Event Budget Planning: What is the Value of Event Staff?

Event Budget Planning

Abraham Lincoln proclaimed labor to be the “true standard of value.” And, he often talked about its place. His view was resolute. Without labor, capital would not exist. Thus, labor should always receive higher consideration than money. If you applied his beliefs to today’s times, Honest Abe would likely subscribe to the old adage “you get what you pay for.” And, as an event marketer, it’s easy to imagine the high value he’d place on the worth of his laborers, aka event staff, as he tackled event budget planning.  

Why Event Staff Are Worthy of Investment

You have an amazing dance choreographed for your street team to perform. You’ve got a delicious new sausage to sample in store. Or, perhaps it’s a big shopping weekend, and you need to draw people in to buy from you. These are all terrific catalysts for a brand to shine and drive sales. Yet, there’s one key consideration. Who are the people actually making this plan a reality? It all rests on the shoulders of your event staff.

Your event staff are on the front lines, executing your well-laid plans and interacting with current and potential customers. They become the face of your brand and help consumers relate to your messaging and your values. They create a sense of brand trust with attendees, a critical purchasing factor that Harvard Business Review sums up best. “Today, trust is more important than ever – and it can be an important source of strategic advantage.” Knowing that event staff have a profound impact on business and revenue, you wouldn’t trust just anyone to do the job. Therefore, make sure, while event budget planning, you are considering their value. This will allow you to get the best people for this critical role, all while keeping expenses on target.

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How to Determine Your Event Staff Investment when Event Budget Planning

If your event and experiential marketing initiatives aren’t delivering results, consider the capabilities of your current event staff. If the people you have now can’t achieve your goals, it may be necessary to increase the staffing line item in event budget planning. Making a bigger investment in the quality of your people helps attendees decide to become your customers. These three criteria will guide you in understanding what your event staff are worth and how much you should invest.

1. Experience.

An event staff role is not for the faint at heart. It requires personable individuals who can connect and build relationships with people of various dispositions. Though many will naturally be good sales people, they are better able to overcome challenges quickly after experience with numerous events. And, when you consider the potential ROI at stake – 3:1 for 44% of brands – you don’t want to leave anything to chance. 

Plus, an event and experiential marketing veteran will have learned how to integrate social media marketing into the mix. This means he or she will be able to more effectively encourage participants to share their encounter via Facebook, Instagram and other apps to boost your return on engagement. So, budget for experienced talent and gain these multiple avenues and multi-folds of return.

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2. Specialty.

Certain event activations require specialized skills. In these cases, staff competence can make all the difference. For example, product sampling may call for cooking skills or experience. And, while attendees will be lured in by the promise of something delicious, using skilled and passionate event staff will help you deliver on that expectation. They will ensure a properly prepared product. Their expertise also allows them to offer tips to help attendees get the same results at home.

Specialty staff can build necessary trust and can give you an edge over the competition. Otherwise, your event staff may or may not be able to uphold your brand promise and create a memorable experience for attendees. This is true with technology demos, trade shows, industry events, and so much more. Investing in specialty staff can place you among the 79% of event marketers who drive sales. And, it can deliver that multi-fold ROI. 

3. Commitment.

Event and experiential marketing can entail long hours and challenging conditions. And you’ll expect your event staff to be resilient, no matter the demands. Yet, under-compensating event staff may cause many individuals to deliver what they perceive you to believe they’re worth. If you expect too much for what you’re giving them, they may be less motivated to reach goals or even decide to take a more lucrative job opportunity at the last minute. In turn, this will diminish the effectiveness of your marketing event, and potentially stress your managers with last minute staff cancellations.

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Good brand ambassadors are booked well in advance, and many are working events as a primary source of income. Your brand’s commitment to these in-demand individuals will make all the difference for current and future events. Keeping changes related to event date and time to a minimum will help your brand retain the best staff available. Ensuring that staff are well-coached and supported while on-site also helps tremendously. These tips will give your company a great reputation and encourage other top-tier staff to seek out your brand and deliver results at future events.

The Best Value for Your Event Budget Dollars

Not understanding what event staff are worth can damage your events, which can potentially affect your reputation and revenue. Whether you are directly hiring staff or using an event staffing agency, knowing what to invest in your front line teams will pay dividends.

Factoring an event staffing company into your event budget planning could also be a good investment for your team. Staffing agencies know the right compensation for each type of talent. They eliminate your time spent tracking down the right people and help ensure success on activation day. A staffing agency team is available 24/7, is accountable, and can take care of training and any unexpected issues. In short, the investment in a staffing agency’s hands-on partnership helps ensure you get what you pay for and much more.

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