6 Pop-up Shop Tips to Know for Better Results

Pop up shop tips“The Google pop-up shop is a super fun place to visit if you’re interested in Google’s new products or if you just want to get a taste of what [they] can do in the real world. We left with the impression that Google is dead serious about creating an amazing ecosystem… and we couldn’t be more excited about the future.”

Google recently opened the doors of its NYC pop-up shop. And initial reports indicate the tech giant spared no detail in its setup. Highlights include:

  1. Brand recognition is immediately reinforced with the company’s logo visible upon entry;
  2. The store’s design is both visually appealing and easy to navigate;
  3. Experiential marketing enables guests to test products and connect with them in simulated home environments; and
  4. Consumers heard the company’s message about its ecosystem of products loud and clear.

Google has established a solid foundation for success. And we should all be mindful of these important pop-up shop tips. We should also acknowledge the many other critical aspects that are necessary for positive results.

The First Step to Your Next Pop-up Shop

Knowing Google has operated both temporary and retail locations in the past, we imagine they left no stone unturned this launch. But we also realize other brands may not have this prior experience or the resources necessary to try their hand on numerous occasions. To ensure your future activation is done right, ask these questions of your last pop-up shop. 

Did you launch at the right time of year?

The holiday shopping season is an ideal time for many. Yet, chocolatiers, for example, may do better at Valentine’s Day or Halloween. Back to school is another time that can benefit retailers tremendously.

Did you choose the best location to reach your target audience?

Set up where your demographic shops. Additionally, your “storefront,” whether a kiosk, a white box or a traditional retail space, should mesh with their style and preferences.

Did you create enough buzz around your activation to drive traffic?

Without efforts to get people in your pop-up shop, you leave your traffic and sales to chance. Conduct marketing before and throughout the activation to be successful.

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Did you deliver a unique experience in store to make the sale?

We hear time and again how critical ‘experiences’ are to building consumer relationships. If you neglected to provide a visceral attraction, buyers may have looked elsewhere to make purchases.

Were your staff capable?

Your pop-up shop staff are so important to achieving positive results. They must be able to easily interact with shoppers to create the experience they seek. They must also be trained on your brand message, values and offerings.

Even if your last pop-up shop was deemed a success, there is always opportunity for improvement. The following pop-up shop tips can elevate your next event and drive success.

street teams product sampling 2

Pop-up Shop Tips for Greater Success

1. Manage your business like it’s there to stay.

Your pop-up shop is temporary, but it should receive the same level of care as a permanent location. This starts with its look and feel. Make sure your shop is visually appealing and easy to navigate. Just as important, choose staff of the highest caliber. Look for people who embody your brand and have the right personality and skills to market your products and/or services. Finally, appoint the best of the best to manage these individuals and direct daily operations for maximum return on investment.

2. Drive traffic with a street team.

You’ve sent emails to your existing customer base in the area and alerted your social media fans. But how do you reach those with whom you’re not already in touch? A street team is an amazing way to get in front of potential consumers where they live, work and play.

Street teams can be high impact, while requiring minimal resources for their activation. Simply send out staff capable of effectively engaging people. Let them distribute fliers with your shop’s information and create a sense of urgency to get consumers in the doors. One of more successful pop-up shop tips is to activate a team before as well as during your pop-up to continue to drive traffic.

3. Use social media to extend your reach.

You’ve done your own social media marketing, but have you encouraged consumers to help? There are many ways this can be accomplished. One, if activating a street team, offer a coupon when consumers post a selfie with a branded item and a custom hashtag. Do a similar initiative in-store using contests and giveaways. Either route gets the word out to a broader audience and instills FOMO among those who see it.

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4. Make the sale with event and experiential marketing.

You may not know it, but through these pop-up shop tips you just learned a couple of easy ways to apply experiential marketing. A simple idea follows Google’s lead – let guests put their hands on your product. Or offer demonstrations at scheduled times to guide people in and give them a reason to buy. Allowing consumers to get personal with your staff, brand and products creates the experience they need. Do it right and be among the “79% of US marketers” that drive sales as a result of event marketing.

5. Collect data to get feedback and stay in touch.

It’s rare these days to not be asked for your email address at checkout. This is because more retail businesses are realizing the value of gathering consumer information for continued engagement. Your pop-up shop should be no different. The collection of data is especially crucial when evaluating the future of your pop-up shop. It is the best way to learn what shoppers thought and what their emotional and purchase drivers are. From there, use their contact details to stay in touch, drive future sales and to notify them of future pop-up shops.

6. Get help in fulfilling these objectives.

This is perhaps the most important tip because engaging experts can help ensure your success. First, let a pop-up shop specialist assist with site selection and promotion. Then, rely on an event staffing company to find the best pop-up shop staff, as well as skilled talent for event and experiential marketing initiatives. Some agencies can also provide staff training and supply the technology you need to collect data and survey shoppers.

Even if you’re not as big as Google, your brand or company can garner rave reviews, too, when you follow these pop-up shop tips. The bottom line is, make connection with consumers at every turn, and make the sales.

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