College Event Marketing Ideas, How to Build Emotional Connections and Brand Purpose, and How to Make Your Event Stand Out [The EPS Water Cooler]

Event Marketing Ideas

Events are complex. Companies spend incredible amounts of time and money on every phase of the event, from planning to post-event engagement. Businesses want to stand out and create a powerful event experience.

Events should create an emotional connection with attendees, driving them to become enthusiastic customers. This week we are discussing event marketing ideas that can reach consumers in a meaningful way, from an emotional branding strategy to why purpose-driven events succeed.

Event Marketing Ideas geared toward emotionWhen it Comes to Purchasing, Emotion is King

When it comes to consumer purchasing decisions, emotion consistently trumps reason. A few years ago Robert Passikoff, the President of Brand Keys, a customer loyalty and engagement metrics firm, stated that, when it’s time to decide which brand to choose, for most consumers it is “a 70:30 emotional to rational ratio.” Here are powerful insights into effective branding that creates an emotional connection with customers.

demos experiential marketingProduct Demonstrations that Stand Out

Product demonstrations can be powerful and successful in driving purchase. It is no wonder that brands are filling empty space in every big box and grocery store with brand representatives. Outside of retail, companies are utilizing experiential marketing to demonstrate products in malls, on the street and anywhere consumers gather. These tips can help your next product demonstration rise to the top and get the consumer attention you need to drive sales.

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Event marketing inspiration

Event Inspiration Can Be Found Anywhere

Event marketing does not have a blueprint. With advances in technology and the ways that people interact, companies are opening their minds to new event marketing ideas. Being adventurous at events has become normative, with each brand looking to get noticed and delight attendees. While most marketers keep cutting-edge strategies at the forefront, this article offers new event marketing ideas in places that you are familiar with.

Event marketing ideas - follow upWhat to Do After Your Attendees Have Gone Home

With all the lead up that goes into event day, it’s no wonder companies tend to view the event as the grand finale. Yet, with the massive investment that goes into your event marketing campaign, extending its impact and maximizing ROI is critical. Here are step-by-step instructions for your marketing team to follow the Monday after the big day.


College event marketing ideas

How to Make an Impact on Campus

Marketing to college students is popular among many top brands. These young spenders are a captive audience when they are on campus, and getting and keeping their attention can pay large dividends. To get their attention, however, you have to earn it. Engaging, unique experiences that bring your message directly to them will be the best avenues to success. Here are some event marketing ideas that can earn you big rewards.


Purpose driven marketing ideasWhy Your Brand Experience Needs Brand Purpose

A brand’s social involvement matters, and it has begun to matter more. This article discusses the traditional concept of “brand purpose”, but it opens the conversation twofold. It asserts that brand purpose encompasses “the notion of purpose beyond profit and also the sense of being intentional about delivering the customer experience. This becomes all the more important when delivering an experience across multiple channels because the variables increase exponentially and therefore the opportunity for inconsistency is massive.” Smart marketers, read on.

Authenticity in event marketing Why Authenticity is Expected and How You Can Achieve it

With the acceleration of technology and social media, so is an increased sense of intimacy with a brand. Rather than a brand dictating its message through traditional advertising, now consumers are able to weigh in. Thanks to Yelp and other platforms, the consumer experience is on display, and the reach of their message is just as extensive as the organization’s. Here the author discusses why authenticity is necessary, what it is (and what it is not), and how your brand can work to achieve it.

Multi-sensory event marketing ideas5 Ways Brands Use Multisensory Experiences to Wow Event Audiences

One of the strengths of event marketing is that it is three dimensional. Not beholden to a screen or a page, marketing events are visceral brand experiences that engage all 5 senses. Read about 5 top brands who crafted unique multi-sensory experiences that made them stand apart. From Patron to Glade, these campaigns deserve a nod.

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Experiential marketing worksAnother Vote for the Power of Experiential Marketing

We at EPS are clearly fans of experiential marketing, and we have been fortunate to see it’s short and long-term benefits first hand. Experiential is all the buzz, and many brands and agencies have been practicing the discipline for years. But what about those brands that have seen the data, but have not yet dived into the experiential marketing deep end? If you are interested in giving event marketing a shot, here you will find a clear road map to assist you in planning your first event. Happy promoting!

Event purpose Brands Find Success in Purpose

Emotion and authenticity are two key components of marketing success that we discussed above. These marketing “holy grails” allow brands to capture loyalty while driving increased sales and brand awareness. It is no wonder why brand events that drive a purpose and champion a cause are successful at connecting with consumers. This discussion surrounds one brand that found their purpose and gained brand loyalty while fostering real social change.

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