Marketing Firm: Celsius Communications Canada
End Client: Cirque du Soleil

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To provide world-class staffing, project management and the highest caliber of brand ambassadors and specialty talent to promote the Cirque du Soleil brand and encourage the sale of tickets to Cirque du Soleil performances showing in each market. EPS provided Celsius Communications Canada with a senior program coordinator and program team focused on comprehensive project management and coordination.


  • The goal of the Cirque du Soleil Street Teams program was to promote Cirque du Soleil and encourage the sale of tickets to each performance.
  • The program consisted of 5 tours, each of which promoted a specific Cirque du Soleil show.
  • Street teams executed events in 38 markets across the country, including major markets such as Boston, Dallas and Atlanta, but also in smaller markets such as Boise, ID, Grand Forks, ND and Loveland, CO.
  • Events took place in a multitude of venues including festivals, parades, malls, in-store and several other locations.
  • Event activities included street performances featuring jugglers and other entertainers, activities such as face painting, street teams for engagement and material distribution and much more.
  • Events took place over a span of 9 months, executing a total of 112 days.
  • EventPro Strategies screened, hired and managed over 250 promotional talent across the country, providing exceptional and experienced brand ambassadors in every city, large or small. Brand ambassadors were dressed in costume for each event and were expected to embody the essence of each show and bring it to life.
  • In addition to brand ambassadors, EPS hired and managed a number of specialized talent for each show. These included jugglers, makeup artists, magicians and more.


  • Event Activation: Programs ran continuously from April 2012 through January 2013.
  • Event Times: Execution times varied depending upon the specific event, averaging 6-8 hours each.

Program Elements:

  • Large-Scale: Large-scale hiring, on-boarding and talent management, including both top-tier brand ambassadors as well as unique specialty staff. This included the management and execution of 5 separate tours, many taking place simultaneously in multiple markets.
  • Detailed Event Execution and Coordination: EPS was responsible for shipping materials and managing in-market inventory, as well as purchasing and/or renting additional equipment, such as flat screen TVs, iPads, helium tanks, and other items when needed. In addition, EPS coordinated all transportation in acquiring and delivering materials on site, and was responsible for booking storage units to house all materials.
  • Training: EPS worked with the client to create a training guide which included talking points, FAQs and other event-related items. EPS assisted the client in conducting training calls and performed follow-up coaching and training with the tour managers and staff.
  • Partnership: EPS consulted on best practices, held conference calls, and was responsible for booking the actual event location in several markets.
  • Raising the Bar: EPS event staff seized opportunities to elevate the program. In one situation, an event manager exceeded everyone’s expectations when she redesigned a simple white promotional tent, transforming it into a Cirque du Soleil-themed display inclusive of theater-style curtains, a flag, posters and other event collateral.
  • Quick-Turn Events: In many cases, EPS had very little time to coordinate staffing, training, logistics, transportation and other program requirements for events in which the client had little lead time.


The Cirque du Soleil Street Teams program was a success, as each event resulted in increased ticket sales while enhancing the image of and promoting the Cirque du Soleil brand. Celsius Communications Canada plans to continue its partnership with EPS into and throughout 2013.

Client Testimonial:

“Working daily with EPS for the past six months, I am assured that all my requests are answered quickly and that the team is very professional. Every project, in every state, from Grand Forks, ND and Honolulu, HI to Boise, ID and Houston, TX, is handled with the same assiduous attentions. I am very happy with the team managing (the events) all over the country.”   

Eve Choquette, Celsius Communication for Cirque du Soleil, Montreal, Canada


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