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How to Find the Best Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Your Brand

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Guerrilla marketing tactics


Imagine that one morning you are walking down seventh avenue in New York on your way to work. Suddenly, you come across a six-foot tall coffee cup that is spilling coffee onto the sidewalk. Steam rises out of the cup and the smell of brewed coffee hangs in the air.

Sitting next to it is an ad for Bounty paper towels that says, “Makes small work of BIG spills.”  

In 2009, Bounty placed their life-sized spills all throughout the streets of both New York and LA. Very little explanation is necessary and dozens of people stopped to look and take photos beside the displays. This is an excellent example of guerrilla marketing tactics at work.

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

Some people outside of marketing may cringe a little when they hear the term “guerrilla marketing”. It might sound a little aggressive and it certainly leaves quite a bit to the imagination. 

Jay Conrad Levinson introduced the term guerrilla marketing in 1984. He used it to describe unconventional ways that businesses can stand out to their customers.

Fortunately, guerrilla marketing (when done right!) is anything but hostile. Guerrilla marketing tactics capitalize on the element of surprise. It is a way to think outside of the box and grab your audience’s attention in a new way.

Let’s look more closely at the four different types of guerrilla marketing outlined below:

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Developing an Event Marketing Plan, Stand-Out Publicity Stunts, & 7 Key Lessons from EMS 2017 [The EPS Water Cooler]

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Event Marketing Plan

In all avenues of marketing, a campaign is nothing without a well-organized marketing plan. Experiential is no different. With the many moving parts associated with events, your ability to produce a cohesive event marketing plan is of the highest importance. Today’s events often do double, or triple, duty, weaving brand awareness with lead generation, revenue generation, and more. Without a clear pathway, your goals likely will not be met. This week, the EPS Water Cooler features an article on how to create a effective event marketing plan. We also talk about rethinking retail marketing, as well as publicity stunts that can teach experiential marketers a thing or two. Read More

Happy Holidays from EventPro Strategies!

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Looking back at 2014, we at EventPro Strategies are honored to have been a part of so many exciting marketing events this year. We are truly grateful for all of our incredible client and Talent relationships! From our talented brand ambassadors and promotional models to the actors, sales people, and Talent we have worked with, we have had the opportunity to grow and develop our field teams across the county while making a measurable impact on our clients’ event marketing programs. We have deepened existing client partnerships, as well as forged new ones, and we can’t wait to see the successes that 2015 will bring!

Thank you all for making 2014 such a wonderful year. We wish everyone a happy holiday and a fun and prosperous new year!

Event Staffing Spotlight: Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Tailgate Tour

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EventPro Strategies provided stellar teams of brand ambassadors at six college campuses for the Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Tailgate Tour.  The tour wrapped up in Columbus, Ohio last weekend after visiting some of the largest college football rivalry tailgates in the country. At each game, college football rival fans had the opportunity to test out their “smashing” skills and compete against each other on the newly released Wii U game.

The EPS Brand Ambassadors welcomed fans into the gaming area and demonstrated the game to visitors prior to the competitions.  The brand ambassadors also assisted fans with the game, answered questions and relayed key brand messaging about the game and the Wii U gaming platform.  The winning school for each matchup was tracked and at the end of the day, one rival school was crowned the Super Smash Bros. Champion.  The EPS hired brand ambassadors were all active gaming enthusiasts themselves which made for a great event all around!

Deliver a unique, memorable and exciting experience to consumers by incorporating experiential marketing into your marketing strategy.  Partner with EventPro Strategies for your event staffing needs!

Event Staffing Spotlight: McDonald’s Family Pavilion

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The McDonald’s Family Pavilion returned to Minneapolis this year to celebrate the Hmong American New Year Festival and the Hmong culture at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. EventPro Strategies provided a team of bilingual brand ambassadors (English/Hmong) to assist with activiites within the McDonald’s Family Pavilion.  The EPS Brand Ambassadors encouraged festival goers to participate in games and interactive activities, including an electronic prize wheel in which participants were eligible to win a $5 or $10 McDonald’s Arch Card. The brand ambassadors also distributed goody bags and ever-so-popular Happy Meal Toys to visitors. The festival attendees enjoyed all that the McDonald’s Family Pavilion had to offer and our brand ambassadors did a fantastic job assisting with this event!

Convey your brand messaging to your target audience with a team of experienced brand ambassadors!  Contact EventPro Strategies today to learn more about our multicultural event staffing services!

EPS Scottsdale Team Building Activity a Smashing Success!

