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The Best Experiential Marketing at Coachella 2017

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best experiential marketing

“It’s pretty much the most important festival in the country. It’s one of the rare instances when all of the celebrities, influencers and other musicians are watching, and their voices are amplified through social media.”  – G-Eazy, Coachella 2016 performer

There’s no music festival that incites as much FOMO as Coachella. It doesn’t matter if you’re actively seeking out its news and images or not. Anyone online at any time during its two weekends is going to get his or her share of the music festival. From celebrities to socialites to everyday people, attendees of all kinds are eager to let us in on their experiences. What they’re doing and what they’re wearing is what those not lucky enough to be there want to know. Then there are the brand experiences. And don’t worry – companies are delivering. 

Some brands are sponsoring celebrities and influencers, making them brand ambassadors. And, others are serving up experiences attendees aren’t soon to forget. No matter the means, one article best sums up marketers’ goals. “Studies have found millennials – the demographic buying up tickets to the sold-out festival – are more prone to FOMO.” So, they are “more likely to form connections to brands that allow them to share unique interactions with their envious friends at home.” In short, the right support of Coachella and its approximate 250,000 attendees can yield great ROI and return on engagement (ROE) for smart brands. This is especially true for those with the best experiential marketing activations.  Read More

How to Create a Buzz with Alcohol Promotions

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Alcohol Promotions

Once upon a time, 100 years ago to be exact, Mrs. Julius S. Walsh Jr. of St. Louis, Missouri, threw the first-ever cocktail party. Her innovative soiree, dubbed a “Baby Party,” had guests dressing in infant-inspired clothing and drinking cocktails out of baby bottles. There’s no doubt behavior like this in such civilized times turned some heads. Walsh was avant-garde, a party pioneer. But, for today’s liquor, beer and wine brands, it’s not as easy to break new ground. That’s why alcohol promotions must create a buzz to help brands stand out amid their saturated markets.

The Spirit of the Alcohol Industry

In communities across the country, we are seeing a boom in craft breweries, wineries and distilleries. One article sums up the movement well by attributing it to consumers’ desires for “unique products and experiences.” In fact, the popularity of the development has some states reviewing current alcohol laws. The goal is to allow easier access for these small businesses, due to their anticipated contributions to the local economy. When you combine their ability to offer a unique and authentic experience, an important factor for millennial drinkers, it’s a good time to be one of these businesses. But, what does it mean for larger and more established brands?

Looking at top beer companies, CNBC reports missed targets and market share loss. Yet, the exception – Constellation Brands – comes as no surprise. Its strategy to add small craft beers to its winning portfolio appeals to millennials, who make up 35% of beer consumers. Still, America’s most beloved alcoholic beverage, beer, is getting a run for its money. Read More

How to Add Video Marketing to Your Street Event

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Video Marketing

You probably have the same guilty pleasure I do: binge watching. And we’re not alone. Millions of people around the world are embracing on-demand entertainment. Whether you prefer Netflix, YouTube, Amazon or the good ol’ DVR, in today’s climate we are accustomed to watching what we want, when we want it. And with the vastness of options, there really is something for almost everyone.

We all know that video is an integral way in which we absorb, and communicate, information. But, one question remains: how are you incorporating video into your events in a way that helps you achieve your goals? Read More

How to Improve Your Brand’s Fan Experience in 2017

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Improving Your Brand's Fan Experience

Listening to blues music pour from the TV, I didn’t have to attend the recent NHL Winter Classic to know it was much more than a hockey match. Home-based viewers like me could feel the tremendous fan experience in this year’s host city of St. Louis. Yet, we knew it wasn’t as good as being at the real thing. As one article summed up the scene, “St. Louis’ famous Ballpark Village was transformed into the Blues’ fan hub as the NHL Winter Classic ‘Fan Fest’ drew fans from all over. From shooting areas, to photo ops, to live concerts with stars like St. Louis’ own Nelly, the Winter Classic was made for fans of all ages and backgrounds.” With this level of entertainment, it’s no surprise lines were “at least a block long” to access the fan experience area.

Why the Fan Experience Matters More than Ever

Live events, no matter if a single football game or a multi-day music festival, are more than the main attraction. Their focus is a fan’s entire experience. This most often begins with their first steps through the gates. When your brand makes an appearance at these fan-focused events, you have a huge opportunity to piggy-back on the already positive emotions and enthusiasm that fans experience at these events. When they associate your brand with their favorite team or band, your experiential campaign objectives are amplified. Read More

The Best of 2016: Event Marketing Trends For the New Year

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Best of 2016 Event Marketing Trends

Did you catch the prank pro football player Odell Beckham Jr. pulled earlier this year? In a collaboration between Verizon Wireless and Momentum Worldwide, Beckham posed as a “hologram” to unsuspecting virtual technology users. Only later, he revealed he was actually there by touching or hugging the individuals. The looks on their faces were priceless, filled with pure amazement and joy. As a part of Verizon’s “Better Matters” marketing campaign, the stunt reflects current event marketing trends.

