12 Ideas To Get People Excited About Your Event Booth


Five seconds. That’s all takes to catch someone’s attention. At a trade show or marketing event, those 5 seconds become that much more critical. Understanding how you can seize on that time frame at your event is paramount to your success and ability to achieve ROI.

With a combination of compelling displays, engaging event staff, and engaging activities, you can make your event booth not only an attraction, but an experience to remember.

Here are 12 ways you can create buzz around your next experiential marketing venture.

1. Always Engage Your Audience Online

Incorporating social media is critical before, during and after your event. Post photos to show potential attendees what they can expect at your event and why they should be a part of it. Provide real time updates during the event, then continue to engage both current and new followers after the event’s conclusion and beyond.

2. Captivate With Intriguing Images

Have you ever spent time reading an article because it had an intriguing cover image? Your booth can create the same effect by having large and eye-catching display images. Use graphics that will help you connect with your target audience and make them curious enough to drop by.

3. Be Clear, Concise And Compelling

Curious visitors often drop by to learn if your product or service will indeed solve their problems. So don’t waste the opportunity to let them know they’ve come to the right place.

Ensure your talking points are clear, concise and compelling. Remember to use terms that everyone knows and uses – industry jargon could cause some visitors to lose the message.

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4. Animate With Videos And Apps

Moving images tend to stop people in their tracks. These can be in the form of a slideshow, an animation, or a simple introductory video. You can also let visitors get hands-on by incorporating event-related tablets and interactive screens into your booth or event space.

5. Be Photo Friendly

People are always looking for an excuse to post a selfie. Make it easy for visitors to do just that by adding a photo-friendly space to your event or booth. Use a fun backdrop, or even just one with your logos on it. Encourage social sharing by providing an event hashtag and running a related contest or promotion.

It’s important to know that, according to the data, your efforts in creating a photo-friendly space are likely to be well-rewarded. According to the 2016 EventTrack survey, “98% of consumers will create digital or social content at events and experiences, and all of these consumers will share the content.” This is a huge marketing opportunity for your brand that requires very little additional investment.

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6. Shine Brighter With Better Lighting

For your graphics and products, use lighting to draw attendees’ eyes and attention. Put a spotlight on a product display. You can also add LED lights to create a specific atmosphere around your space.

7. Be Approachable And Friendly

It’s important to have a team that is passionate about your brand and products. Their enthusiasm will be contagious and, as long as they are excited but not aggressive, will appear more approachable. And don’t forget the basics – good eye contact, open body posture and a kind smile is a great first step in winning potential customers over.

8. Smother Them With Freebies

Event swag and freebies are a great way to get people into your event area or booth. And your freebies could continue to work for you even after the event, when everyone has returned home. According to EventTrack, “when consumers look back on their branded event content, they often view the brand positively.”

9. Include an Engaging Activity

Humans pay attention whenever they see something that can test their knowledge and skill. Draw people into your event booth with engaging activities like quizzes, video games, puzzles, or even just raffle games. This makes the booth interesting enough for people to stop by as well as sticky enough as they stay longer and become more receptive to your message. You can even draw a bigger crowd by adding a leaderboard of your fastest and best players.

10. Tell A Memorable Story

Breathe life into your brand and get people invested in your company’s mission. Share your company’s journey in solving one particular problem that led to the products or community service projects you have now. Tell the tale of how the company was founded, including some personal anecdotes from the founders themselves. Have a video of different customer testimonials to display social proof.

11. Use the Best People to Deliver Your Message

Who you have working your booth is one of the most critical components in generating excitement. Even the most exciting display will fall flat if consumers are not properly engaged by your staff when they approach your booth. Consider staff personalities and event experience, but, if you can, look for people who already have knowledge or experience in your industry.

12. Train Your Staff Well

Help your event staff be successful in reaching your event booth or trade show goals. They will be more articulate, credible and capable if they have the right training. Provide them with specific talking points to maintain brand consistency. Provide tangible event objectives and tie them to incentives, such as small pay bonuses, gift cards, or even future event work if they are successful.

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