Marketing Firm: Chemistri
End Client: Cadillac
Program: Automotive Promotions /Product Specialists


To generate attention over the new Cadillac STS by having staff members drive to high-profile events and chauffeur celebrities and VIPs in the Cadillac vehicles.


  • 7 major markets nationwide, 84+ total product specialists
  • 1 Manager, 1 Assistant Manager in each market
  • 12 product specialists with high-profile event experience in each market


  • 4-6 week exposure in each market

Program Elements:

  • Potential candidates were given thorough background checks to ensure personal accountability for driving such exclusive Cadillac vehicles.
  • All staff had to have high profile, VIP experience and be comfortable working with celebrities.
  • Cars were “checked out” of a secure garage and taken to pre-determined locations for the day, which included VIP events, and some street locations that attracted the upper echelon, male demographic.
  • Cadillac needed true ambassadors for their new STS model, not just pretty faces, but people who could really sell the unique elements of the vehicle.


  • EPS delivered top-notch staff that superbly represented the product, sold the features, and got the word out “on the street” about the exciting new Cadillac.
  • Maximum targeted exposure in all markets was achieved.
  • STS gained huge market share in all cities of the event. More importantly, the target demographic was zeroed in on, and Cadillac was able to ensure that its marketing dollars were 100% spent on reaching its potential customers.

Client Testimonial:

“When you’re interacting with A-list consumers, you need ambassadors that are going to present themselves well and represent the product superbly. This is what EPS delivered. My job as manger was very intricate and time consuming. When you’re under the gun to coordinate the transportation of some of the most well known names in the entertainment industry to red carpet aairs, you need to feel condent that your sta are reliable, and are going to pull everything o smoothly and professionally. I was able to do my job more eectively knowing that my sta were some of the best in the business. EPS is truly a class act!“
~ Andréa Trembow, ARtAGENCY


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