Developing an Event Marketing Plan, Stand-Out Publicity Stunts, & 7 Key Lessons from EMS 2017 [The EPS Water Cooler]

Event Marketing Plan

In all avenues of marketing, a campaign is nothing without a well-organized marketing plan. Experiential is no different. With the many moving parts associated with events, your ability to produce a cohesive event marketing plan is of the highest importance. Today’s events often do double, or triple, duty, weaving brand awareness with lead generation, revenue generation, and more. Without a clear pathway, your goals likely will not be met. This week, the EPS Water Cooler features an article on how to create a effective event marketing plan. We also talk about rethinking retail marketing, as well as publicity stunts that can teach experiential marketers a thing or two.

How to set event goalsHow to Plan Your Next Marketing Event

As mentioned, ensuring you have a comprehensive strategy (a.k.a. a marketing plan) for your event activations is a high priority. Events can be incredibly effective, or as the article points out, “totally obliterate the ROI on other types of marketing.” With this kind of opportunity, your company should ensure it’s getting everything possible out of every activation. No opportunities should be missed, and nothing should be left to chance. An event marketing plan will help you reach event goals (e.g. leads generated) and will ensure consistency in messaging. In events, you will have production staff, brand ambassadors, managers, and more. An event marketing plan will keep everyone focused and clear as to their role in achieving goals.

World Record 4Learn from These Great Publicity Stunts

Experiential marketing can mean a lot of things to different people. The general nature of providing consumers with “an experience” means experiential varies and is customizable. It encompasses different tactics, including sampling, mall activations, demonstrations, and more. Each tactic has its strengths and weaknesses. Choosing the one that best achieves goals related to your marketing plan is important. One of the best experiential tactics to attract instant attention to your brand is publicity stunts. With stunts, brands can be creative and achieve tremendous brand awareness. Here are 8 stand-out events and key takeaways.

ems 2017Lessons from this Year’s Experiential Marketing Summit

Every year, Event Marketer hosts the Experiential Marketing Summit (EMS), the industry’s largest conference. Here, hundreds of top brands and agencies converge to exchange ideas, make connections, and hear from industry leaders. This year’s event in Chicago kept up with expectations and delivered a great event experience. ITA Group was there, and they summarized their EMS experience in 7 noteworthy lessons from the conference. From building the sales pipeline around events, to using emotion to inspire action, their takeaways are worth a look. Whether you or your colleagues were in attendance, this summary of lessons is helpful for anyone in writing their next event marketing plan.


crowd-417293_1280The Benefits of Taking Your Conference Outside

Think of a business conference, and you might imagine an enormous meeting hall, complete with room dividers and stages. In general, conferences tend to be regimented in their activation. But being inside for long periods can be exhausting. And as this article points out, “being stuck inside all day deprives attendees of fresh air, and that can impact attention spans, retention and engagement in your event. Experts call the effect ‘nature deficit disorder.’ Getting that extra boost of fresh air? Turns out it can give attendees a fresh perspective—and a refreshed boost of mental and physical energy.” Solution? Hold your conferences outside.

[Tweet “For fan-based experiential, tying digital into sports activations is paying large dividends.”]

2How Digital Activations are Standing Out for Sports Marketing

We all know that people can’t live without their mobile phones. From those who look first thing upon waking to those who are tweeting noon and night, our Smartphones take center stage. It is no wonder that digital is having a big impact in experiential activations. For fan-based experiential, digital in sports activations is paying large dividends. And not only in fan engagement. Tracking devices are allowing sports sponsors to gather critical data about fan behavior and more. Here, Event Marketer details 3 ways that digital is succeeding in experiential sports activations.

sample pop upThe New Rules for Retail Marketing

The rise of the online world has changed the way that all companies interact with consumers. Marketing as an industry is adjusting to new ways in which consumers gather information and interact with brands. Of all sectors, retail is one industry that has seen its world transformed. The rise and continued success of Amazon and other online retailers has disrupted how people shop for just about everything. It is important for retailers to adjust to this new reality. But it’s not only how they present their products to the world, but also the way that they think about their businesses. Here, Joseph Grano, president and founder of Next-Mark, a marketing, creative strategy and PR firm, lays out key points related to navigating the new era of retail.

Brand AmbassadorsMillennials Love Experiential (Along with Everyone Else)

Marketers are all about reaching Millennials. As we’ve discussed before, Millennials are a fantastic target of the moment. They are not only the biggest generation (bigger than the baby boomers), they are now beginning to reach their true spending power. And as they mature both personally as well as in their careers, their spending power will increase. Establishing brand loyalty now is a good idea to reap revenue rewards for years to come. It is also true that Millennials love experiential. Born with a Smartphone in hand, this generation is relatively numb to digital marketing. They are more likely to spend their money on experiences, rather than things and want meaningful interaction with the real world. Here are 3 successful experiential campaigns, along with lessons learned from each.

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