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This is Why You Need an Event Staffing Agency

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Why You Need an Event Staffing Agency
Everyone who runs a business has one main goal: to drive revenue. No matter what your objectives or industry, without revenue (and in most cases profits) it is impossible to stay in business. While brand awareness may be a key component of your experiential marketing events, driving revenue is likely at the heart of the activation.
Experiential events are effective. This is why companies are increasing their event marketing budgets each year. Immense resources go into event planning, strategy, execution, and attendee engagement. For those on your internal team who are tasked with overseeing the event in its entirety, it can be tricky if they are required to wear too many hats. Their work can slip, they can get burned out, and your event (and eventual profits) can suffer because of it. Yet, there is an easy way to increase sales, improve your event outcomes, and reduce your internal team’s workload: hire an event staffing agency.

An Event Staffing Agency Can Help You Increase Revenue

Outsourcing event staffing and logistics can positively impact your marketing event, and thus your business. An event staffing agency removes the burden of recruiting, screening, on-boarding, training, and day-of staff management. This allows your team to focus on developing your brand presence and executing your event on a high-level. An event staffing agency specializes in providing exceptional staff. These people are professional brand ambassadors. They have experience and understand the best ways to capture and maintain the attention of attendees and passers-by.
With an event staffing company, you are hiring trained advocates to promote and sell your work. Here are seven key areas in which a staffing partnership can make a dramatic difference in achieving your marketing goals.

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Are Your Event Staff the Root of the Problem?

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Event staffDid you know that 80% of businesses will fail in their first 18 months? Other data show that 96% will succumb in 10 years. No matter the statistic, we know many entrepreneurs won’t have the outcome they worked so hard for or dreamed of. So, where do they go wrong?

A Forbes article lists five reasons. One being the lack of a “profitable business model with proven revenue streams.” While this is not readily overcome without a significant overhaul, businesses can address the other reasons with greater ease. For example, new businesses may be ignoring the need to connect with customers “through deep dialogue.” They may not have differentiated themselves in the market. Or, if they have, they failed to describe their uniqueness to their target audiences. In all of these cases, experiential marketing can help by connecting with consumers on a personal and meaningful level. 

The Link Between New Businesses and Experiential Marketing

With the formation of a new business, entrepreneurs make a plan and hire a team to set it in action. And though this doesn’t begin to cover all the detail that goes into the endeavor of starting a company, the same requirements are necessary for an experiential marketing campaign. It’s success is largely dependent on a solid event plan, measurable goals, and a team that can carry it out. And, much like a business plan, the outcome of an experiential marketing event can carry significant weight for the success, and even longevity, of a business. In fact, the Event Marketing Institute reports 65% of brands can show a direct tie between experiential marketing campaigns and sales. These experiences encourage 74% of attendees to buy the promoted products, and 70% will thereafter make regular purchases from the brand.

This is why companies, both veteran and new, embrace experiential marketing to reach their most important goals. These include product launches, market differentiation and brand awareness, relationship building, revenue generation, and more. To fulfill these objectives, they must have the best event staff on-site every single time. Otherwise, marketers risk the success of their event, and even the integrity of their business. So you must ask, are your event staff equipped to succeed? Or is your experiential campaign set up for failure? Read More

How to Make the Best Event Timeline

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How to Make the Best Event Timeline

For those marketers who are all in when it comes to incorporating experiential marketing into their strategy, events are commonplace. However, what these same experienced event marketers will tell you is that it is impossible to be too prepared. Events by their very nature are unpredictable, so it is the manager’s or producer’s job to make all preparations leading up to the event as clear, cohesive, and proactive as possible.

When designing and running an event, there seems to be a never-ending amount of small logistical items that need to be addressed. Does your location require permitting? How are you going to train your staff? Is all collateral ready, and has the copy been fully updated and proofed? Do you have plenty of time to print? Are your vendors on point? Do you have another event that just concluded that needs to be wrapped up? Or maybe one that is occurring shortly thereafter that needs initial prep?

