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As an event marketer, you know that in the digital age, the interactive brand experience is king. Data shows that U.S. consumers now spend an average of 5 hours on mobile devices. Yet, when it comes to digital ads, there seems to be a point of diminishing returns. As time online increases, so does exposure to marketing messages. This has resulted in over-saturation. Consumers have become generally immune to receiving this type of information. Now, enter brand experiences. These events are unique, visceral, and personalized. They are memorable, and the data shows that people are more likely to take the brand’s desired action. This week, the EPS Water Cooler features an article that shows how companies can use strategic planning to create a memorable, interactive brand experience. We also touch on tips for Black Friday marketing and ways to boost sampling events.

Nintendo Chicago 5Using Strategic Planning to Create Memorable Brand Experiences

Interactive brand experiences are powerful, but they are not easy. When it comes to marketing events, one age-old saying holds true. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Add in our 6-second attention-span society, and communicating messaging to consumers gets tricky. Experiential must be done correctly. In this article, Chris Preston, Managing Director at Freeman, discusses how companies can create an interactive brand experience that is memorable by using strategic thinking focused on outcomes. He discusses the importance of good data collection, tapping into human nature, and more.

College event marketing ideasHow Top Brands Elevate Their Sampling Strategy

Sampling is one of the “originals” when it comes to experiential marketing tactics. Before companies began to embrace a large-scale interactive brand experience, they used the power of “try before you buy”. Throughout the years, even with the advent of new technologies and engagement techniques, sampling has stood the test of time. And for good reason. An article in Adage sums it up. “Sampling is one of the most effective ways to market. A study by Opinion Research Group showed that 81 percent of consumers say that if they received a sample and liked the product, they would buy it.” But, the article goes on to say that “some brands are missing out on the huge opportunities that sampling provides because they’re approaching sampling the wrong way.” Here are 9 brands who are spot on with their sampling strategy.

20140531_154003How Brands Measure Experiential Marketing Success

Experiential is growing by leaps and bounds each year. More and more companies see the value in an interactive brand experience over other forms of marketing. From the article: ““It’s more and more difficult to succeed through traditional advertising,” says Raja Rajamannar, chief marketing officer for Mastercard, which revamped its marketing strategy a few years ago to focus on experiences. “With the amount of clutter you’ve got to cut through, the attention span of the consumer going down—six seconds is what they say the attention span of a human being is, less than a goldfish—so how do you get past that hurdle and then inspire consumers?” The answer for many top brands is an in-person, meaningful interaction. But how do they know that experiential is so effective? Here are ways that big brands are determining ROI.

20150331_201022Tips to Have the Best Staff for Your Trade Show Booth

For many companies, trade shows are an important part of their marketing strategy. Trade shows are fantastic opportunities to engage your target audience face-to-face. It is this key factor that leads marketers to see trade shows as an extension of experiential. And like experiential marketing, if you have the wrong people working at your booth, your trade show investment can become worthless. At EPS, we have hired, trained, and managed trade show staff for almost 2 decades. Our success has been in large part due to adhering to proven best practices. We were happy to see 8 great tips listed here by Trade Show House.

2011-birdsnest-001Experiential is a Game Changer for Finance

Experiential is effective because it helps companies build relationships with their customers. Yet, in most cases, when people think about experiential, they think of consumer goods and services. What people don’t often think of are professional services, like finance or healthcare. But, as this article points out, for these industries, experiential can change the game. “Extra experiences are a way for financial services companies to set themselves apart when the price of products becomes increasingly even across brands and when customers ask for more personal touches.”And there is no better way to provide these touches than through an interactive brand experience.

24504-open-gallery-space-24-1434556196 1From Traditional Storefronts to Branded Urban Space

Online commerce has changed the way goods are bought and sold. And, as the article points out, “Almost a decade has passed since trend forecasters foretold the death of the conventional retail store.” But, while brick-and-mortar retail is still alive, this new reality has required that stores evolve. Yet, one key thing that storefront retail has going for it is the fact that people do still prefer to buy in store. People like to see, touch, and experience items before they buy, and that continues to be a factor in purchasing. So, rather than abandon storefronts altogether, companies are choosing to re-imagine how they use the space. One of the strategies brands are using is the idea of branded urban space. Read on to learn more about how these environments work and how they serve as valuable marketing tools.

20141101_142806How to Get the Most Out of Marketing Black Friday

Because of its appeal to consumers, Black Friday has almost become a holiday itself. But, this shopping day has seen its fair share of changes. One is the popularity of online shopping, wherein brands have had to expand how they execute their Black Friday sales and events. Another is the stretching of the ‘day’ itself, with many Black Friday sales beginning and continuing well after that first day following Thanksgiving. As a result, the competition among retailers is as complex as it is immense. Ensuring that your company gets attention and generates revenue can be challenging, which makes your marketing strategy paramount. Here are 10 tips related to making the most out of marketing your brand this holiday season.


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