Event Lead Capture: 5 Things to Be Most Effective

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“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” – Maimonides

A man who fishes does so by any means possible. This may be a net, trap, cage, or hook and line. Yet, anyone who always looks to the latter goes by the term ‘angler’.

As of 2011, there were over 44 million anglers in the U.S., making the outdoor activity one of the top among Americans. These people spent 17 days each doing what they enjoy. And, they’re serious about their sport. They believe in being prepared, and as a result shelled out over $15 billion for fishing gear that same year. This is $1,261 on average per person, and it doesn’t include the nearly $22 billion paid for food and lodging related to their trips. You may not see it now, but the actions of these anglers reflect those persistent with event lead capture, too.

The Correlation Between Fishing and Event Lead Capture

Before embarking on a fishing trip, an angler will seek out the best location to find his or her targeted fish. This is much like an event marketer will review data to find the best area to reach targeted consumers. Both will consider external elements, such as the season and its weather. But, the biggest factor will be traffic. How many of my desired fish (or consumers) will I encounter at this time?

Once anglers (and event marketers) have narrowed down their locations, it’s time to make plans to capture their fish (or leads). After all, it’s not enough just to show up, as they may come back empty-handed. The better prepared both anglers and event marketers are, the bigger their bounty.

5 Things Needed for Effective Event Lead Capture

With the right location, event and experiential marketing presents a big opportunity to get leads. The initiative gives brands the data they need to build on consumer relationships. And, this helps them increase their sales now and in the future. So, if your event lead capture efforts aren’t paying off, consider whether you have secured these five necessities. 

1. Capable event staff.

First and foremost, event and experiential marketing efforts must have capable event staff. Like anglers must have licenses to fish, your event staff must have skills to do their jobs. That’s because, when your people aren’t up to the task, your plans may not be executed correctly. And, this may cause event lead capture to fall to the wayside.

Being able to get leads will depend on your event staff’s abilities to engage attendees and ask the right questions. So, make sure they have interpersonal and communication skills. These allow them to initiate conversation, ask for information and overcome any obstacles or objections to getting it. The latter may require event staff to get creative with key talking points, tailoring the “script” to each audience member. But, they should also be disciplined and wise to stay in line with messaging.

The best solution to finding the best event staff for event lead capture is to partner with an event staffing agency. An expert in its field will be able to supply the right talent for your initiative. 

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2. A clear end goal.

Your goal isn’t likely to be as simple as an angler’s. But, it’s critical that you understand exactly what you want to achieve, so that you get the right information. For example, if the goal is to expand your email database, then basic contact details are all that are necessary for effective event lead capture. Yet, a goal to make sales may call for more in-depth information from attendees.

Think about what it is you want to accomplish with this event and experiential marketing activation. Then, jot down all the bits of data you’ll need to make it happen. But remember – you don’t want to disincentivize people from sharing. Make sure you are asking for the right information, not all of their information. 


3. A well-thought out plan.

In angler terms, what bait will you use to lure your fish? Your event staff should have the skills to stop people to talk. But, attendees will need a little more push to give you information. Fortunately, many means exist to easily wed experiential marketing with event lead capture. You may collect data when people sign up to win a prize. You may give them a coupon in exchange for their contact details. Or, you may host a fun activity that requires them to hand it over without even realizing it. Think of ideas that put them at ease, yet still tie into your messaging and theme. And, please note that your plans may also require multitasking skills of event staff! 

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4. An efficient technology platform.

Like an angler needs his or her gear, your event staff will need tools for event lead capture. Long gone are the days of paper and pen. The most efficient way for event staff, your attendees and, at the end of the day, you, will be using a mobile lead generation platform. Such a solution enables data collection by any entry method of your choosing. This may be using a QR code, text code or URL, whichever best ties in with your plan for event lead capture.

Your mobile lead generation platform should offer finger signing technology to help you stay compliant with solicitation laws. And, it should integrate with your CRM or other database or system to enable seamless transfer of data. This will permit ease of continued communications for growing consumer relationships.

5. Comprehensive training.

An angler wouldn’t set out on his or her first fishing trip without knowing how to use the gear. Likewise, you shouldn’t send your event staff out without knowing how to use their tools. So, make training a priority.

Effective training will cover how to use the mobile technology platform. Yet, it will also encompass other key lead generation instructions. This includes a brand overview, the goal of the activation and key talking points, and how to dispel objections, among other critical information.

When using an event staffing agency, your chosen partner should provide this service for you, too. The company will work diligently to make sure all event staff are trained. Then, their team will quiz your staff to ensure retention of material. This helps certify event staff are ready and capable of capturing all the fish in your event and experiential marketing sea.

At EPS, we know you have choices when it comes to event staffing. But for 2 decades, no other agency has been able to provide our level of top-notch event staff, training and comprehensive event technology. Contact us to discuss how our services can help feed your brand’s bottom line.


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