Event Staffing Spotlight: WFAA Dallas “Daybreak” Brand Ambassadors

EPS Brand Ambassadors recently treated Dallas residents to coffee, gift cards and other premium items to promote WFAA’s “Daybreak,” a Dallas-Ft. Worth morning show. The street team brand ambassadors served as the city’s alarm clocks, dispersing throughout the city making stops at various morning hotspots around Dallas and Ft. Worth to target business commuters, parents taking their children to school, gym goers and other “morning people.”

The “Daybreak” brand ambassadors greeted the “morning people” with huge smiles and freebies and pumped them up for the day ahead while promoting the show.   The campaign served as a great pick-me-up for the early risers of Dallas and our brand ambassadors did an incredible job representing the show. See below for an awesome video taken from our Facebook page!


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