This laundry list can be overwhelming for anyone. Do what smart marketing managers do and incorporate one important thing into your planning: an event timeline.  Read More

These Brands Triumph With the Best Event Staff

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The Best Event Staff

“Wisdom is knowing what to do next, skill is knowing how to do it, and virtue is doing it.” – David Starr Jordan

Many people may question the virtue of the former Stanford University president, David Starr Jordan. But one thing is certain; his quote hits the nail on the head for seasoned event marketers as it relates to finding the best event staff. To be successful, they know they need individuals who are wise, skilled, and demonstrate good character. It doesn’t matter how grand their plans are. Without the right people to do the job, efforts can fall flat. That’s why brands that put resources into hiring staff with these traits reap the greatest benefits.

3 Requirements of the Best Event Staff

Event and experiential marketing activations are dynamic, even with the most rigorous planning and preparation. There are some factors we just can’t control. Yet, the best event staff will be flexible to adapt to changing conditions. And, this makes their wisdom to know “what to do next” a critical requirement. 

Fortunately, most aspects of their jobs will be planned, and your event staff should be capable of executing prior to the big day. They must have the skill to do whatever you’ve assigned for them. So, this makes their screening of utmost importance.

Last, their work ethic will propel them to show up – on time – and fulfill their duties to the best of their abilities. This builds trust with your attendees, and that makes their virtue of high value to your success.

When event staff have these three things, brands will win at event and experiential marketing. Read More

How to Keep the Best Brand Ambassadors Committed

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Best Brand Ambassadors

“Be the best version of yourself each day.” – Ingrid Nilsen, bareMinerals brand ambassador, to Forbes

One look at Ingrid Nilsen and you’ll notice her fresh face and natural beauty. It’s likely the first impression that visitors to her YouTube™ channel got, too. But, it’s her fashion, makeup and lifestyle advice that have her almost four million subscribers returning. Her success caught the eye of makeup line bareMinerals, which smartly engaged her as a brand ambassador. Today, Nilsen not only sings the company’s praises online to all her followers, she also joins the brand in-store for experiential marketing activations.

On paper, Nilsen is a good fit for the mineral-based makeup brand, and hopefully, both will enjoy a long, advantageous relationship. Their partnership represents a growing number of social media stars-turned-influencers and brand ambassadors. Yet, this is only one example of the great choices that brands have when it comes to choosing their best brand ambassadors.

Who are the Best Brand Ambassadors?

If your brand is a household name, you have your pick of brand ambassadors. These may include paid celebrities, incentivized bloggers, loyal customers or passionate employees. Yet, another option, which benefits brands of all sizes, is professional brand ambassadors.

Employing seasoned and skilled brand ambassadors gives marketers greater control. This includes when and how their staff represents their brand. But, it’s important for all brands to know that people in this role are in their highest demand ever. So, to keep the best brand ambassadors committed, companies must be thoughtful. To promote loyalty and encourage excellent brand ambassador performance, brands are wise to consider these relationships as partnerships.

Why Continuity of Brand Ambassadors Matters

Retention of brand ambassadors brings the same benefits as other types of employees. The longer good people are with your company, the less time and money you spend on recruiting, hiring and training. Plus, the more events they work for you, the more competent they become at their job. They become better versed on your products or services and their talking points. This increases the effectiveness of their work and your ability to reach your marketing goals. Read More

How to Find Loyal and Dedicated Event Staff

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Dedicated Event Staff

It’s the day of your company’s experiential marketing event. You show up well before start time and look around. Barely any of your staff are there. You keep glancing at your watch. Where they could be? Soon after, you realize that the initial event activity is getting close – very close – and you are only half-staffed. You start panicking and wondering what you’re going to do without a full event team. You know that it will be impossible to execute without the exact number of people you hired.

The brand ambassadors and event staff at your activation can be the difference between reaching your goals or wasting your resources. You want people that are loyal, dedicated, and hard-working. It can be tricky finding and assembling a reliable team that meets your brand standards.

The Keys to Successful Event Staffing

Let’s take a look at how to find loyal and dedicated event staff to ensure your event’s success! Read More

6 Powerful Ways to Achieve Trade Show Staff Success

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trade show staff

A trade show is an opportunity to have a face-to-face interaction with your marketing targets. This is a place to build relationships and show your culture. Trade shows help you get solid leads and new clients that will grow your business. Yet, it’s important to recognize the most essential part of this real life interaction: the real life person doing the interacting. Trade show staff create a valuable opportunity for your brand to make a positive impression on your potential clients.

The important question is this: how do you ensure you have the right people representing your brand? Read More

Event Budget Planning: What is the Value of Event Staff?

