How To Build an Epic Street Marketing Team

Epic Street Marketing Team

For every event, planning is everything. Promo materials, displays, data capture method, and activities – you leave nothing to chance. However, assessing the readiness of your people needs to be included in every inventory.

Ensure your street marketing team is prepared for greatness

Do you know without a doubt that your street team is ready, willing and able to get visitors excited about your brand? Do they understand your event goals and their role in achieving them? Are they excited to represent your company? An unprepared or ineffective street team can be the variable that sinks your event. And beyond damaging your investment, a lackluster team can potentially harm your brand’s reputation.

To prepare your epic street marketing team to achieve greatness, here are a few things you can do:

1. Share your event goals

Your street marketing team can’t be successful if they don’t have a clear objective. Share your event goals with the team, but make it easy for them to measure their progress towards that goal. Even if they only need to hand out flyers, your street team should still understand the brand’s objectives and what they can do to achieve them.

How do you do this?

Your goals for the team can be as simple as any of the examples listed below. Keep in mind that goals should both be reasonable and achievable.

  • Generating a specific number of leads
  • Setting up a specific number of appointments
  • Running out of sample inventory
  • Getting a certain number of sign ups for the next event
  • Meeting a per-day sales target
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2. Train the team to be the best

Your on-the-ground street team members are your brand representatives. Their actions should match your brand image. It is your job to train them accordingly.

Your team should be confident and well-versed in your messaging, enough so that they can have meaningful conversations with attendees. Each member must also be motivated and enthusiastic about your brand. The team should be able to handle any questions thrown at them.

How do you do this?

Training staff members thoroughly using a self-paced system, such as an LMS. Make sure your training system includes interactive elements and requires proof of retention. Follow up with an option for a conference call wherein team members can ask questions, then set aside time on event day to go over everything prior to start time.

Make a checklist of the essential points your street team should remember such as event objectives, consumer information, communication procedures, dress codes, your expectations and so on. Provide this to the team during the initial training as well as onsite.

Event purpose

3. Appoint a team leader

Your street team may know their roles through training, but it’s still best to have a skilled, quick-thinking, experienced leader present to guide them. An on-site manager or team lead helps staff stay organized and energized, especially when responding to event “surprises” that can affect your street marketing plan.

How do you do this?

Hire a team lead or manager who is a street team/experiential marketing veteran. He or she needs to be someone you can trust and knows how to manage teams well. Many times, this person might have worked events with your company before, or is hired by/comes with the recommendation of a professional event staffing agency.

4. Emphasize the importance of collecting data

Collecting data is a must for any marketing event, including your street marketing team. Event data will help you measure the effectiveness of your events and provide an opportunity for continued consumer engagement. It’s also the way you can objectively gauge each team member’s performance.

How do you do this?

Provide your team with tools to gather event and consumer information. Simple digital forms can be customized and accessed on any device. Staff should also be responsible for using their smartphones to take photos and video clips of the event.

Reserve a portion of the digital form for notes so staff can make comments in their own words. Ask them to note customer quotes/reactions, emotions, and other data that is not included on the form itself.

5. Act like a team

A street marketing team isn’t about its members following their their own rules and ideas. Everyone should work as a group. However, a street team event should allow for spontaneity. The staff members should stick to talking points, but be encouraged to customize them based on whomever they are interacting with.

How do you do this?

Stay in constant communication with your street team. Ask questions and create solutions together. Empower your team lead to do the same and help staff adapt to the various scenarios that pop up throughout the day. Show that you trust your team, which can motivate them to push towards achieving event goals. If possible, provide incentives as well. These incentives can be small cash bonuses, or even preferred placement or a leadership role on your next event team.

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By following these 5 rules, your street marketing team will be well-prepared and motivated to reach epic performance status for your brand.

As indicated above, staff training is a key part of any street marketing team success. If you would like help building an effective staff training system, look no further. Download the free Perfect Event Staff Training System guide today.  

Perfect Event Staff Training System


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