15 Wonderful Ways To Say Thank You To Employees

15 ways to say thank you to employees

It’s not easy being part of a event marketing team, especially those that take place at a busy location or as a street team. These dedicated employees are always in the middle of a bustling environment, trying to get consumer’s attention and make a lasting impression. In some cases, they are even able to generate leads or get consumers to purchase or sign off on an offer. Even if they face rejection several times in a row, they still keep their feet steady on the ground and push on to achieve event goals.

Add in the fact that many times they are standing under the sun, or on their feet for 8 hours or more. They are all working their tired facial muscles for that perfect smile while handing out fliers or freebies. It’s not easy work!

But without them, your experiential marketing event couldn’t succeed. You wouldn’t cash in on all the brand love that marketing events create. So a small thank you to employees like these, who become the face of your brand to hundreds (if not thousands) of consumers, will go a long way.

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Isn’t Cash Better Than A “Thank You” To Employees?

Some of may ask, “Why bother thanking them?” It doesn’t make sense to thank someone for doing their job, does it?

The answer is thanking them can make a difference, both in the way they represent your brand as well as their ability to achieve results. If you want to create a connection with your promo staff, then saying thank you is a simple way to build a bridge and foster a stronger, more motivated team.

Consider the numbers. A 2014 study about the 7 Key Trends Impacting the Workplace shows that peers – including you – are the greatest motivator for staff to go the extra mile at work. It is followed by encouragement and recognition, which are also great motivators.

Employee appreciation and recognition keeps employees engaged and satisfied. Once you know the power of appreciation, saying thank you to employees doesn’t sound bad at all!

15 Simple Yet Unique Ways to Say Thank You To Employees

It shouldn’t be a challenge to throw some gratitude to the people who work so hard for your brand. You don’t even need to significantly increase your budget. A great thank you just needs a bit of positive energy, which will go a long way in creating happiness for your event teams.

Ways to say thank you to employees

Here are some of the simple ways you can thank your staff. While many of these apply only to long-term event marketing programs, they can also be re-purposed for your internal team as well! For short term or one-off events, think about ways you can modify these to motivate your staff to reach your event goals.

  1. Honor them at the start of the next staff meeting. Don’t forget to mention names!
  2. Send them a thank you letter or email. Write down their strengths that contributed to you working toward or achieving your goals.
  3. Let the higher ups know about the team members who did a great job and ask them to drop by to say thanks. Or for those staff hired by an event staffing agency, make sure and mention top performers to the program coordinator so he or she can consider them for a promotion for the next event.
  4. Send them a thank you note with a few movie tickets inside.
  5. Give them supermarket or department store gift cards.
  6. Give them a surprise afternoon off.
  7. Give them an extra hour break one day.
  8. Invite them for a catered lunch or dinner in the park.
  9. Snack time! Surprise your team with some of the best cupcakes in town.
  10. Go out and have a pizza party with your team. No one can resist a freshly-baked pizza! For one day events, let them know that if they reach their team goal there will be pizza waiting for them after the event.
  11. If you want to know more about your staff and praise them more, there’s nothing better than having good conversations over coffee.
  12. After a long day of work, give the hardest performing team member a massage gift voucher. For one-off events, use the gift voucher as a contest to motivate performance.
  13. It’s a hot sunny afternoon out there. Offer them an ice cream or a gourmet ice tea.
  14. Before starting the day, bring them doughnuts to greet their spirits with a “good morning!”
  15. Simply tell them “Great job team! Thank you for a job well done. I couldn’t do this without you.” from the bottom of your heart.
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The Power of Thanks

As a leader who wants to show sincerity to those who work with him or her, a small thank you to employees will go a long way.

Here are some of the benefits you may unknowingly gain every time you show how grateful you are:

Say Thank You!

By now we hope you see how fun and beneficial it is to say thank you to employees. “Thank you” can be used anywhere and anytime to show appreciation to those who deserve it.

The more you use it, the more you will see first hand how this simple phrase affects people in amazingly complex ways. Not only does it give them a performance boost, but it brings everyone increased happiness at work and allows you to connect with your staff.

However, don’t go thank you crazy and risk coming off as insincere. Remember: appreciation is all from the heart.


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