4 Practical Ways to Boost Team Motivation for Event Staff

Increase Team Motivation

Marketing events are fun. From exciting new technology to cool, free giveaways, event marketing is designed to craft a positive experience. But with the focus on the consumer experience, we often forget that, for the event staff, this fun experience is a ton of hard work. These employees stay on their feet upwards of 12 hours for some events, all the while remaining cheerful, welcoming and engaged.

The physical and mental requirements of event work take a toll on team motivation. Behind that upbeat exterior might be an exhausted person who is digging deep to find unending enthusiasm for your brand. One study found that up to a third of employees are unmotivated in their work. Some of those surveyed even say that they can’t recall ever being motivated in the first place.

The good news is that many of these people would respond if they had someone to motivate them. 25% said that they’d perform better if they had a motivating boss who was good at their job.

So it’s time to step up and re-energize your team. But you won’t achieve this with a one-time pep talk or even by dangling bonuses in front of them. Here are four practical and effective ways to boost team motivation for your event staff.

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Practical Tips for Increasing Event Team Motivation

1. Get them involved in the plan

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Nobody likes working with bossy managers who are perceived as always wanting things done their way. More often than not, your event staff have relevant experience and have ideas of their own. Get key staff involved in the planning and execution of your marketing events. Even if they can’t help plan, ask their advice on some logistical matters when on site.  They’ll be more motivated to excel at their work because they helped put it together in the first place.

Allow them to be creative. Let them lead once in a while. Give them a way to offer suggestions and brainstorm ideas. It not only increases motivation, you might even discover an amazing idea or two.

2. Shower them with intrinsic rewards

Extrinsic rewards are the prizes you give for a job well done. These are things like bonuses, free swag, and gift cards. While these rewards are great, sometimes they aren’t the most effective when it comes to motivating employees. Often the elation associated with earning a few dollars fades in comparison to the perceived challenges of the job.

Instead, offer intrinsic rewards to your team. For example, thank your event staff after a day of long, hard work. Let them know you value their contributions to the team. You can also thank them in public during a meeting. Perhaps you can repeat compliments you heard from their coworkers. You can even stash away an encouraging note for them to read when they get home.

Remember, don’t be stingy with these intrinsic rewards. They cost you nothing but will give you great returns. Note though that you need to be sincere and specific when offering intrinsic motivation. You want the staff to know that you see their unique offering and you appreciate it.

3. Give and ask for feedback

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Event staff are the face of your company. Most of them speak with potential customers, and every interaction is unique. Observe how your employees perform their work so you can give them valuable feedback.

While feedback is sometimes regarded as a negative thing, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can phrase your feedback in a constructive and positive manner. Use this interaction as an opportunity to also let the staff person know what you did like, and what their strengths are. Lead with the positive, then offer suggestions. When you open dialogue, you’re affirming staff value while giving them a gentle opportunity to grow and improve.

But also remember that you have to do the same and ask for their thoughts about the program overall or specific elements of the event. Your event staff will feel secure if they know that they can give open and respectful feedback about the event and their job. When employees are afraid to give opinions or offer feedback, they can become discouraged and unmotivated. Don’t be afraid to listen to what they have to say.

4. Surprise them from time to time

Everyone loves surprises. Brainstorm about the kinds of special surprises that you can offer to your team for their hard work.

It’s good to delight your team from time to time to show how grateful you are. It doesn’t need to be fancy. It can be as simple as a dessert during a lunch break or small items you bought with them in mind. Team motivation is rooted in letting people know they are valued, and a small, unexpected token goes a long way

If you’re feeling extra generous, treat them for a surprise dinner or a group field trip.

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Team Motivation Starts With You

There are a lot of ways to motivate people. But one misconception is that people have to be inspired to be motivated. Inspiration comes and goes. But motivation? You can always help your employees find it themselves.

Just remember that not all your staff are self-starters. For successful teamwork, leaders can’t hesitate to do their part in the motivating process. They will need your help to find what motivates them most in their work.

It’s hard to be in the position where you are pushing people to work, and you likely won’t get an optimal result. But when employees have something that motivates them, the work does itself.

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