Finding the Right Brand Ambassador, Tips for Event Engagement, & 10 Steal-Worthy Ideas from SXSW [The EPS Water Cooler]

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At EventPro Strategies, we are passionate about people, partnerships, and experiences. EPS has been in the experiential marketing event staffing industry for almost 2 decades. We have seen time and time again that people are a marketing events’ biggest asset. The brand ambassador in the field representing your company can make the difference between memorable moments and fleeting ones. Consumers remember the interactions they have at your event. It is those lasting impressions that are a major part of how attendees become customers. This week we are discussing the importance of finding the right brand ambassador for every event. We also cover tips for event engagement, as well as experiential ideas from South by Southwest (SXSW). Read More

How to Add Video Marketing to Your Street Event

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Video Marketing

You probably have the same guilty pleasure I do: binge watching. And we’re not alone. Millions of people around the world are embracing on-demand entertainment. Whether you prefer Netflix, YouTube, Amazon or the good ol’ DVR, in today’s climate we are accustomed to watching what we want, when we want it. And with the vastness of options, there really is something for almost everyone.

We all know that video is an integral way in which we absorb, and communicate, information. But, one question remains: how are you incorporating video into your events in a way that helps you achieve your goals? Read More

7 Smart Questions for the Best Event Staff Hire

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Event Staff Hire Questions

Have you ever had a job candidate throw away a beer can before entering your facilities for an interview? A human resources professional, who chose to remain anonymous, reported this to be a real-life situation. And, according to a Reader’s Digest article, these types of interview mishaps, while not common, do regularly happen. There’s the guy who sent his sister as his proxy, as well as the man who had his lunch delivered to the prospective employer’s office before his interview. These examples certainly don’t show professionalism or good sense, and likely will be more than reasons for disqualification. Yet, when looking for the best event staff hire, some other kinds of out-of-the-ordinary actions may work in the applicant’s favor.

For example, one man applied by song. And a woman showed up for her interview wearing a catsuit. How you interpret these situations depend on your brand, its values, your events and their needs. But, in most cases, your applicants’ interviews will be typical in structure. That’s why it’s up to you to prepare the right list of questions to get the information you need. After all, your ability to screen and hire the best event staff can make or break your marketing event’s success.

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Featured Event: Unilever

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Unilever:  American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting

EventPro Strategies (EPS) recently provided conference staff to represent Unilever at the 2017 American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting.  The Annual Meeting invites dermatologists, nurses, and medical students to gather for educational sessions and networking opportunities, and also provides exhibitors the perfect opportunity to reach a niche target audience. Read More

Experience Marketing at SXSW, Connecting Event Marketing to Business Goals, & the Psychology of Experiential [The EPS Water Cooler]

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Experience Marketing Techniques

With the yearly increase in experiential marketing budgets across the board, more and more brands are doubling down on events. “Experiential” is experience marketing, and the data shows that experience is exactly what consumers are looking for. It is an experience that makes the brands stand out to consumers. It is an experience that creates positive emotions that translate into increased sales. When practicing experience marketing, one thing is clear: your investment will be rewarded. This week we are discussing the psychology behind exactly why experiential works. We also touch on tips for creating lasting experiences, live streaming 101, and, as usual, so much more. Thanks for joining the conversation again this week! Read More

How To Build an Epic Street Marketing Team

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Epic Street Marketing Team

For every event, planning is everything. Promo materials, displays, data capture method, and activities – you leave nothing to chance. However, assessing the readiness of your people needs to be included in every inventory.

Ensure your street marketing team is prepared for greatness

Do you know without a doubt that your street team is ready, willing and able to get visitors excited about your brand? Do they understand your event goals and their role in achieving them? Are they excited to represent your company? An unprepared or ineffective street team can be the variable that sinks your event. And beyond damaging your investment, a lackluster team can potentially harm your brand’s reputation.

To prepare your epic street marketing team to achieve greatness, here are a few things you can do: Read More

Do You Need Professional Trade Show Staffing?

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Professional Trade Show Staffing

In 1934, the observatory crew on the summit of New Hampshire’s Mount Washington clocked the fastest wind gust in North American history. Its speed? 231 miles per hour! Volatile weather plagues the peak. And though most of us are unlikely to visit its summit, skiers and hikers to other altitudes will be wise to always check the forecast. Knowing how extreme conditions can be, would you trust an amateur or an experienced meteorologist for that critical information?

Some may see the difference between a professional and amateur as a financial matter. One gets paid, while the other does not or earns much less. But British theater critic, James Agate, shared a wise view on the subject. “A professional is a man who can do his job when he doesn’t feel like it; an amateur is one who can’t when he does feel like it.” The truth is, professionals often have more education and experience.

When you consider Agate’s words, would you leave your organization’s bottom line in the hands an amateur? When it comes to trade show staffing, a professional can help you find the right people with the right experience to work your booth and protect your marketing investment. Read More

Proving Success at Experiential Events, How to Use VR at Your Next Event, and Adapting Experiential for the Financial Industry [The EPS Water Cooler]

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Experiential Events

Experiential marketing allows companies to engage consumers where they live, work, and play. The intimate nature of this type of marketing makes people more likely to receive your marketing message. It also makes them more likely to come away with a positive view of your brand. It is no wonder why brand goals at experiential events can be so wide-ranging. From a product launch to revenue generation, companies are using marketing events to achieve many different ends. Knowing how to prove the success of an experiential event or campaign is paramount to understanding its impact and ROI. This week’s EPS Water Cooler features an article to help you do just that. From there we discuss how to use VR at events, how Stub Hub is succeeding at experiential, and more. Read More

Featured Event: Doodle 4 Google

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EventPro Strategies partnered with Pinpoint Productions to provide event managers for the 2017 Doodle 4 Google (D4G) program! The event took place in fifty-three cities throughout the U.S, Puerto Rico, and Guam. Though some cities were very remote, EPS successfully staffed and executed all locations.  

Doodle 4 Google

Doodle 4 Google is an annual art competition open to students in grades K-12 in the United States. To enter the competition, students create and design a doodle of the Google homepage logo. Google awards one winner on the state level and those winners go on to compete for the national prize. The national winner receives a $30,000 scholarship, a $50,000 grant for their school, and will have their design featured on the Google homepage for one day.

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