Marketing Firm: EB Lane
End Client: Arizona Lottery
Program: Large-Scale Staffing and Project Management


To increase ticket sales and raise awareness for the Arizona Lottery by executing engaging events at the Arizona State Fair, Phoenix Suns games, Arizona Rattlers games, and Fry’s Supermarkets across Arizona.


  • 125 Locations
  • 1 Team Leader
  • 3 Staff (2 Bilingual)
  • 1 Costume Character


  • 1 year (Ongoing Event)
  • Over 5,500 staff hours

Program Elements:

  • Potential team members went through multiple screenings prior to being booked.
  • Each event required at least two bilingual team members on site at all times.
  • Hired team members were required to complete extensive testing and 5 hours of on site training related to lottery games, prizes, drawing dates, and promotions.
  • Brand Ambassadors set up and successfully executed event booths at the Arizona State Fair and during Phoenix Suns and Arizona Rattlers home games to promote Arizona Lottery tickets and promotions.
  • Brand ambassadors worked directly with the Phoenix Suns Gorilla, Solar Squad, and Suns Dancers to create buzz and increase customer engagement.
  • Customer freebees and promotions included a prize wheel and the opportunity to receive 2 free Phoenix Suns tickets with the purchase of $20 worth of Arizona Lottery tickets.
  • Team members assisted customers with photo opportunities and informed people how to view their Arizona Lottery pictures on Facebook.
  • EventPro Strategies measured ticket sales and promotional giveaways at each event.


  • Arizona Lottery ticket sales at the Arizona State Fair increased over 90% from the previous year.
  • Mega Millions ticket sales increased over 50% from the previous year.
  • The statewide program reached thousands of people, boosting Arizona Lottery’s brand equity across the map.
  • Tens of thousands of Arizona Lottery promotional items and prizes were distributed to happy customers over the span of 125 events.
  • The program was such a success that it looks to continue far into the future.

Client Testimonial:

“Through a rigorous, state-mandated RFP process, E.B. Lane selected EventPro Strategies (EPS) to support our event staffing needs for one of our largest clients, the Arizona Lottery. From the inception of this partnership, EPS has provided the support of professional, enthusiastic and talented team managers and team members for hundreds of hours of events. As agents to our clients, we are incredibly selective of those vendors we choose, as we are responsible to uphold our client’s reputation and brand standards through our events and interaction with the public. We are proud to be represented by the staff of EPS at high profile events, such as Suns games, the Arizona State Fair, Arizona Lottery press conferences and Diamondbacks games, among others. Those we work with at EPS are resourceful and responsive, and they have a thorough understanding of the importance their role plays as representatives of E.B. Lane and our clients.”

Melanie McBride

E.B. Lane
Vice President, Director of Public Relations


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