3 Hot Trends Impacting the Experiential Marketing Industry

The experiential marketing industry is constantly changing, and everything from consumer engagement techniques to technology is reshaping brand activations. Familiarizing yourself with up-and-coming trends can give you an edge when planning your next activation. Here are three trends currently impacting the world of experiential marketing.

  1. More Complexity
    Gone are the days of solely handing out promotional swag or samples under a pop-up tent. These days, consumer engagement rules. Event marketers are incorporating multiple elements into their activations to make them more memorable for the consumer. By providing them with an experience rather than “swag,” the consumer leaves with an emotional tie to the brand, which can boost brand loyalty. Consider adding interactive elements, activities and games, personalized swag items, and animated GIF photo booths to stay on top of consumer engagement.
  2. Social Media Reigns Supreme
    With the ability to post images to places like Instagram and Facebook in a matter of seconds, technology now reigns supreme in the experiential marketing industry. By incorporating a social media campaign into an activation, event marketers can take one person’s experience, and turn it into a shared experience with that person’s entire social network, expanding engagement far beyond the activation.
  3. Return on Engagement (ROE)
    Event marketers have long depended on ROI to measure the success of an event. While ROI is certainly important, ROE is just as important. With the integration of social media, mobile apps, and other digital marketing channels into experiential marketing events, brands now have the ability to expand their reach outside of the event itself and engage consumers long after the event is over. ROE is something that all event marketers should consider, whether you’re looking at the number of social media interactions from hashtags or the number of mobile app downloads from an event, ROE is a key factor in measuring the success of your brand activation.

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