18 Easy Event Ideas That Will Get Shares on Social Media

Easy event ideas

We can’t deny the power social media has over our lives, especially when it comes to promoting a brand. A single snapshot posted with a positive caption can be seen by thousands of people, sending brand awareness skyrocketing.

In experiential, you can use easy event ideas that will give your brand experience just as much potential for sharing. While design alone will catch attention and create excitement, the right activities and interactive elements will attract people to your event and make them receptive to brand messaging. And by combing a social media element and encouraging event attendees to share their experiences, your event impact is instantly amplified.

Easy Event Ideas For Your Next Marketing Campaign

Here are some easy event ideas that can be implemented in your next marketing campaign to make the experience that much more sharable.

  1. Set up a vertical pop-up banner display

Your banner acts like a billboard that catches people’s attention. You can have a 10’ wide horizontal banner or a 6’ tall vertical banner that’s lightweight and easy to set up. Your banner can also serve as a backdrop for an event photo campaign, wherein attendees can take photos of themselves and upload to social media using a custom hashtag.

  1. Get people’s attention with video

Movement creates interest, and it is clear that video is one of the most effective forms of communication available. Video is an easy way to draw instant attention from passers-by. Videos can feature anything you like, including product demonstrations, footage from past marketing events, or existing customers providing positive testimonials. Videos can also be shared after the event with your followers, and when it is compelling enough, those people will forward it on to their networks too.

  1. Provide a self-serve option

Have tablets available so consumers can visit your website, view your products and fill out a lead form in real time. Tablets can also feature social media contests or giveaways, so consumers can discover and then learn how to share your offer or feature instantly. In addition, you’ll be able to interact with more people for longer amounts of time by providing your “independent” visitors with a self-serve option. However, before you invest in tablets, be sure WiFi access is up to par to guarantee a positive consumer experience.

easy event ideas

  1. Post an event preview on social media

Provide customized event or trade show hashtags for sharing. If you are a part of a larger event or trade show that has already established its own hashtag, use that additional hashtag to post snapshots of your event footprint, products, and more. Start posting before event start to increase your draw. Make sure consumers know the benefits of attending your event or booth, and consider exclusive onsite offers to create the fear of missing out. Once people see that your event is one not to miss, they will be more likely to share with their friends and online connections.

  1. Don’t include too many components 

When you speak with customers, you want to deliver a clear and easy-to-digest message regarding your event goals. Too many products or messages can feel like marketing clutter and will likely not be fully understood, much less shared across social platforms. Based on your event goals, hyper-focus on one or two actions that you want attendees to take.

[Tweet “Consider offers exclusive to your marketing event to create the fear of missing out.”]
  1. Do a live demo

Stop traffic by doing a live product demo. This way, audiences can see the product up close and in use. Be sure that your demo space is designed in a way that fosters engagement. And let your audiences know that cameras are welcome! Have your demonstrator encourage social sharing of his or her exclusive tips.

  1. Large products need to show off, too

If you’re promoting huge products that have to be placed on the floor, make them stand out by putting up hanging signs and towers. The more elaborate and unique, the more sharable.

  1. Incorporate a social wall

Social walls are an easy way to encourage social sharing and crowds love seeing their event photos on full display.

Social wall current event technology

  1. Mount your products

Whether it’s small or large, your products can be wall-mounted and displayed with supporting graphics. Again (with creativity), if you make the product wall a unique event feature, when people take photographs and share, your product is front and center.

  1. Build a familiar environment

Let your audience imagine where they can use the product you’re offering by designing a set based on where it will ideally be used. Ikea does a great job at creating places in their showrooms that reflect living spaces in which their products shine. These displays can serve as inspiration for people to share with social networks.

  1. Highlight your product’s strengths

Present visual proof through graphics that show your product’s key benefits. You can indicate special features such as being budget-friendly, fast, durable, and more. Provide a digital copy for easy sharing.

  1. Let there be light

Use lighting effects to create a show-stopping display that attendees can’t help but share.

Easy event ideas - light

  1. Show proof

If you’re providing services, prove that what you’re offering is the real deal. Showcase case study graphics featuring your success stories and the happy clients you’ve worked with. Case study videos can be tied to a social media contest, in which an offer is displayed at the end of the video and users are encouraged to share with friends.

  1. Surround your event footprint with people

Consider hiring a street team to promote your event. Not only can they canvass the surrounding area and draw people into your event, their branded energy and presence will make passersby curious. Street teams can also take event photos and facilitate your social media contest to help boost attendee participation. When it comes to easy event ideas, using the right people to support your campaign can be one of the most effective.

  1. Use intriguing typography, graphic design and great storytelling

If you’ve got no physical products to show off, use good design on your event elements to engage attendees. Compelling brand storytelling is effective in encouraging people to learn more about your brand and tell their friends.

  1. Give away freebies

Giveaways such as stickers, wearables, and other items are tried and true ways to build brand excitement. Freebies attract people to visit your event or trade show booth and, from there, the news spreads quickly to others in the area. Adding a discount coupon or other reward for wearing or sharing photos of attendees enjoying your giveaways through social media makes freebies’ ROI that much stronger.

  1. Search for partners

Look for other products that have a target market similar to yours and partner up with them. Collaborate on a co-branded social media campaign that taps into both companies’ networks.

  1. Create an memorable experience

Another way to gather a crowd and create a sharable event is to incorporate activities or components that are interactive and one-of-a-kind. Who doesn’t want to capture a fun, unique experience and then share it with the world? Virtual reality, PR stunts, guest celebrities…let your imagination (and budget) guide you.

By incorporating one or more of these easy event ideas, you can craft an experience that’s attractive, engaging, and very shareable. Who knows? Your event might just be the next viral thing to break the web.

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