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How to Use the Secrets of Apps to Boost Event Engagement

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Event Engagement

Go to any public space and look around. With most eyes glued to their respective screens, one thing is clear: we can’t live without our apps. For the vast majority of the population, not a day goes by that we don’t use an app for something. Whether it’s chatting, getting around the city, or just enjoying music, apps guide our interactions and daily activities.

However the app world is competitive. For every Pandora there are dozens of other apps hoping to gain market share. So what makes top apps so captivating? And more importantly for marketers, can we apply those secrets to improve event engagement?

5 Secrets That Make Top Apps Highly Engaging

To understand the secrets behind the success of top apps, let’s look that the apps at the top of the charts.

According to Nielsen’s annual report for the most popular apps of 2016, the top five goes to Facebook, Facebook Messenger, YouTube, Google Maps, and Google Search. Aside from these mainstays, there are successful “of-the-moment” apps, ranging from the recreational, like SnapChat and Pokemon Go, to the functional, like Uber and Pocket.

Here are six reasons why users love these highly-engaging apps, and how these principles can improve marketing event engagement: Read More

3 Interactive Marketing Examples For the Best Events

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Interactive Marketing Campaigns

ABC’s The Bachelor and its sister franchise, The Bachelorette, have long been fan favorites. In fact, this season’s January premiere brought in over 6.5 million viewers, earning it first place among other reality TV shows in its time slot. Big drama and unbelievable romance are what the program is best known for. And it is true that “unbelievable” seems quite literal. The couples have extraordinarily low success rates once the final credits have gone up. How can love start so strong, yet fizzle so fast?

It’s because the dates the bachelor takes his contestants on are far from average. While the everyday couple heads out for food and drinks, these TV twosomes enjoy private concerts, helicopter rides, free falls and body painting. And the reason these “extreme” dates work is backed up by the writers of Psychology Today. These experiences result in a higher level of interaction. It gives them something to talk about, and helps them find the other person more attractive. It also uncovers things an average first-date conversation wouldn’t.

This approach works well for reality TV stars, if only until actual reality enters the picture. But, when launching interactive marketing campaigns, these engaging experiences can improve brand event outcomes. And the good news is that brand experiences don’t require a commitment quite as huge as marriage. Unlike relationships from “The Bachelor”, these brand experiences set the stage for a positive long-term customer relationship.

Read More

Automotive Industry Events: How to Drive Interest

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Automotive Industry Events

IKEA people do not drive flashy cars or stay at luxury hotels. – Ingvar Kamprad

Could this bold claim be true about the popular furniture brand’s customers? According to its founder, Ingvar Kamprad, it is. That’s right; the man whose initials are the first half of his company’s name pigeonholed his shoppers as frugal. But it’s not intended to be a diss. In fact, Ingvar, one of the wealthiest men in the world, “has admitted to buying all his clothes at car-boot sales,” the equivalent of a swap meet. His thriftiness translates to his furniture’s affordability, suggesting a founder’s lifestyle defines his brand. Yet, is he correct that brands define their consumers? Let’s take a look at the automotive industry. 

What Drives People to Buy Their Automobiles

Behavioral psychologist and Virginia Tech professor, Joseph Sirgy, confirms Kamprad’s principle. “When you’re shopping for a vehicle, you’re looking for a ride that fits the three dimensions of your ‘self concept’: who you think you are, who you want to be, and how you’d like others to see you.” And J.D. Power reports a vehicle’s styling is “undeniably important” to car buyers. Forty-five percent claim it’s “one of the key reasons they’re driving what they own today.”

This tells us, while price may be a big factor for IKEA’s consumers, it’s not as critical for car shoppers. Of course, a final decision could come down to cost, but for the sales process itself, Ernst & Young sums it up best. “It’s less about rock-bottom deals and more about transparency and trust.” Read More

Grassroots Marketing Campaigns You Need to Know

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Grassroots Marketing Campaigns

Renowned designer Ralph Lauren once said, “You have to create something from nothing,” because that’s what he did. And it all started with a love of neckties. As a poor boy from the Bronx, Lauren had a dream to be rich. Upon telling his boss at Brooks Brothers about his desire to make ties, his boss remarked, “The world isn’t ready for Ralph Lauren.” But Lauren wasn’t deterred. He went on to work for tie manufacturer Beau Brummell and convinced the company to let him create his own line. The Polo brand was born, and Lauren moved up the fashion world ranks. One might deem his early career a grassroots marketing campaign.

Grassroots Marketing and Why It’s Important

Like Lauren’s launch as a designer, grassroots marketing starts from the ground up. It’s an initiative to reach the right people in a strategic, cost-effective manner in hopes of accumulating big results. The methods to execute grassroots marketing have evolved, especially with social media. But says the main goal “has always remained the same.” That goal is “to spur movement within a specific target market.”

Yet, this pinpoint focus doesn’t reserve grassroots marketing only for new or small businesses. In fact, it’s embraced by some of the most successful brands in the world. It’s also employed in nontraditional ways, such as by local government agencies to understand resident needs and concerns. All these organizations, no matter their goal, realize the necessity of getting personal with those they serve (or hope to serve). And more organizations like them are seeing the stats and becoming aware of how important is to connect with consumers.

What better way to do this than by getting face-to-face with grassroots marketing? Read More

12 Ideas To Get People Excited About Your Event Booth

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Five seconds. That’s all takes to catch someone’s attention. At a trade show or marketing event, those 5 seconds become that much more critical. Understanding how you can seize on that time frame at your event is paramount to your success and ability to achieve ROI.

