Featured Event: SHOWTIME

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For the second consecutive year, EventPro Strategies provided staffing for an awareness campaign for SHOWTIME at Eat|See|Hear in Los Angeles.  Eat|See|Hear is a weekly event that features outdoor movies, food trucks, and live music.  Thousands of people flock to the event each week, giving SHOWTIME the perfect opportunity to showcase their brand to movie lovers.

EPS hired a team of brand ambassadors to assist with the event marketing campaign which took place over the course of five months. The primary goal of the campaign was to create awareness for SHOWTIME’s streaming service and drive mobile app downloads.  Our brand ambassadors interacted with attendees and provided key information about the streaming service and its features.  Additionally, they encouraged visitors to download the SHOWTIME mobile app and register for a thirty-day trial of the service.  The team also distributed branded promotional headbands to attendees and premium items to those who successfully signed up for the service. The brand ambassadors did an excellent job creating awareness for the service and generating app downloads, making the campaign highly successful!

Brand awareness campaigns are a great way to spread the word about a new or existing product or service.  However, the right team of brand ambassadors is the key to a successful campaign that will have lasting results.  EPS has successfully executed thousands of brand awareness events and we can help you, too!  If you are looking for brand ambassadors to market your product or service, please click below to contact a member of our client services team!

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How To Make A Good First Impression Through Brand Events

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Good first impression

Designing experiential marketing events to make a good first impression is like dressing up for your first date. You look your absolute best, because you want the opportunity to secure the elusive second date. In the case of events, you want to make a stunning first impression on your attendees so they develop a positive perception of your brand. From there, you are more likely to drive immediate and long-term sales, as well as nurture your new customers into becoming repeat customers.

And creating that perfect event experience is not easy. You’re not only after the right experience and level of engagement for the event, you also want the right people representing your company. You need great product and service positioning, a way to capture attendee attention and a plan for continued engagement after the event. It takes a 360 degree approach to leave an impression on your audience while ensuring event goals are met. At it all begins with the initial touch point – the first impression.  Read More

Featured Event: Ford Toughest Tailgate Tour

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EventPro Strategies teamed up with Civic Entertainment Group to provide brand ambassadors for the Ford Toughest Tailgate Tour!  The experiential tour celebrated Ford’s partnership with the NFL and gave fans and community heroes a chance to experience an AMAZING tailgate party.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Promotional Events, Top Trade Show Trends, & Possible Problems with Your Event Marketing Data

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Promotional Events
In math, the concept of infinity is rooted in the fact that, no matter high a number, you can always add one more. In the case of promotional events, no matter how amazing a brand experience is, it can always get a little better. That is why, at EPS, we are committed to sharing best practices, experiential marketing news, and tips and trends every week. Whether your event budget is $1 million or $100, you can always tweak something to improve guest experience and event marketing ROI. This week around the EPS Water Cooler, we showcase ways to improve promotional events. We also discuss trade show trends, the elements of great partnerships and other ways to up your event game.

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5 Tips to the Best Product Specialist Job Description

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At 2013’s South by Southwest, Tesla Motors co-founder and CEO, Elon Musk, gave the audience an invaluable tip for hiring new people. It revealed itself when Musk shared what he considers to be his biggest mistake in the process. He confessed he puts too much weight on “someone’s talent and not someone’s personality.” Yet, “he tries to balance that now.” Looking at the company’s product specialist job description, it appears Tesla has struck harmony between the two.

Through their product specialist role, Tesla seeks to welcome and assist guests in their retail stores. And what a critical role that is. In fact, it may be one of the most important assignments given in event and experiential marketing. That makes its job description and subsequent fulfillment high priority. Read More

Stretching Your Event Marketing Budget, Enticing Millennials with ‘90s Nostalgia, and Brand Experience Ideas for 2017 [The EPS Water Cooler]

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As in all things experiential, the amount you can spend on an event is limitless. From the best in consumer engagement technology to amazing devices that track event stats for you, the only thing holding you back is your marketing budget. But never fear. Experiential is also limitless as it relates to a brand’s creativity and ingenuity. This week we tackle many topics, one being smart ways to stretch your event marketing budget. We also do a bit of time traveling, as we visit the 90s, look forward to 2017 and even go back to 2016. Have no doubt; an adventure awaits.

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Featured Event: Nintendo Switch Launch

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The latest Nintendo gaming system is almost here! The Nintendo Switch made its debut last month in New York City at a three-day product launch event geared towards the media, VIPs, and super-fans. The event boasted a 10,000 square-foot setup with gaming stations, demonstration areas, and many interactive elements.  The super-immersive event gave attendees the opportunity to be among the first to experience hands-on time with the Nintendo Switch.

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12 Ideas To Get People Excited About Your Event Booth

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Five seconds. That’s all takes to catch someone’s attention. At a trade show or marketing event, those 5 seconds become that much more critical. Understanding how you can seize on that time frame at your event is paramount to your success and ability to achieve ROI.

With a combination of compelling displays, engaging event staff, and engaging activities, you can make your event booth not only an attraction, but an experience to remember.

Here are 12 ways you can create buzz around your next experiential marketing venture.

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Experiential’s Best Marketing Techniques, New Tech You Should Know, & How Guerilla Marketing Drives Results While Saving the Budget

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Best Marketing Techniques

As 2017 gets underway, many brands are kicking off a variety of experiential marketing initiatives. And while many plans are already finalized, there is always room for adjustments based on best practices. The event world by its nature is fluid, and so too can the way you execute events be throughout the year. This week the EPS Water Cooler has curated articles that showcase some of experiential’s best marketing techniques. From the way brands should be planning their events to trade show experiences that wow, there is a lot to learn. We also focus on emerging event technology, the expansive benefits of guerrilla marketing, and more trending event marketing news.

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How to Improve Your Brand’s Fan Experience in 2017

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Improving Your Brand's Fan Experience

Listening to blues music pour from the TV, I didn’t have to attend the recent NHL Winter Classic to know it was much more than a hockey match. Home-based viewers like me could feel the tremendous fan experience in this year’s host city of St. Louis. Yet, we knew it wasn’t as good as being at the real thing. As one article summed up the scene, “St. Louis’ famous Ballpark Village was transformed into the Blues’ fan hub as the NHL Winter Classic ‘Fan Fest’ drew fans from all over. From shooting areas, to photo ops, to live concerts with stars like St. Louis’ own Nelly, the Winter Classic was made for fans of all ages and backgrounds.” With this level of entertainment, it’s no surprise lines were “at least a block long” to access the fan experience area.

Why the Fan Experience Matters More than Ever

Live events, no matter if a single football game or a multi-day music festival, are more than the main attraction. Their focus is a fan’s entire experience. This most often begins with their first steps through the gates. When your brand makes an appearance at these fan-focused events, you have a huge opportunity to piggy-back on the already positive emotions and enthusiasm that fans experience at these events. When they associate your brand with their favorite team or band, your experiential campaign objectives are amplified. Read More