How to Add Video Marketing to Your Street Event

Video Marketing

You probably have the same guilty pleasure I do: binge watching. And we’re not alone. Millions of people around the world are embracing on-demand entertainment. Whether you prefer Netflix, YouTube, Amazon or the good ol’ DVR, in today’s climate we are accustomed to watching what we want, when we want it. And with the vastness of options, there really is something for almost everyone.

We all know that video is an integral way in which we absorb, and communicate, information. But, one question remains: how are you incorporating video into your events in a way that helps you achieve your goals?

The Case for Tying Video Marketing to Street Teams

Are you still worried about the time and costs associated with video production? Don’t be. Many video bloggers and web personalities don’t use professional cameras and video editors. Often, they just shoot with a high quality phone or tablet camera, do a few edits through an easy, on-line video editor, and they’re done. It is equally easy for brands to create high-quality video quickly and cheaply.

You don’t need professional videography or high-end equipment. And your marketing events are the perfect places to create great video content. Here are a few facts showing why video marketing should be tied to your street teams and other marketing events:

  1. Videos can increase your audience. 78% of people watch videos online every week. Moreover, 55% watch videos online every day.
  2. One survey found that 82% of marketers say video marketing had a positive impact on their business.
  3. 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide say video content delivers the best ROI.

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Video Marketing Ideas for Your Street Team

What kind of video content should you create and even show during street team events? Here are a few ideas to help you out:

Company Intro

Your street team might be there to pitch your company, but sometimes they can’t personally catch all passers-by. Create an “About Us” video that will run for one to three minutes near your event footprint or on mobile tablets to share your brand’s story, mission, and vision.

TIP: Create an engaging company intro by collecting stories from people in the front line: your salespeople and customer service reps. Get loyal customers, suppliers, and partners to participate as well. Put them together to both introduce your brand and show viewer how your company works. Use footage from other street team events to showcase how other passers-by have been interested in your brand.

[Tweet “78% of people watch videos online every week.”]

First Person Social Media Content

Your street team event has taken an immense amount of time to plan. So now amplify it’s reach. Make your followers and entire online audience feel like they are at the event by creating first person videos to push out later via social media.

TIP: Have your street team staff create a first-person GoPro video at your street team event. The video will show them engaging with passers-by and moving from location to location. Even better, if possible, have them also record themselves using your product so that viewers can feel as if they are actually the ones using it as they watch.

[Tweet “82% of marketers say video marketing had a positive impact on their business.”]


Testimonials offer tremendous social proof for people considering trying or purchasing your product. Watching others have a positive experience or speak positively about your brand can have a tremendous impact.

TIP: If you come across people who are familiar with and like your product, have your staff invite them to talk about their experience in front of the camera. If you are able to provide samples at your event, record people’s positive reactions when they first try your product. Compile these 15-second testimonials for website and social media content. You can also add these to your future booth videos for trade shows and other types of marketing initiatives.

Live Streaming

Share how your company works through live streaming. You can use live streaming during your events or to showcase what’s happening in your office, factory or anywhere interesting in your operations.

TIP: Have your street team live stream your event as its happening. This is yet another great opportunity to amplify the impact of your event.  If your event is more than one day, this will also encourage attendance for future days and/or events.

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Event Recaps

Take all of the footage that you gathered during the event and edit it into a short event recap video. This can be distributed via social media as well as used to advertise future events.

TIP: In addition to gathering event footage and testimonials, have your street team members also offer their thoughts about the event. Have them mention your company name, what the purpose of the event was, and speak to its specific successes. Use numbers and data as much as possible so they are able to demonstrate the magnitude or success of your event.

Extra Tips For Creating Engaging Videos

It’s always important to remember that your videos aren’t just there to entertain. Video marketing is about inspiring your audience to take an action. That can be attending your next event, following your company on social media, or purchasing your product or service. Here are a few extra tips on how to make your videos work harder to achieve your company objectives.

Know your audience

Before you shoot, think about what your audience wants. What will make them choose your product over the competition? Which problem are they trying to solve when they use your products? What will compel them to take your desired action after watching the video?

Create stories

Craft stories related to your street team event. Did you want to bring fun into an otherwise humdrum day at that location? Were you taking advantage of seasonality related to your business? Were you tying support of a charity into your event? Use testimonials and other footage to create emotional stories related to your event activities to create a truly engaging video.

Make it short and visually captivating

Keep in mind that people love short, dazzling, to-the-point videos. It’s best to keep your videos around 2-3 minutes long, filmed in high-resolution.

Use exciting, clear, and concise language

Talk about the most interesting parts of your brand’s story. Use simple words and avoid technical jargon. Share only the most compelling product information.

Make the team a part of the video

Your street team should be part of your video. They are your carefully-selected brand representatives, and as such embody your positive brand characteristics. They are also likely in branded wear and are able to easily weave in product information and talking points.

End with a clear call-to-action

Never forget that your call to action needs to be crystal clear. Once you determine what the purpose of your video is, be direct. Ask the audience to like your Facebook page, enter a contest, or redeem a special offer to purchase. The easier the action is to take, the better.

Using your event to create and promote your video content is a fantastic opportunity to up your video marketing game. It costs nearly nothing and can draw tremendous dividends. Now get out there and start filming!

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