American Laser Skincare

End Client: American Laser Skincare
Program: Event Staffing and Execution, Event Marketing, Tradeshow Staffing and Models, Promotional Modeling, Large-Scale Staffing and Project Management, Lead Generation, Learning Management Training System


To provide world-class staffing, project management and the highest caliber of sales-focused booth models to generate sales leads and enhance product awareness for American Laser Skincare clinics across the country. EPS provides ALS with a dedicated in-office project team focused on comprehensive project management and program coordination.


  • The American Laser Skincare Booth Models program goal is to generate high-volume and high-quality sales leads for ALS, meeting a minimum of 90% or more of their pre-set goals.
  • Events take place at bridal shows, tradeshows, festivals and various other locations nationwide; one ‘event’ can last anywhere from 1-8 days
  • ALS Booth includes a pop-up display, lead cards, raffle box and other supplies. Model is responsible for acquiring and maintaining booth and supplies.
  • One pre-approved booth model is required for most events
  • Over 2,500 events per year.
  • Execution is over 300 days a year, spanning 12 months.
  • Program is executed in 39 major markets (137 clinic “micro” markets)
  • Event locations include: Miami, Boca Raton, Atlanta, Greenville, Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans, Virginia Beach, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, New York, Albany, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, Madison, Kansas City, Houston, San Antonio, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Denver, Salt Lake City, and More!
  • EPS screens, books and manages over 350 ALS booth models to generate leads, educate in regards to ALS products and services, facilitate contests and distribute giveaways.


  • Event Activation: The American Laser Skincare Program with EPS began in November 2011 and continues to present.
  • Event Times: Times vary per event, ranging from 4 to 14-16 hours per day

Program Elements:

    • Large-Scale: Large-scale hiring coupled with complex and on-going management and program coordination. This includes identifying, training and managing over 350 booth models, coordinating materials shipment, pick up and inventory, as well as meeting and exceeding client lead goals.
    • Dedicated internal in-office project team, including a project leader and program coordinators.
    • Training and Education: EPS has elevated staff training by implementing a customized Learning Management System, as well as conducting regular conference calls and lead generation coaching. EPS also facilitates continuing education regarding new and current product knowledge to ensure elevated performance on-site.
    • Elevated performance: As a result of intensive education, onboarding of new talent and EPS-led incentives, in 2013 EPS improved lead generation by 9.3 percentage points as compared to the same time in 2012.
    • Talent selection: Booth models are vetted based on sales and promotional experience, as well as a sense of urgency and aggressiveness in terms of reaching their sales goals.
    • EPS Lead Generation Technology: EPS developed a mobile-based Lead Generation platform to replace ALS’s previous paper lead program, saving them substantial dollars in printing, shipping, data entry and logistics costs. The platform is designed to capture customized attendee information on site through the use of a mobile device. Through a custom interface, ALS has real time access to lead data for immediate event status tracking and attendee follow up.
    • Raising the bar: EPS has created ALS talent incentives and an on-line community to foster team engagement and improve performance, which includes contests and drawings, an ALS Facebook group and a pay rate restructure.
    • Talent selection process: Booth models are vetted based on sales and promotional experience, as well as a sense of urgency and aggressiveness in terms of reaching sales goals.
    • Quick-turn to full implementation: As a result of improved lead generation and overall agency and talent performance, ALS awarded EPS with managing and executing 100% of their promotional event program, up from 30%. EPS had just 2-5 days to on-board and train new talent for all additional promotional markets.
    • Partnership: EPS consults on event staffing, coordination and execution best practices, as well as developing staffing and execution plans


ALS is extremely satisfied with the progress and growth of their program as a result of the EPS/ALS partnership. They continue to look forward to the prospect of new and innovative changes in terms of technology and execution enhancements. EPS and ALS continue to elevate their partnership by considering new execution and program avenues and plans focused on continuing to improve program results and ROI.

Client Testimonial:

“EventPro Strategies…has allowed our Event Marketing program to grow and elevate in many different facets. The Program Coordination team has played an extremely important part in the evolution of our relationship.  EventPro Strategies continues to bring advanced solutions to provide efficiency and cost effectiveness.”  Megan Sullivan – Event Marketing Manager, American Laser Skincare


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