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The EventPro Strategies Scottsdale team had an incredible time last Tuesday, helping others and getting to know each other even better during our 2014 Team Building Activity! We started the day at the Ronald McDonald House Charities Cambridge House, which is adjacent to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital near downtown Phoenix. We washed, scrubbed and mopped the afternoon away in an effort to make the already warm and welcoming Cambridge House clean and comfortable for the families staying there. We were also privileged and humbled to learn about the amazing resources that the house provides to the community, and our team is eager to spend more time volunteering and working with their organization in the future. To learn more about the Ronald McDonald House Charities in Phoenix, please visit

After volunteering, our team headed over to The Standard in Scottsdale to unleash our inner Van Gogh at a painting party hosted by Vino and Canvas. We all had an amazing time, and can’t wait to hire them again!

Event Staffing Spotlight: U.S. Army Strength in Action Tour

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EventPro Strategies is thrilled to provide brand ambassadors for an incredible nationwide mobile tour!  The U.S. Army Strength in Action Zone is a fully interactive mobile tour that visits high schools and community events across the country.   The tour allows the public to experience and explore the U.S. Army through various interactive elements that include fitness, educational, robotic and technical elements.

In each city, EPS provides a team of local brand ambassadors to represent the U.S. Army and to oversee the Strength in Action Zone.  The brand ambassadors interact with the public and encourage participation in the event elements which include a rock climbing wall, a team-based obstacle course and an Apache helicopter flight simulator.  The brand ambassadors also answer basic questions, assist with registration, and provide directional assistance as needed.

The Army Strength in Action Tour is a great way for the public to interact with the military and for the U.S. Army to showcase its’ strengths and career opportunities.

Deliver an exciting and memorable experience to your target audience by incorporating experiential marketing into your marketing strategy.  Partner with EventPro Strategies for your event staffing needs!

Event Staffing Spotlight: LinkedIn Inspiration Lounge

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EventPro Strategies provided a stellar team of professional and social media savvy brand ambassadors to assist the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions team with the LinkedIn Inspiration Lounge at Advertising Week XI in New York City.  Advertising Week is the premiere gathering of marketing and communications leaders from around the globe, with 92,000 attendees this year.

The LinkedIn Inspiration Lounge provided an innovative space for conference attendees to kick back, network and read inspirational passages from top LinkedIn influencers in the marketing industry.  The EPS Conference Brand Ambassadors interacted with thousands of Advertising Week attendees, engaging them in conversation about their experiences and inspirations while relaying key brand messaging about LinkedIn.  The brand ambassadors also encouraged conference attendees to share with LinkedIn Marketing (and the world) about what inspires them by tweeting their inspirations using a specific hashtag.

The EPS Conference Brand Ambassadors did an extraordinary job representing LinkedIn during Advertising Week and the LinkedIn Inspiration Lounge was a huge success!

EPS provides conference and convention staffing for any type of corporate event.  We can work with you to ensure that the brand ambassadors representing your brand are the right fit, whether it is those that have extensive social media knowledge or those that are experienced lead generators, we can provide you with a team of brand ambassadors that meet your specific needs.  Contact EPS today to learn more about our conference and convention staffing services.

The Employee Misclassification Crackdown Continues to Impact the Event Marketing Industry

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As the majority of the event marketing industry continues to walk a legal tightrope when hiring field staff members as 1099 independent contractors, Congress considers the Payroll Fraud Prevention Act, which would make it a special prohibited act to “wrongly classify an employee as a non-employee”. This act could lead to thousands of dollars in fines for each misclassification violation, leaving brands and agencies involved in executing live marketing events open to significant financial risk.   

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA – August 13, 2014 – The event marketing industry has seen immense pressure over the past few years in regards to employee misclassification and the common practice of classifying its field team members as 1099 independent contractors, and the scrutiny has continued to intensify. The Department of Labor (DOL) crackdown on misclassification in 2012 forced many companies into a paradigm shift regarding how they onboard and classify their experiential marketing field teams, and now Congress is currently considering the Payroll Fraud Prevention Act, which would make the misclassification of employees as 1099 independent contractors a new federal labor offense. This is yet another effort by leaders in Congress to address and deter the rampant practice of independent contractor misclassification that spans several industries and effects millions of Americans each year.

The Payroll Fraud Prevention Act would expand the federal Fair Labor Standards Act to cover a new category of workers – non-employees – and make it a special prohibited act to “wrongly classify an employee as a non-employee.”  The bill doubles the amount of liquidated damages for maximum hours, minimum wage and notice of classification violations, while subjecting violators “to a civil penalty of up to $1,100” for each violation or for repeat or willful violations “a civil penalty of up to $5,000 for each violation.”

“The IRS uses a basic common-law rule: Anyone who performs services for you is your employee if you can control what will be done and how it will be done,” says Jessica Stackpoole, Founder and CEO of EventPro Strategies (EPS), an experiential marketing/event staffing agency. “In 2008, it was obvious to us that the people we hire in the field for marketing events fall under this category, so we transitioned to a W-2 model. Since that time, we have seen that most experiential marketing agencies and brands are still very confused as to how this ultimately will affect them. The reality is they are putting themselves in tremendous jeopardy if they misclassify workers or work with suppliers that misclassify.”

