8 New Street Marketing Ideas That Will Get Attention

Street Marketing Ideas

If you are a marketing veteran, you are always on the look out for new street marketing ideas. With so many companies actively engaged in all types of experiential marketing, marketers are looking to draw serious distinction between their brand and the competition. In many highly-trafficked urban areas, passers-by have probably seen every trick in the street team playbook.

The good news is that, with the fast pace of technology, there are lots of new ideas both here as well as on the horizon. Here are eight street marketing ideas, from holograms to projection mapping, that are sure to spark instant interest in your event.

1. Holograms

Using holograms adds a uniquely real-life experience to your event. Aside from the futuristic feel it invokes, you also allow people to view the images at multiple angles, increasing their engagement with your displays.


Ralph Lauren had its first holographic display in New York showing athletes wearing the new PoloTech shirt and representing the line’s core qualities of strength, speed, movement, and style.

Kino-mo uses holographic displays to create point-of-sale impact such as “30% off” 3-D messages.

2. Gamification

By 2019, sports industry is projected to be worth $73.5 billion. People love sports and games, whether as players or spectators. Adding a gamification element to your event gives it a sense of intrigue and excitement that will make people flock to your activation. Competitive types will latch onto the challenge and opportunity to earn prizes. Bystanders will love to live vicariously through the players and see how the game will end, tapping into their innate curiosity.


In this age when apps have become essential for businesses, events can use one of the many scavenger hunt apps such as MapDash to easily create and customize games for any location, at any event.

It also helps if your product is a gaming experience itself. During the launch of the Nintendo Switch, event attendees were able to try the new games while engaging with the brand. However, even if you are not a video game manufacturer, you can still use video games creatively during your activation.


3. Projection Mapping

Surface projections are show-stoppers in high-traffic places. Turning familiar landmarks into a mile-high movie screen does just that, grabbing the attention of people from all around. To expand on these types of street marketing ideas, add a story to your video instead of displaying a typical ad. The only downside is that it only works at night if you want to do it outdoors.


H&M announced its launch in Amsterdam by using 3-D projection mapping to turn their building into a living fairy tale land.

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4. Virtual Reality

If you want people to take part in a new experience, virtual reality (or VR) teleports them to the place of your choosing. Bring exotic vistas and faraway locations to your event booth with a pair of VR goggles. Or provide your attendees with an experience that they might otherwise not have access to.


To introduce their new white-painted roof windows, VELUX used VR to transport viewers to Denmark. Participants were “taken” directly to the forest where the wood is sourced before it reaches the factory where the roofs are made.

WWF also used VR to raise awareness about their mission to double wild tiger numbers by 2022. They let viewers experience what it’s like to be a ranger, walking around the jungle in search of tigers.

5. Upgraded Product Sampling

We know that people like free samples. But they also like taking part in new experiences. So why not combine the two? If you are looking for great street marketing ideas, go beyond simple product distribution. Engage customers by teaching them to become expert users, helping them create their own versions of your items, or revealing hidden secrets about your products.


Clinique’s Pop Lip Campaign didn’t just offer samples of their new lipstick shades. They helped their customers appreciate their new look through their custom “selfie” photo booth.

Coca-Cola succeeded in sharing both their soda AND happiness in a Singaporean university. The company used a smart vending machine that dispensed free sodas when you gave it a big hug.

6. Crazy Product Demonstrations

No matter how new and innovative your product is, if the demo falls flat, people won’t be compelled to make a purchase. So why not add emotion and novelty to the mix, and make your demonstration a show to remember? Challenge the way consumers think about your products. Surprise them with what they can do.


Blendtec’s “Will It Blend?” campaign became popular because of its wildly over-the-top blending of non-food items such as iPhones, just to show off what their blender can do.

Samuel Adams conducted an event where people not only sampled different beers but were taught how to make their own beer via an iPad-powered lesson.

Alcohol Promotion

7. Charging Stations

Smartphones are in everyone’s pocket. Offering a place for people to charge up is a simple yet effective way to draw people to your event footprint. Or even equip your street team with mobile phone chargers to offer passers-by a charge as they talk to the team about your brand.

One market study showed that charging stations help boost foot traffic and sales. People who drop by to charge their phones can be converted into your new loyal customers while they fill up their battery.


Toyota Prius offered a model car that had a charging station in its interior in Chicago’s Grant Park for Lollapalooza.

EnerPlex added a new twist to the charging station concept by offering free smartphone battery rentals during an event.

8. Lovable Freebies

While giving something away for free is a tried and true way to attract people, just any give away won’t cut it. In many cases, companies should consider ditching the branded pens and notepads for something worthwhile to your customers. Give away something rare, fun, or useful.


American Express’s Shop Small campaign took advantage of the chilly November weather by giving out branded hats, scarves, and mittens.

McDonald’s Singapore played up a Eastern craze. The free limited edition Hello Kitty toys they distributed created long lines and eager consumers.

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Sampling, demos, and games are all event marketing basics that brands have and continue to use to great effect. But by adding different street marketing ideas, whether through technology or playing to consumer needs and preferences, brands can provide a totally new attendee experience. In the age of YouTube and online engagement, offering these unique brand experiences are one of the most high-impact ways to reach consumers.

Now that you have plenty of street marketing ideas, consider who it is that will be engaging with your potential customers. EPS has led the event staffing industry for almost 2 decades, providing experienced street team staff who understand what street marketing success looks like. Contact us to learn more about what a partnership with EPS can do to help you reach your event goals.


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