How to Find Loyal and Dedicated Event Staff

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Loyal and Dedicated Event Staff

It’s the day of your company’s experiential marketing event. You show up well before start time and look around. Barely any of your staff are there. You keep glancing at your watch. Where they could be? Soon after, you realize that the initial event activity is getting close – very close – and you are only half-staffed. You start panicking and wondering what you’re going to do without a full event team. You know that it will be impossible to execute without the exact number of people you hired.

The brand ambassadors and event staff at your activation can be the difference between reaching your goals or wasting your resources. You want people that are loyal, dedicated, and hard-working. It can be tricky finding and assembling a reliable team that meets your brand standards.

The Keys to Successful Event Staffing

Let’s take a look at how to find loyal and dedicated event staff that ensure your event’s success! Read More

Sports Event Marketing: How to Be a Winning Brand

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Sports event marketing

“In baseball and in business, there are three types of people. Those who make it happen, those who watch it happen, and those who wondered what happened.” – Tommy Lasorda

Those who know Tommy Lasorda know him for his long-time association with the Los Angeles Dodgers. He got his start with the team as a player in 1954, when it was the Brooklyn Dodgers. Several years later, he became a coach, then manager and, finally, in 1996, the club’s Vice President. Some may attribute his rise in ranks to his love for the game. But the truth is, Mr. Lasorda also knows business.

A Forbes article dubbed him “the Lee Iacocca of baseball, the master motivator, the prince of positive thinking.” That’s because Lasorda understood the importance of his players – his employees. Thus, he always let them know he appreciated their efforts and sought to motivate them to believe in themselves and give their all. At the same time, he reminded them of the significance of their fans. Without fans, Lasorda said, “there wouldn’t be any people like us.” He believed that keeping baseball alive meant saying thank you to fans and giving autographs upon request. It meant giving the fans a great experience.

Since Lasorda’s reign over the Dodgers, the experience level necessary to delight fans has grown in scope. But, Lasorda’s message still applies in baseball and in business. If your consumers are at sporting events, don’t be the brand sitting idly on the sidelines. Be the brand that makes it happen though sports event marketing.

For the Love of the Game’s Experience

Though baseball is “America’s favorite pastime,” other sports fans may beg to differ. From the NFL to NASCAR, and the NHL’s Stanley Cup Playoffs to the Kentucky Derby, there’s a sport or event for everyone. And, while many articles attempt to uncover the science behind the love of sports, we know, in a nutshell, it’s the fan experience.

A Washington Post article says these sports “help fill the need we have to connect with others, the desire for a transient but thrilling moment.” It’s why three out of four millennials prefer to buy an experience versus a product. Yet, today’s expected level of experience goes beyond a touchdown or hockey goal. And, this is when experiential marketing gets its turn at bat.

Sports event marketing can combine the need for a connection with the desire for a big experience to win the hearts (and wallets) of sports fans. But, if your brand is new to the experiential game, how do you guarantee a grand slam? Read More

Featured Event: Coppertone

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Coppertone:  Cars 3 Road to the Races Tour

EventPro Strategies is providing local brand ambassadors to assist with a brand activation for Coppertone at each stop on the Cars 3 Road to the Races mobile tour.  Road to the Races is a tour that brings a life-size Lightning McQueen character car and his pals to cities nationwide to promote and celebrate the June 16th Cars 3 movie premiere.  Read More

Developing an Event Marketing Plan, Stand-Out Publicity Stunts, & 7 Key Lessons from EMS 2017 [The EPS Water Cooler]

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Event Marketing Plan

In all avenues of marketing, a campaign is nothing without a well-organized marketing plan. Experiential is no different. With the many moving parts associated with events, your ability to produce a cohesive event marketing plan is of the highest importance. Today’s events often do double, or triple, duty, weaving brand awareness with lead generation, revenue generation, and more. Without a clear pathway, your goals likely will not be met. This week, the EPS Water Cooler features an article on how to create a effective event marketing plan. We also talk about rethinking retail marketing, as well as publicity stunts that can teach experiential marketers a thing or two. Read More

How to Wed Experiential Marketing and Lead Generation

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Blend Experiential Marketing and a Lead Generation Strategy

Going on a first date these days is less of an art and more of an item on a checklist. People choose potential suitors by simply “swiping” left or right on their Tinder app. So, it should come as no surprise that topics previously off-limits are actually on the checklist, too. From politics to religion, no discussion is off the dinner table (or bar top). In fact, a survey reveals “talking politics on a first date actually increases your chances of getting a second date by 91%.” Similarly, if you can’t have transparent conversations with potential customers, how can you continue a relationship?