With a combination of compelling displays, engaging event staff, and engaging activities, you can make your event booth not only an attraction, but an experience to remember.

Here are 12 ways you can create buzz around your next experiential marketing venture.

Read More

4 Steps to the Best Influencer Marketing Strategy

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A picture is worth a thousand words, except in the case of influencer marketing. For Michelob’s “The Extra Mile” campaign, one video was worth 300K social views in just a week’s time. This large success was due in part to “Instagram star” Dr. Mike, who shared the content with his 2.6 million social media followers. It’s clear that Michelob has a solid influencer marketing strategy in place, and for good reason.

Influencer marketing is powerful. In fact, its ROI is a whopping 11 times higher “than traditional forms of digital marketing.” This level of return means marketers are working hard to engage those with large, brand-relevant social media followings. And for the same reason that experiential marketing is highly effective in building brand loyalty with consumers, it is also a powerful tool in connecting with potential influencers.  Read More

Launching a Product? This is How Promo Staff Will Help

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Launching a Product - Promo Staff Will HelpMost of us are familiar with the Lay’s “Do Us a Flavor” contest hosted by snack giant Frito Lay. The unique program gave consumers the chance to pitch original ideas for potato chip flavors. Once the submissions were down to the top few, the public had the opportunity to taste the products and vote for their favorite. The winning flavor earned the person who submitted it one million dollars, and the potato chip landed on retailers’ shelves.

Most companies launching a product may not have the resources to pull off such an initiative. But the impact Frito Lay made, before the final product was even available, was huge. In fact, according to a Wharton School case study, in the first contest, stores sold out of the inventory of samples in just two hours. And the four million people who voted that year more than tripled the next, topping out at 14 million!

If your company is smaller or in a different industry, this product launch example may not seem completely relevant. But the truth is, any business can glean wisdom and actionable ideas from Frito-Lay’s flavorful campaign. Perhaps the most helpful is incorporating highly-engaging promo staff. Read More

How to Appear Big on Small Business Saturday

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small business saturday BH

There’s something so special about shopping with independent retailers. From baby gifts to kitchen pantry staples, I know exactly where to go on Main Street or off the beaten path in my hometown. It’s in these places I find something unique, things I can’t find at the department and chain stores. Many even locally made. And I find it rewarding to put my money right back into my community and to thank the shop owner for their extraordinary offerings and helping hand. On November 26, 2016, we recognize them for this hard work. We observe Small Business Saturday, a great day to be an independent retailer.

Why It’s a Great (and Tough) Time to Be a Small Business

Last year, more than 95 million people shopped small businesses on Small Business Saturday and spent $16.2 billion. This was a 14% increase over 2014! Yet, the best news is that purchases at independent retailers aren’t reserved for this designated day. Consumers are choosing to buy from them year round. In fact, small businesses win almost 53% of all retail sales, and we shouldn’t be surprised to see an increase in their share. That’s because local retailers are offering today’s shoppers just what they want – authenticity. Read More

Event Marketing: The Best Way to Build Brand Loyalty

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Build Brand Loyalty with Event Marketing

The digital age has revolutionized the way that companies and consumers connect.  Social media and a strong online presence are essential to generate interest and get a brand noticed. And yet, internet buzz is just a piece of the puzzle. This is especially true when all your competitors are buzzing just as loudly.  How can an online business stand out to build brand loyalty?  How can ANY business drive purchaser participation with their brand? The truth is that nothing is as effective in connecting brands and consumers as an in-person meeting.  And event marketing provides just that – a way to communicate on a human level.

Human Interaction Can Affect Purchasing

Salespeople are often left out of the equation in many of today’s automated purchases. While online and automated transactions provide returns in terms of efficiency, they miss the mark in lead production, direct customer feedback, and exchanging of ideas. And without those components, it is very difficult for any company to build brand loyalty.

Brick and mortar stores are not immune to this phenomenon. According to Forbes, the way we think about retail may be changing fast. Store locations are disappearing in America, while internet sales rose about 23% in 2015. Self checkout lanes have become the norm in various retail settings. And disappearing with these trends is the opportunity for a sales team to transform first time customers into repeat customers. Read More

6 Pop-up Shop Tips to Know for Better Results

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Pop up shop tips“The Google pop-up shop is a super fun place to visit if you’re interested in Google’s new products or if you just want to get a taste of what [they] can do in the real world. We left with the impression that Google is dead serious about creating an amazing ecosystem… and we couldn’t be more excited about the future.”

Google recently opened the doors of its NYC pop-up shop. And initial reports indicate the tech giant spared no detail in its setup. Highlights include:

  1. Brand recognition is immediately reinforced with the company’s logo visible upon entry;
  2. The store’s design is both visually appealing and easy to navigate;
  3. Experiential marketing enables guests to test products and connect with them in simulated home environments; and
  4. Consumers heard the company’s message about its ecosystem of products loud and clear.

Google has established a solid foundation for success. And we should all be mindful of these important pop-up shop tips. We should also acknowledge the many other critical aspects that are necessary for positive results.

The First Step to Your Next Pop-up Shop

Knowing Google has operated both temporary and retail locations in the past, we imagine they left no stone unturned this launch. But we also realize other brands may not have this prior experience or the resources necessary to try their hand on numerous occasions. To ensure your future activation is done right, ask these questions of your last pop-up shop.  Read More