The Current State of Event Marketing

Verizon’s video has all the ingredients brands are looking for in event marketing:

  • Beckham embodies the brand and gives consumers the personal touch they need – much like super-charged brand ambassadors and event staff.
  • The face-to-face interaction with Beckham created a memorable, positive experience. This experience helps foster brand loyalty to both Verizon and Beckham.
  • The use of virtual reality headsets showcases the key role that technology is taking in event and experiential marketing.

Event marketing is more relevant to a business’s strategy than ever before, with a execution blueprint that is ever evolving. With that in mind, let’s look at this year’s event marketing trends and how they’ll affect us in 2017 and beyond. Read More

18 Easy Event Ideas That Will Get Shares on Social Media

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Easy event ideas

We can’t deny the power social media has over our lives, especially when it comes to promoting a brand. A single snapshot posted with a positive caption can be seen by thousands of people, sending brand awareness skyrocketing.

In experiential, you can use easy event ideas that will give your brand experience just as much potential for sharing. While design alone will catch attention and create excitement, the right activities and interactive elements will attract people to your event and make them receptive to brand messaging. And by combing a social media element and encouraging event attendees to share their experiences, your event impact is instantly amplified. Read More

Event Marketing Goals to Fulfill This New Year

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Event marketing goals“Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.” – Hal Borland

With every year’s end, we have the opportunity to assess what went right and where we need to improve. There’s no better time than the present to recall lessons learned over the past several months, while making plans to be better in the new calendar year. It’s not a time to start over, unless numbers say otherwise, but a time to refresh. When you consider the impact event marketing can have on relationships and revenue, you should plan to reflect. And, from those findings, 2017 event marketing goals should be set.

In 2016, we saw Nintendo hit the road again to put their most beloved 3DS releases into the hands of gamers. We watched Hershey capitalize on the excitement surrounding the Olympics, getting its candy into the bellies and hearts of NYC natives and tourists. These are just two great examples of event and experiential marketing succeeding out of countless activations. And as we read the news, we know to expect more great programs in 2017.

4 Event Marketing Goals for a Great 2017

If your company plans to do more event marketing this New Year, here are four possible event goals to help you achieve great results in 2017. Read More

Event Marketing Tips: How to Monetize Events

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Event Marketing TIpsThe New Year is rapidly approaching. Revenue and expenses for this current year are under a microscope. Nonetheless, marketers are making 2017 marketing plans. Even where companies anticipate decreased budgets, they also know their event marketing initiatives need to continue (and in some cases, grow). To do more, though possibly working with less, using event marketing tips and successes from others are important to take new campaigns to the next level.

A Case for Event Monetization

Event marketing, which includes experiential marketing, has become a non-negotiable part of many companies’ marketing plans. This is due to its ability to produce tremendous results. For example, one survey reports “44% of marketers experience a 3:1 ROI from event marketing.” More important, businesses seeing this type of return have also built relationships in the process to bring repeat sales.

Despite these evident benefits, “event marketing usually consumes less than 20%” of budgets. Marketers must get creative to deliver the experience they need to attract attendees. One that allows participants to form a bond with the brand or company and ultimately drive purchase. Fortunately, monetizing events can be the answer. It can offset costs, generate funds for other initiatives and grow the bottom line. Read More

Street Team Marketing: How to Maximize Results

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Street Team Marketing

How many times have you encountered a street team handing out fliers or samples? And how many times have you watched consumers turn down their offers or, worse yet, put them in the trash without so much as a glance? If you read our recent blog post on street team marketing for beginners, you realize, that despite these perceptions, street team marketing can deliver results. You also learned that this form of marketing can be activated easily and oftentimes at low cost. But, that certainly doesn’t mean marketers should put in the bare minimum.

Like with any event and experiential marketing initiative, members of your street team must be personable and adaptable to stop people in their tracks. But it’s important to remember consumers are seeing in-person marketing more and more due to its proven track record. This means your brand must stand out to get and keep the attention of your target audience.

5 Ways to Maximize the Results of Street Team Marketing

Companies ready to go the extra mile with street team marketing should take note of the following tips. By implementing one or more, you’re sure to stop traffic and maximize your street team’s ROI. Read More