You need information, whether that’s getting an individual’s contact details or asking for the sale. It is these “uncomfortable situations” that can make lead generation daunting. This is especially true when face to face. But, the good news is, for brands and companies, getting to the next step doesn’t have to be hard. Marketers can ease into the next phase of the consumer relationship without awkward first-date moments.

Setting the Stage for Your Lead Generation Strategy

The rise of digital marketing has created several new avenues to get leads. Yet, the saturation of video ads and email campaigns have rendered many efforts relatively fruitless. In fact, 65% of people will immediately “skip” online video ads, and the majority of us do so out of habit. So, breaking through the clutter to reach potential consumers becomes the challenge. Experiential marketing is an effective solution to stand out and generate leads. Read More

5 Marketing Strategies That Will Maximize Your Revenue

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Marketing Strategies for Your Next Event

Everyone that runs a business wants it to succeed. And an essential aspect of achieving success is an effective marketing strategy. Event marketing is an avenue in which you can communicate with your potential customers in a way that maximizes the potential for impact. Event marketing can be complex, as campaigns need to incorporate digital media into each event. However, it is important to know that weaving in other proven marketing strategies and techniques into your event will help you drive revenue in the short and long term.

5 Marketing Strategies for Your Next Event

Let’s take a look at some key marketing strategies that can be incorporated into your next event to maximize revenue. Read More

Building Brand Awareness with In-Person Events, Mastering Marketing Measurement & ROI, and Experiential in Tourism [The EPS Water Cooler]

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In-Person Events and Marketing

The marketing industry’s commitment to in-person events is showing no signs of slowing down. When the yearly experiential marketing study Event Track published it’s 2015 report, the press release did not mince words. Companies are continuing to invest in brand experiences. “Growth of experiential marketing, the use of live events such as sponsorships, mobile tours, street marketing, pop-up stores, in-store experiences, sampling, proprietary events, mall tours, trade shows, b-to-b meetings, p.r. events and street stunts, continues to outpace growth among other marketing channels such as advertising, promotion and emarketing.” And the growth of experiential is a direct testament to its effectiveness. This week’s EPS Water Cooler discusses how brands build awareness and drive ROI through marketing events. We also discuss mastering measurement and data, and 5 keys to a successful activation. Read More

3 Big Reasons for Expert Payroll Outsourcing Companies

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Payroll Outsourcing Companies

“Do what you do best, and outsource the rest.” – Peter Drucker

Though born in the early 1900’s, we know management consultant and professor Peter Drucker as the father of modern management. Drucker believed individuals and their knowledge to be a company’s most important assets. Yet, he also knew how to streamline processes. And, this often meant outsourcing critical functions, which Drucker promoted as early as 1989 in a Wall Street Journal article. He said, “If clerical, maintenance and support work is done by an outside independent contractor, it can offer opportunities, respect, and visibility.”

In the event and experiential marketing industry, agencies and brands often want to hire their own field teams and manage them directly. This is especially common in the case of market and field managers. However, in directly hiring field staff, especially on a nationwide basis, there are many challenges and considerations. In addition to offering in-house payroll, other HR issues such as benefits, compliance, insurance, employee classification, and more can be daunting. And if done incorrectly, can open a company to additional costs and even legal liabilities. Hiring HR and payroll outsourcing companies to Experiential Employee Management (EEM) services for event teams can achieve Drucker’s benefits.

The ABCs of Payroll Outsourcing Companies and EEM Partnerships

The role of a payroll partner or experiential employee management provider is more complex than just processing checks. First, teams must be hired in a way that is compliant both with the IRS and on a state-by-state basis. In event marketing, the risk of employee misclassification is high when it relates to these on-demand employees. And when executing across the country, it is important to be extremely well-versed in employment laws as it relates to each and every state. Healthcare laws and other federal employment regulation must also be considered.

Once staff are onboarded, much detail goes into managing the payroll and benefits process every single pay period. For some companies, this is weekly, bi-weekly or otherwise. Wages are calculated, including overtime pay where applicable. HR teams must manage withholdings, such as taxes, insurance, 401K contributions and more. And, since these on-demand employees can come and go, teams must keep details for each person up-to-date. It is a challenging job that requires immense resources. But, what does it contribute to your bottom line? Many companies find here is no direct correlation. So, is managing this task internally worthwhile? Read More

Featured Event: Michelob ULTRA

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Michelob ULTRA

Michelob ULTRA kicked off an event marketing campaign in January to celebrate its sponsorship of select PGA tournaments and running/cycling events throughout the U.S.  EventPro Strategies is thrilled to be providing TIPS certified brand ambassadors to represent the popular beverage brand at each of the 41 sponsored events.

Read More