of the event organizer, understanding foot traffic is critical. ”If there’s lots of foot traffic, even if (sponsors and exhibitors) don’t get a lot of it, they may give your event another chance. But if they don’t see the traffic, they won’t waste their time.” Here are 7 top technology tools that will help you measure trade show traffic without needing to be too hands-on.


In event marketing, we have seen time and time again that people are your biggest asset. Having a solid promotional staffing plan is key to ensuring your event accomplishes exactly what is intended. Download our Ultimate Experiential Marketing Staffing Guide and Checklist to ensure that you have the right people to represent your brand. If you need hands-on help, please feel free to contact us for an event staffing assessment.


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