5 Event Marketing Ideas That Will Boost Your Brand Growth

event marketing ideas

When it comes to events, you want yours to be the center of attention. In order to do that, you need to stay ahead of the curve and create unique brand events that will wow customers and leapfrog competitors. Here are five event marketing ideas we’ve discovered that will help you connect with customers and increase the popularity of your brand.

1. Add Local Culture And Make People Feel At Home

Level up how you promote products and services by reaching out to your audience’s identity and emotions by adding local culture into your events.

Understand your customers’ culture

Before your start, it’s important to dive deep into what motivates your target audience and where they come from. Learn about the culture in which they live, both ethnically and locally. Understanding your customers’ culture makes your brand more responsive to their needs and builds loyalty in a world of shifting brand allegiances. It has a significant influence on your brand event’s ability to make a memorable connection and drive purchase.

Culture means connecting through experiences

One way to connect to your customers’ culture is by mimicking their environment in your own signage and event materials. Pay close attention to the unique traits of their locales: the colors, the sounds, even the typography used in local signs.

Aside from external aspects of their culture, you can also use questions to learn what goes on beneath the surface of their culture. Ask those in your target audience the “who”, “why”, and “how” of the ways they live in order to discover deeper truths that will allow you to create a stronger local connection.

Then, create simple experiences that will remind people of home. You can shape your brand experience by utilizing through locally inspired games, activities, and, especially, local food.

2. Let Your Audience Run The Show

You’re probably used to brainstorming ideas with your staff. But how about planning the whole event with your audience?

Planning with the audience

To gain audience engagement even before the actual launch of your event, you can start by conducting surveys and contests through email or social media. This advance insight not only helps you plan ahead better, it also increases buy-in from your respondents, building anticipation and giving them a sense of ownership of the event.

Creating with the audience

During the event, attract people to participate through games that not only award prizes, but also recognize the talents of the attendees. You can also use social walls to give people an opportunity to share their experiences. They can post live status updates on their own social media accounts using your event’s official hashtag. Let attendees “choose their own adventure” and vote on real time entertainment options or choose the event’s “best of”.

Get feedback from the audience

And don’t forget about your audience after the event. Follow up with them and ask for their comments, suggestions and feedback. More than the ideas for improvement, post-event feedback gives attendees a strong connection back to your event and your brand. It also allows you to amplify event impact and continue to push out offers, coupons and notifications for future events.


3. Use Surprising Locations For Pop-Up Booths

The whole reason behind pop-up shops are to have a presence in a high-impact location at a specific time. While high-traffic, well-known areas are still good places to set up your pop-up, try spicing things up so that your temporary shop doesn’t blend in with the crowd.

Follow your market

The best venues are not just the ones that your target audience frequents. They are also the places that inspire and amaze them. For example, if you’re aiming to reach millennials, you can set your booth downtown, near shops, art galleries or other places that they see as desirable and hip.

Go for nontraditional venues

Congested areas aren’t 100% ideal and may hurt your sales if the chaos prevents potential customers from visiting your space.

Meanwhile, nontraditional venues such as stadiums, airports, and parks can help you establish brand recognition to a captive audience. These are unique locations away from competitors and most other potential distractions.

4. Hire A Diverse Staff and Stand Out

If you’ve already followed this tip, then two thumbs up for you! If not, don’t fret. It’s not too late to elevate your team and include diverse staff members for your own events.

Why is it important to have a diverse staff? Often your audience is diverse as well. Having staff that comes from different backgrounds may help your event fulfill different people’s wants and need. An event team from different cultures can also help you overcome potential language and cultural barriers.

Besides understanding culture, a diverse event staff increases creativity and productivity for your events. Diversity allows your staff to shine and improve in their own ways as each person learns to appreciate each others’ strengths and individuality.

McDonalds Pavilion_NYC_OCT12

5. Personalize Your Event

People want to feel special, so make each event feel personal to them. And, thanks to technology, it doesn’t take an extraordinary effort to add personalization to your events. You just need to know where to start.

Know your attendees

You can start by identifying attendee types. This will be helpful, especially if you plan to create repeat events in the future.

If it’s a launch event, you can also learn about your attendees by providing smart registration forms. Beyond collecting names, emails, and companies, use a robust registration app that can give a more complete picture of your visitor’s profile (with their permission, of course).

And yes, don’t forget to have a nice chat with your attendees. Ask them about their needs and make them comfortable enough to share candid insights about your event and staff.

Customize content and activities

With the information you get from your visitors, you can tailor your events to your visitor’s wants and needs. Create content that you know they will enjoy and set up activities that they will want to engage in.

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