Event Staffing Spotlight: Hilton Garden Inn “Garden Getaway Tour”

Hilton Garden Inn kicked off the Garden Getaway Tour, a fun, four-city event on April 10th in New York City.  EventPro Strategies is providing brand ambassadors and costumed staff for the events which inspire people to pursue their travel dreams. The costumed staff (aka “Getaway Greeters”) are dressed to represent popular travel destinations around the world and include a cowboy, the Statue of Liberty, a Hula Dancer, and a Royal Guard, but the costumes are a far cry from your average costume.  The costumes are designed to incorporate the brand’s garden theme and are adorned with beautiful live flowers and greenery.

At the event, the brand ambassadors invited consumers to pose for a photo with a Garden Greeter and then encouraged them to share their photo on social media using designated hashtags for a chance to win an amazing trip to Hawaii.  The brand ambassadors also distributed fun travel items while relaying key talking points about the Hilton Garden Inn brand.

The New York City brand ambassadors and costumed staff did an extraordinary job representing and promoting the brand and we can’t wait for the next tour stops which include Dallas, Los Angeles and Chicago!

EventPro Strategies can provide you with promotional staff, brand ambassadors and costume characters to bring your brand to life through face-to-face interactions with consumers where they work, live and play.  Partner with EPS, the leading event staffing agency in the industry, for your next experiential marketing campaign.

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