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Creative Technology for Your Experiential Marketing Campaign, Giving an Event a Social Presence, & Event Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making [The EPS Water Cooler]

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Experiential Marketing Campaign

The event marketing landscape has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Year-over-year, companies evolve each experiential marketing campaign through new tactics and technologies. They are also better able to track the performance of their campaigns. This increased visibility has shown that, in most cases, event marketing resonates with consumers. It also actively drives sales. As a result, campaigns are not the only things evolving. Budgets continue to grow, and this increased investment produces bigger and better programs. This week’s EPS Water Cooler features creative technology for marketing events. We also talk about why Gen Z wants brands to be their sidekick – not their hero. Read More

Event ROI Metrics, How to Build a Viral Event, & the Science Behind Capturing Audience Attention [The EPS Water Cooler]

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Event ROI Metrics

Marketing events are a powerful way to connect with consumers and reach marketing goals. When onsite, it’s easy to witness the positive impact your events have on client and consumer relationships. Yet, establishing event ROI metrics and gathering actionable data is critical to prove event efficacy. To be successful, companies need a systematic and clear approach to setting and reaching event goals. This week’s EPS Water Cooler looks at establishing and proving event ROI. We also feature an article on designing an event to go viral, and why experiential is outpacing other marketing channels. Read More

Avoiding Promotional Staffing Issues, Top Technology Solutions for Measuring Trade Show Traffic, & Optimizing Events for Gen Z [The EPS Water Cooler]

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How to Avoid Promotional Staffing Issues

In experiential marketing, you get one shot. Events exist in the here and now, and the initial interaction that you have with attendees can make or break how they perceive your brand. The data shows that marketing events are powerful. The research survey EventTrack 2015 found a staggering statistic related to the impact that events have on attendees. The report noted “a significant 98% of the respondents said that, assuming the product or service promoted was one they were interested in, participating at the event or experience made them more inclined to purchase.” When engagement is done correctly, brands enjoy significant dividends. If it is not, tremendous opportunity is wasted. Paying attention to every aspect of your event, from the people you hire to your post-event engagement plan, is critical. This week we highlight an article detailing how to avoid promotional staffing issues at events. We also talk trade show tech, fresh social tools for events, and more. Read More

Experiential Marketing Ideas and Trends, Brands Investing More in Events, & How 3-D Printing Transforms Experiential [The EPS Water Cooler]

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Experiential Marketing Ideas

Knowledge sharing is key in the event marketing industry. Companies are continuing to invest more into experiential. Technology and new consumer preferences (people want experiences!) are providing marketers with more possibilities surrounding event execution and impact. Too, technology is allowing companies to measure and gather key data to prove event ROI and understand what works and what doesn’t. This edition of the EPS Water Cooler leads with experiential marketing ideas and trends from some of the biggest events of the year. We also talk 3-D printing and bust 5 experiential marketing myths. Read More

Event Experience Design Using Tech, 8 Tips for Event Success from AMEX, & the Rise of the Experience Economy [The EPS Water Cooler]

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Event Experience Design

Experiential marketing begins with event experience design. Per its name, experiential is all about creating the most effective consumer/brand experience that will aid in a company achieving its objectives. And as vast as those goals can be, so too are the ways that marketers can reach them. Over the past 10 years, one of the primary tools in the event marketer’s kit is technology. This week we feature a post highlighting the ways tech advancements improve attendee experience. We also cover the rise of the experience economy, the effectiveness of sampling, and fixing social media contest flubs. Read More

The Future of Marketing is the Brand Experience, Lessons from Pop-Up Events, & Getting the Best Results from Product Sampling [The EPS Water Cooler]

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The Future of Marketing is Experiential

Since the digital age began, it has felt as though we are living in the future. The pace of technology continues at light speed. Whether it is keeping up with technology itself or the insights it provides, it is challenging to feel completely informed. It is for this reason that many companies are not only living in the present, but contemplating what is coming next. This week’s EPS Water Cooler discusses the future of marketing, which many believe is rooted in the brand experience. We also cover what pop-ups can teach startups and how to benefit from experiential technology. Read More

Improving Your Brand Engagement Strategy, How to Execute Mixed Reality, & Integrating Digital into Experiential [The EPS Water Cooler]

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Brand Engagement Strategy

When designing an event marketing campaign, a brand engagement strategy is at the forefront. So much so that, as event marketers, we are continually looking to events to go beyond engagement. Technology leads to increased efficiency, which allows brands to expand the reach of their events. They are adding items like lead generation, or direct sales, on to their list of event marketing goals. Each week, the EPS Water Cooler covers topics related to improving in-person brand activations. Today we showcase the best in brand engagement, and tips to integrate digital into experiential. We also cover intelligent events and the benefits of brand storytelling using experiential. Read More

Building Brand Awareness with In-Person Events, Mastering Marketing Measurement & ROI, and Experiential in Tourism [The EPS Water Cooler]

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In-Person Events and Marketing

The marketing industry’s commitment to in-person events is showing no signs of slowing down. When the yearly experiential marketing study Event Track published it’s 2015 report, the press release did not mince words. Companies are continuing to invest in brand experiences. “Growth of experiential marketing, the use of live events such as sponsorships, mobile tours, street marketing, pop-up stores, in-store experiences, sampling, proprietary events, mall tours, trade shows, b-to-b meetings, p.r. events and street stunts, continues to outpace growth among other marketing channels such as advertising, promotion and emarketing.” And the growth of experiential is a direct testament to its effectiveness. This week’s EPS Water Cooler discusses how brands build awareness and drive ROI through marketing events. We also discuss mastering measurement and data, and 5 keys to a successful activation. Read More

The Difference Between Field Marketing and Experiential Marketing, the Right Way to Use VR at Events, & Engaging with the Brain, Not Just the Eyes [The EPS Water Cooler]

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Field Marketing vs Experiential

Engaging consumers in the real world can take on many forms. There are many terms that people often assume are interchangeable. Yet, while many of these disciplines are similar and might overlap, they differ in definition. In our industry, some of the most interchanged terms are experiential marketing, event marketing, and field marketing. But are they all the same? If not, do you know the difference? Well stick around. This week’s EPS Water Cooler gets granular by defining the terms we use every day when discussing in-person marketing. We also showcase proven customer retention tactics using experiential, the scene at Coachella, and more. Read More

Event Marketing Strategies for Music Festivals, Killer March Madness Activations, & the Importance of Brand Ambassadors in a Digital World [The EPS Water Cooler]

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Event Marketing Strategies

It’s spring, and event marketing is alive and well. Brands are activating across the spectrum. Music festivals such as Coachella are in full swing. College basketball’s March Madness dominated the month as it always does. It is no wonder why spring and summer see an uptick in experiential marketing activations. When people are outdoors and having fun, brands are quick to follow. This week the Water Cooler features articles that focus on event marketing strategies for these springtime events. We also see experiential through the eyes of a 5-year-old and learn why marketers are losing a huge opportunity by not engaging gamers. Read More