Tradeshow Effectiveness for 2016: Don’t Forget Talent and Technology!

Product SpecialistsAs the year draws to a close, you’re likely pouring over reports to identify what worked and what didn’t in your 2015 marketing strategy. With a large chunk of your budget being spent on tradeshows and conferences, that line item may be under scrutiny, even though you are fully confident in the value of simply showing up and shaking hands.

The truth is that tradeshows and conferences, when chosen strategically, offer tremendous value in growing your bottom line. The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) reports that four out of five attendees (more than 80%) have authority to make purchases. CEIR also found that 45% of attendees attend only one exhibition per year. That means wherever you are, there’s great opportunity to make new sales or upsell to your current customers.

So how will you maximize your tradeshow effectiveness in the New Year? Two of the most impactful and easy-to-implement strategies are utilizing tier one talent and mobile technology.

Talent. Your employees may know your products, but do they have the enthusiasm and experience to drive traffic to your booth? EventPro Strategies (EPS) has an extensive roster of talented tradeshow professionals who get people to stop, talk, and listen. Our talent have the experience to help you close the deal! Learn more.

Mobile Technology. Once you’ve gotten people in your booth, make sure you have an automated means to quickly capture their name, contact details, and other data critical to the sales process. EPS provides mobile technology, including digital lead generation and mobile marketing surveys which can provide automated follow-up by email or phone. Learn more.

EventPro Strategies (EPS) provides experienced and engaging staff to manage registration, provide guests conference info and direction, serve as hosts, manage VIPs, and much more. Our 360° Event Engagement mobile technology platform automates processes including event invitations and reminders; mobile check-in to minimize lines at the registration desk; text-to-win and gamification for event engagement and giveaways; and follow-up surveys, among several others.

To learn how EPS drives tangible results while maximizing your tradeshow and conference efforts in 2016, please contact us at this link.


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