Event Staffing Spotlight: Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Tailgate Tour

EventPro Strategies provided stellar teams of brand ambassadors at six college campuses for the Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Tailgate Tour.  The tour wrapped up in Columbus, Ohio last weekend after visiting some of the largest college football rivalry tailgates in the country. At each game, college football rival fans had the opportunity to test out their “smashing” skills and compete against each other on the newly released Wii U game.

The EPS Brand Ambassadors welcomed fans into the gaming area and demonstrated the game to visitors prior to the competitions.  The brand ambassadors also assisted fans with the game, answered questions and relayed key brand messaging about the game and the Wii U gaming platform.  The winning school for each matchup was tracked and at the end of the day, one rival school was crowned the Super Smash Bros. Champion.  The EPS hired brand ambassadors were all active gaming enthusiasts themselves which made for a great event all around!

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