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Event Budget Planning

Abraham Lincoln proclaimed labor to be the “true standard of value.” And, he often talked about its place. His view was resolute. Without labor, capital would not exist. Thus, labor should always receive higher consideration than money. If you applied his beliefs to today’s times, Honest Abe would likely subscribe to the old adage “you get what you pay for.” And, as an event marketer, it’s easy to imagine the high value he’d place on the worth of his laborers, aka event staff, as he tackled event budget planning.  

Why Event Staff Are Worthy of Investment

You have an amazing dance choreographed for your street team to perform. You’ve got a delicious new sausage to sample in store. Or, perhaps it’s a big shopping weekend, and you need to draw people in to buy from you. These are all terrific catalysts for a brand to shine and drive sales. Yet, there’s one key consideration. Who are the people actually making this plan a reality? It all rests on the shoulders of your event staff.

Your event staff are on the front lines, executing your well-laid plans and interacting with current and potential customers. They become the face of your brand and help consumers relate to your messaging and your values. They create a sense of brand trust with attendees, a critical purchasing factor that Harvard Business Review sums up best. “Today, trust is more important than ever – and it can be an important source of strategic advantage.” Knowing that event staff have a profound impact on business and revenue, you wouldn’t trust just anyone to do the job. Therefore, make sure, while event budget planning, you are considering their value. This will allow you to get the best people for this critical role, all while keeping expenses on target. Read More

Experiential Events: Get Organized Behind the Scenes

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Experiential Events

“For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.” – Benjamin Franklin

In his 84 years, Benjamin Franklin invented bifocals, the lightning rod and the Franklin stove. He served as Pennsylvania Governor, U.S. Postmaster and is one of our nation’s Founding Fathers. He published Poor Richard’s Almanack, among other notable works, and established the University of Pennsylvania. And though they are plenty, these are only a few of Benjamin Franklin’s great accomplishments. With all of this under his belt, it’s probably safe to say he was also an expert on organization.

Being organized is important in every aspect of life, and the impact of being otherwise can be detrimental. For example, having clutter adds 40% more house cleaning; in fact, looking for lost items takes up a year of our lives. In business, it’s estimated that disorganization can result in a manager losing one hour of productivity per day. At a salary of $65,000, the annual damage to employers is more than $8,000! When you consider these statistics as it relates to your experiential events, one can imagine the time and money at stake.

Why Organization Matters in Experiential Events

The basis of experiential marketing is the experience. Being face-to-face with attendees allows them to see and ‘feel’ your brand. Your logo and name are made human, and you have the chance to build an emotional connection that lasts for years. So, imagine your event staff show up late. Imagine they don’t have the answers to attendees’ questions and critical components never make it for event set up. Now, imagine your attendees’ overall event experience and their subsequent perception of your brand. You’ve wasted an invaluable opportunity. And, you’ve likely lost the possibility of them purchasing from you forever.

This illustrates the first argument for organized events: your attendees’ satisfaction. Yet, disorganization can also affect the stress level of your event staff. As your experiential event’s most valuable asset, it’s crucial these individuals remain confident and focused on achieving your goals. Your success hinges on their capabilities, so make sure your event is organized behind the scenes to ensure an equally put-together presentation on the front lines. Read More

7 Smart Questions for the Best Event Staff Hire

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Event Staff Hire Questions

Have you ever had a job candidate throw away a beer can before entering your facilities for an interview? A human resources professional, who chose to remain anonymous, reported this to be a real-life situation. And, according to a Reader’s Digest article, these types of interview mishaps, while not common, do regularly happen. There’s the guy who sent his sister as his proxy, as well as the man who had his lunch delivered to the prospective employer’s office before his interview. These examples certainly don’t show professionalism or good sense, and likely will be more than reasons for disqualification. Yet, when looking for the best event staff hire, some other kinds of out-of-the-ordinary actions may work in the applicant’s favor.

For example, one man applied by song. And a woman showed up for her interview wearing a catsuit. How you interpret these situations depend on your brand, its values, your events and their needs. But, in most cases, your applicants’ interviews will be typical in structure. That’s why it’s up to you to prepare the right list of questions to get the information you need. After all, your ability to screen and hire the best event staff can make or break your marketing event’s success.

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