As Stackpoole references, it is not only the hiring agency that can be held liable for employee misclassification; the organization that hires the staffing agency can be deemed a co-employer and found accountable as well. “When staffing agencies hire people as independent contractors to work marketing events, the IRS, the Department of Labor, the EEOC, state unemployment agencies, state workers’ compensation enforcement agencies and others may determine that these people should have been hired as employees,” said Joshua Woodard, partner at Snell & Wilmer, L.L.P. “If so, the governmental agency will analyze who should be deemed to be the employer by determining whether there was control, or the right to control, the talent. Unfortunately, “control” is not difficult to establish. In certain circumstances, just giving direction to the talent while at an event may be enough.” This would open anyone instructing the talent on site, including those working for the brand or marketing agency, to be named as a co-employer and opened to all associated misclassification liability.

In addition to prohibiting misclassification, another key provision in the law would also require every employer to provide a classification notice to both non-employees and employees and would be mandated to include the following: all workers’ classification statuses as an employee or non-employee; a DOL website that details the rights of employees under the new law; and instructions for workers to contact the DOL if they “suspect [they] have been misclassified.” Failure to provide this notice also carries with it heavy penalties.

EventPro Strategies is Your Local Event Staffing Agency for Super Bowl XLIX

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Super Bowl Article For the second time in less than 10 years, Glendale, Arizona has been chosen as the host city for the Super Bowl, and at EventPro Strategies we couldn’t be more thrilled! Located in the heart of Scottsdale, EPS is not only the leading experiential/event marketing staffing and execution agency in the country, but we are situated just 30 minutes away from University of Phoenix stadium where Super Bowl XLIX will take place on February 1, 2015.

In addition to the big game, Super Bowl-related events such as Super Bowl Central, the NFL Experience, the NFL Tailgate and many others will be executing across the Phoenix metropolitan area during the weeks leading up to game time. Scottsdale also is home to the area’s most popular resorts, restaurants and gathering establishments, putting EPS right in the middle of all of the action, both for public-facing and invite-only VIP events. Overall, our centralized valley location and proximity to all things Super Bowl allows EPS to provide increased oversight and value-add services for any Super Bowl-focused experiential marketing campaign.

Local Phoenix-Area Services

Anchored by our 6,000+ square-foot Arizona-based corporate office, EPS can offer our clients the following (for little or no cost based on program size and scope):

  • Event site selection/audit assistance
  • In-person staff interviews and screening
  • Equipment and materials storage
  • In-person talent trainings at our Scottsdale office*, featuring large-screen smart televisions and break out areas for any type of staff training
  • Management of Super Bowl credentialing for Talent and others on your team
  • On-site supervision/quality checks during your event
  • Airport pick-up for VIPs
  • And more!

*If your program needs exceed our office space, we are able to source additional space within a few miles of our offices.

Diverse Talent Database and Sporting Event Expertise

EPS has an extensive database of W-2-hired Talent as well as direct experience hiring and managing talent for all types of sporting events and related television networks. EPS can deliver top-notch:

NRG MLB Pic cropped
  • Promotional Models
  • Emcees/Hosts
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Hospitality Staff
  • Unique Performers
  • Street Teams
  • Red Carpet/VIP Staff
  • Registration Staff
  • Event Producers
  • Field Managers
  • Actors/Models
  • And more!
Mobile Tools and Event Staffing Technology
In addition to the large-scale program capabilities of the EPS Tracker System® 2.0, our proprietary staffing technology platform, EPS is a licensed distributor of Needle Movers mobile consumer engagement tools.
Our mobile technology has been adapted specifically for the event and experiential marketing industry and can elevate any Super Bowl event while driving results. Our most popular tools include:

new EPS check in 2 shots

  • Mobile Attendee Check-In: Check guests in from any mobile device; data available in real time. Perfect for invite-only parties, VIP events and more.
  • Mobile Lead Generation: 100% customizable lead form; multiple points of entry available (URL, QR Code, Text Code or via a representative); finger-signing technology for increased compliance
  • Mobile Marketing Surveys: Obtain consumer information, feedback or collect any other data; enroll consumers in fan programs, sweepstakes, contests, etc.
  • Add Automated Confirmation Emails or Automated Phone Follow-up to continue consumer interaction and provide them with offers, discounts, brand messaging, videos or whatever you choose.

From materials storage and mobile technology to on-site event supervision of the best talent in the country, EPS is the premier event staffing partner for any Super Bowl event. As your Arizona-based staffing agency, we can also connect you with other local Arizona suppliers and partners that we know and trust for your additional event marketing needs. We will work to ensure your Super Bowl event exceeds expectations!

Take advantage of what EPS has to offer and improve your Super Bowl marketing game! Click here to request a full capabilities presentation or contact us at 480.449.4100.