5 Marketing Strategies That Will Maximize Your Revenue

Marketing Strategies for Your Next Event

Everyone that runs a business wants it to succeed. And an essential aspect of achieving success is an effective marketing strategy. Event marketing is an avenue in which you can communicate with your potential customers in a way that maximizes the potential for impact. Event marketing can be complex, as campaigns need to incorporate digital media into each event. However, it is important to know that weaving in other proven marketing strategies and techniques into your event will help you drive revenue in the short and long term.

5 Marketing Strategies for Your Next Event

Let’s take a look at some key marketing strategies that can be incorporated into your next event to maximize revenue.

1. Purpose-driven marketing

What is purpose-driven marketing? It’s exactly as it sounds. Marketing that focuses on and is driven by a specific philanthropic purpose. It is doing business with a conscience. Purpose-driven marketing is a powerful event marketing strategy that can maximize revenue. A survey showed that 91% of millennials would switch to a company with a cause, rather than buy from one that doesn’t. People make choices based on how they feel, so this powerful strategy is very effective.

How do you communicate a purpose-driven approach to your event audience? It is important that a company stay true to a purpose. Be consistent. Know your customers, inside and out. Take up causes that are important to your brand and your audience.

It is hard for people to feel things for massive, faceless companies. This is why event marketing can help your audience feel positively about your brand and witness its commitment to the community. Build an event marketing campaign around your purpose. And make sure it’s relatable. Consider partnering with other brands and influencers that share the same values to maximize impact.

The bottom line is this: purpose-driven marketing through events is a proven way to deeply connect with your audience and create a loyal following.

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2. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing uses key leaders within your brand’s target audience to help spread the message about your company. These are people that have a large network that is composed of your brand’s target audience. Influencers have… well…a powerful influence! They have built up a loyal following that trusts in what they say, what they believe in, and the companies that they support. If an influencer says, “Purchase this product,” then it is extremely likely that their audience will do just that.

How do you capture the eye and heart of an influencer? The first step is identifying a list of influencers within your market. Next, you need to stand out. Your brand messaging needs to be spot on. Your value proposition should be crystal clear. And you need to communicate with them in a way that is memorable and compelling. That is where event marketing comes in.

Influencers are constantly approached by people and companies. They get spammed every single day. Your goal is to build a relationship with them, and just like general consumers, influencers are receptive to experiential. Host a marketing event that is exclusively for this group. Go over the top with interactive experiences to wow them and generate brand excitement. Let them touch, taste, and experience your products and/or services. Your main goal is to have each person leave excited to share their experience and encourage their followers to give your brand a try.

And just like other marketing strategies, follow up is key. The event is just the beginning of your relationship with the influencers. Continue to engage them online; like and share their content, provide exclusive offers just for them, and provide discounts they can send to their networks. Keep the conversation going, and continue to utilize your relationship to increase your reach and revenue.

3. Content marketing

Content marketing provides your audience with valuable, relevant, and consistent content. This content is highly shareable and in line with your brand. When you share high-quality content with your audience, they will share it with theirs. This strategy allows you to build an audience that values what you have to say and views your company as a leader. It also breeds goodwill, as you are providing consumers with free information that is helpful to them. When you provide great content, your audience will in turn provide their trust, loyalty, and eventually dollars.

How can you use an event to boost your content marketing strategies? A marketing event is an opportunity to engage with consumers and allow them to interact with your brand. This is the time to surprise and delight your attendees. By encouraging them to take photos and video, to write a testimonial and/or to detail their event experience, you are encouraging them to create great content for you. And this original content is not only free, but it is authentic and goes much farther with audiences.

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4. Social media marketing

Social media marketing involves distributing your brand message and interacting with an audience using social media. More popular platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn, however marketers are also experimenting with audience engagement using Snapchat and other emerging social platforms. Social media marketing should be a part of every single company’s marketing strategies to maximize revenue. When using social media, it’s important to be active and engaged on your own platforms, as well as interact with people and companies on their pages. Listening is imperative. Patience, consistency, and valuable content are king in the social media world. And always choose quality over quantity.

How should you incorporate social media marketing into an event experience? Social media is powerful. If someone has an incredible event experience with a brand, then he or she will post about it – and some posts go viral. In fact, according to EventTrack 2016, “Nearly all consumers create digital or social content at events and experiences (98%)…and all (100%) of these consumers share the content.” When designing an event experience, make sure you are giving attendees ample opportunity to generate pictures, videos, and posts. Photo booths, contests, and more will all help encourage content creation and sharing. This will get your brand in front of countless consumers that were not physically in attendance. The message is also delivered from someone they trust, which gives you built in social proof. And the cost of all this additional publicity? Nada.

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5. Marketing technology and automation

Marketing technology and automation can blow your revenue numbers through the roof. Why do tedious work when you can automate and free up time for quality interactions? From email and newsletters to data and lead collection, technology allows you to set everything up ahead of time. Automation also helps reduce human error and provides a consistent customer experience.

How can you use marketing automation during events? Event management software can automate basic behind-the-scenes event activities, such as staff check-in and communication. Attendee check -in and lead generation platforms allow your staff to collect consumer contact information and feedback with the press of a button. With automation, once information is collected, standardized emails can be automatically sent to attendees to deliver coupons, special offers, or other brand messaging. Some newer marketing technologies, like AdBeacon, also gather attendee stats – all remotely.

Marketing events can deliver fantastic ROI. But incorporating these 5 marketing strategies will take your campaign to the next level and maximize your ability to generate revenue.

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