6 Powerful Ways To Increase Brand Awareness

Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is one of the most important aspects of any marketing strategy. According to research, consumers who recognize a brand are less likely to sample other options. They are also more likely to choose what is familiar and safe. When an organization finds a way to increase brand awareness, they are providing their company and mission with a distinct advantage. With brand awareness, a business builds a loyal following and trust. Without it, a brand falls into the abyss of nameless companies that didn’t stand out by making a positive brand impact.

6 Powerful Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

Marketing events are one of the best ways to increase brand awareness, foster brand loyalty, and drive revenue. Here are 6 ways to increase your event’s ability to accomplish these goals.

1.    Provide perks

Many consumers approach companies with a “what’s in it for me” mentality. You can take advantage of this by offering attendees perks and benefits for engaging with your company at a marketing event. This could be in the form of receiving a discount or free product when they share event photos or other content. To promote on-going event engagement, give attendees an opportunity to refer a friend during or after the event in exchange for a reward of some kind. Referral programs are a powerful way to reach new customers while saving your company advertising dollars. Plus, these referrals come from socially-vetted sources. This word-of-mouth advertising is an incredibly potent method for reaching customers. They often lead to better quality leads because the referral adds a level of trust to what you have to offer.

2.   Practice the art of storytelling

Storytelling is a powerful tool for connecting with your event audience on a deeper level. People connect with stories, with real life circumstances, and with tales that leave them feeling good. Adding storytelling to your event experience leads to a more memorable brand experience. Storytelling and brand awareness go hand-in-hand (check out this article for business storytelling tips). Tell stories of how your product or service came about, or how it has benefited a customer. Don’t be afraid to get raw and personal. People love honesty. They like to know that they aren’t alone in their circumstances. And they especially love to see that a company cares about the impact it has on its customers.

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3.   Create a memorable experience

A brand experience can happen virtually or in-person. Yet, the ideal, unforgettable experience will be face-to-face. Experiential events allow consumers to experience your brand firsthand and provides the opportunity for them to get to know you in a personal way. Ensuring that this experience is not only engaging, but memorable, is of critical importance for your long-term marketing goals. Do something different. Events that generate buzz like this zip line through Gotham city make a big impact on attendees.  Or, you can hold an event that provides valuable tools or tips for your customers. This endears your brand to them, which in turn can provide quality leads. A memorable event leaves a lasting impression, gets people talking about and sharing the experience, and increases brand awareness.

4.   Collaborate with non-competing brands

Another great way to increase brand awareness at events is to team up with other companies. By collaborating on a marketing event, such as a street stunt or workshop, you can get twice the exposure and interest. For example, a backpack brand might partner with a art supply company for a back-to-school pop-up shop. In addition to providing school resources, the event can feature family-friendly games, art classes, and more. Fostering relationships with other non-competing brands can also mean that existing brand love for one company can be associated with the other, and vice versa.  You will also be able to share event costs and resources, increasing each company’s ROI.

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5.   Prioritize the customer

Go above and beyond for your attendees. Do more than promote your products or services. Leave a lasting impact on your audience by focusing on the little things. You might create cool seating areas around your event footprint, complete with free water and/or device charging stations. Or maybe provide an event concierge who is an expert on the area who can give them restaurant or activity tips. Next, follow up with attendees via social media or email, thanking them for attending and offering them a coupon code. Break outside of the traditional box and set your space up in a memorable way. The options are limitless as to how you can pamper your prospective customers without a lot of effort or cost.

6.   Hire an agency that specializes in experiential marketing execution

Is hosting an experiential marketing event too much for your brand to take on? Hire a qualified event staffing company that specializes in experiential marketing activation. Event staffing agencies provide dependable and passionate people that are trained to leave a positive first impression with everyone that encounters your brand. A qualified and professional street team can reach a large amount of passers-by, build brand awareness, and even boost sales. An event staffing team will provide a level of customer service that isn’t possible when your internal team is spread thin. Event staff will help carry your event to greater heights.

There are many powerful ways to increase brand awareness through event marketing.  Every brand awareness strategy should have impact at its center. You want to create memorable events that get attendees excited about sharing the experience with everyone they know. This type of organic following leads to loyal and dedicated customers that will come back again and again.

Event marketing is a tremendous way to increase brand awareness. Download our free Ultimate Experiential Marketing Guide and Checklist for detailed instructions and best practices related to marketing event staffing and execution. 


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