6 Powerful Ways to Achieve Trade Show Staff Success

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A trade show is an opportunity to have a face-to-face interaction with your marketing targets. This is a place to build relationships and show your culture. Trade shows help you get solid leads and new clients that will grow your business. Yet, it’s important to recognize the most essential part of this real life interaction: the real life person doing the interacting. Trade show staff create a valuable opportunity for your brand to make a positive impression on your potential clients.

The important question is this: how do you ensure you have the right people representing your brand?

6 Tips for Trade Show Staff Success

1. Make sure your staff understand your business and its goals.

Quality trade show staff need to know the objectives and mission of your business. When screening potential candidates, learn about their personality, the way the communicate, and their interest in your brand. What is the purpose of your product or service? How does it help your customers? What are common issues that affect your target audience? What is each person’s purpose at the trade show? Your trade show staff need to understand your company’s value proposition in detail. They need to know answers to standard questions from potential clients. If they don’t know the answer, they need to have a protocol in place to say, “I don’t know that answer, but I can find out right away.” Knowledgeable trade show staff equals a high-quality, positive experience for clients.

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2. Professional look and demeanor.

First impressions are everything with new customers. Whether they are meeting your brand online through your website or in person at a trade show, your trade show staff should be professional at all times. This can start with the way they dress. Their attire will depend on your company image, but should send a message about your brand. When trade show staff meet attendees, they should take care to remember their name. They should use the prospect’s name throughout the conversation to show that he or she was heard. This can leave the attendee feeling like your brand cares about them on a personal level. And a personalized experience is more likely to result in sales.

3. Use your ears more than your mouth.

A trade show staff member’s ears are a critical tool for success. He or she is already going into the event knowing who the target audience is. Now, by listening, he or she can identify those prospects. Trade show staff should ask open-ended questions about a prospect’s problems and needs. The staff person should then identify whether your brand has the solution. If so, tailor the brand message specifically for that individual. If not, kindly recommend someone else that might be a great fit. Trade Show Tip: if you find yourself regularly running into customers that aren’t a great fit, think outside the box. Consider forging a strategic partnership with another company for mutual referrals.

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4. Preparation is key.

When working at a trade show event, your staff need tools to seal the deal on leads and clients. Easy-to-distribute contact information is essential. Make sure that everyone has business cards, pamphlets, products, service descriptions, email sign-ups, and so on. You need your customers’ information, and they need yours. Preparing your team is also essential. Find people that are passionate about your product and brand. Give your team a flexible script and general information that they can customize when engaging prospects. Tips on how to approach attendees, brand talking points, how to respond to certain questions, etc. are all important.

5. Take care of your trade show staff team.

Trade show events can be long and exhausting. They can be well worth the effort, but they require stamina. Make sure all staff are taking breaks, wearing comfortable shoes, and listening to their bodies. Schedule times that each person can take a moment to sit and eat something that will provide them with sustainable energy. They should drink plenty of water, as well. Well-fed and comfortable people create a relaxed and upbeat environment, ideal when trying to pitch to potential clients.

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6. Hire the right people the right way.

When hiring trade show staff, you want experience, not just at the trade show but behind the scenes. Consider an event staffing agency to screen and find the people that fit your needs. Your staff are the difference between success and failure at the trade show. You need people that are outgoing and upbeat. Customer service and communications skills are essential. You also want people that care about your brand, and are passionate about sharing it with others. In addition, partnering with an event staffing agency reduces HR expenses and liabilities associated with hiring temporary employees, including employee misclassification. It also gives you a resource to troubleshoot staff issues, which is critical, especially the day of the event. To ensure positive attendee interactions and a productive experience for your team, professional event staffing may be the way to go.

Trade shows are a great way to grow your business and meet new clients. Reaching your goals is always possible with the proper preparation, a quality product or service, and the right people at your side. Knowing your brand, educating and taking care of your staff, being professional and positive, and listening to your client’s wants and needs will lead to a successful trade show event.

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