6 Event Marketing Tactics that Will Excite Millennials

Event Marketing Tactics
Brands are always on the lookout for new event marketing tactics that will appeal to the millennial generation. And for good reason. There are 80 million millennials in the United States alone. This makes them the largest demographic in the country. There are now as many millennials as there are Gen Xers and Baby Boomers.
But finding the right event marketing tactics can be tricky. This is because traditional advertising methods often fail with millennials. They favor ad blockers, dislike commercials, and receive most of their news through social media.
For that reason, event marketing can be a powerful tool to use when you are trying to connect with millennials. By showcasing your product or service at an event, you are sharing it with millennials in a way that they can appreciate and relate to.

6 Event Marketing Tactics that Will Excite Millennials

Millennials are usually defined as the generation born between 1980 and 2000. They are tech savvy, and they are often more educated and open-minded than previous generations. Millennials value authenticity, honesty, and social responsibility.

Millennials are also known for being drawn to experiences over things. This study from the Harris Group found that 72 percent of millennials prefer experiences over possessions. 

69 percent of millennials feel that events will make them feel more connected to other people. After attending a brand event, 98 percent of attendees are more inclined to make a purchase, 74 percent have a better opinion about that company, and 70 percent will become regular customers.

Here are six event marketing tactics that will excite millennials.

1. Focus on authenticity

A study by Cohn and Wolfe found that 87 percent of consumers valued brands than demonstrated integrity and authenticity above all else. In fact, most consumers stated that authenticity was more important to them than the popularity of uniqueness of the product.

One way you can add authenticity to your event is by creating a conversation about your product or company values. Rather than simply pushing sales, offer them more information about your company, what you offer, and why you believe you can help people. More people will be able to connect to your brand because you’re giving them something that is relevant and informative.

Most importantly, tell the truth when you are talking to millennials about your product. If you misrepresent your product people will find out. And if you hire brand ambassadors to be at your event, make sure they are informed about your product or know where to send people with questions.

2. Make it fun

Millennials like instant gratification. Make your event fun by offering things like a photo booth and free giveaways. Just make sure that you give away the prize at the event, not after.

A great way to do this is to have participants sign up for the free giveaway at the beginning. Then you can award the winner their gift at the end of the event. This will give everyone a reason to stay for the entire event rather than skipping out early.

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3. Elicit their opinion

Millennials are the most loyal to the brands that ask for and acknowledge their opinion. If you look at the top 50 brands for millennials, you will see that most of them demonstrate that they care about their customers and value their feedback.  

When you showcase your product, ask millennials for their opinion. Millennials love to offer their feedback and won’t be shy about sharing what they like or dislike about your product. Not only will they appreciate that you asked for their input, their honesty will help you fine tune your brand’s message and future offerings.

4. Link your event to social media

As the first social media generation, it’s no secret that millennials love to document everything they do. And they are very comfortable having their virtual and real lives interconnected. So one event marketing tactic that will increase millennial engagement is linking your event to social media.

First, you will need to find out what social channels your attendees are most active on. Spend several weeks prior to your event promoting it on social media. Share information about who will be attending, giveaways, and what they can expect.

According to a study by EventTrack, 98 percent of people will capture take photos during live events and nearly 100 percent of them will share this to social media. Create a hashtag for your event so your attendees can easily check in and find photos from the event by searching the hashtag.

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5. Hire professional brand ambassadors to work the event

Hire experienced brand ambassadors to work your event to help your audience connect with your brand on a more personal level. Your brand ambassadors should be authentic and have a genuine interest in your industry, company, product or service. They should be well-informed about your product or service and speak knowledgeably about it.

6. Focus on giving back

Millennials place a high value on caring for the environment and look for ways to give back. They are drawn to brands who care about those things as well. If your brand is involved with any nonprofits or charities, try to integrate them into your event.

For instance, every time someone posts a photo from the event using the event hashtag, you could donate $1 to the charity. This will highlight your brand’s commitment to social responsibility and increase audience participation.


Millennials have become the target market for the majority of brands today. Marketers are constantly trying to find new event marketing tactics to reach them. Event marketing connects with the millennial audience because they are drawn to experiences.

Because millennials place a high value on honesty and authenticity, they look for brands that will connect with them on a deeper level. They expect a two-way relationship with the brands they love and will be incredibly loyal to those brands that are able to deliver.


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