Event Technology for Experiential, Maximizing Event Attendee Engagement, & How to Avoid Event Marketing Mistakes [The EPS Water Cooler]

Event technology for experiential marketing

In event marketing, few things drum up as much excitement as new event technology. Technology has opened a door to a chasm of opportunities. We have a brand-new world of unlimited possibilities related to consumer engagement. Some companies are considering virtual reality (VR), where a brand can design the consumer experience in a limitless world. There is biometrics, living walls…every day seems to bring new possibilities. This week, the EPS Water Cooler covers new and exciting event technology, as well as ways to improve engagement at events. Other discussions involve avoiding experiential marketing pitfalls, experience design, and other hot industry topics.

Event technology and engagementGreat Ways to Keep Attendees Engaged at Events

A marketing event is only as good as its content. Whether your goals are to drive traffic to a location, generate leads or increase social media engagement, your event must be interesting and effective. A well-crafted event engagement plan will not only attract visitors to your event, but keep them there. And, if your goal is to create a meaningful and memorable brand experience, the emphasis needs to be on experience. Here are 5 ways to maximize event engagement to make your attendees happy and meet your marketing goals.

Event technology and engagementExciting Technology Designed Specifically for Experiential

From wearables to virtual reality, several new technologies have found a place in event marketing. Technology engages attendees, allows brands to gather better data, and facilitates post-event engagement. Even more exciting are technologies that have been designed specifically with experiential in mind. These event technology breakthroughs elevate event marketing in ways that fascinate consumers and companies alike. Interactive mirrors and wall activation are just two of the awesome event technology options to consider for your own events.

Product SpecialistsCustomized Event Design Let’s Attendees Choose Their Experience

Part of successful marketing is making a brand relatable. Customers need to visualize your product or service in their lives, so much so that they are compelled to buy. Allowing consumers to customize their brand experience is the ultimate tool to achieve relatability. Sparks compares experience design to the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books of the 80s and 90s. In these youth novels, readers could, throughout the story, make decisions related to the plot. This article covers several reasons why customized experiences work. It also provides examples so your team can start brainstorming.

Experiential marketing examplesWhy You Should Invest in Experiential Now

Although present for decades, experiential marketing is still considered by some to be an emerging discipline. When compared to traditional marketing, it is often seen as a supplementary part of the bigger marketing strategy. And yet, all types of companies, large and small, are increasing their experiential budgets year over year. The truth is, the data is out. Experiential works. This article touches on 8 reasons why experiential marketing is both the present and the future. For those still in “experiential denial” here is the case for getting on board now before your competition beats you to the punch.

pexels-photo-133021Simple Tips to Avoid Event Marketing Mistakes

No one wants to make mistakes, but everyone does. Whether you have executed 1 event marketing campaign or 100, chances are you will screw up. Luckily, securing contingency plans, technology tools, and a good team can mitigate most disasters. Yet, identifying potential pitfalls in pre-planning is clearly the ideal. Here are 6 basic tips to consider when planning your next event. Even if these are a review, keeping the basics front-of-mind ensures that you have fewer face palms later.

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What to ask when interviewing a brand ambassador.The Science Behind Brand and Consumer Relationships

It is often repeated that experiential is so powerful because it is the best way to develop a positive relationship between consumers and a brand. It is the human-to-human interaction that exponentially enhances relationship building. Events give people a way to taste, touch, see, hear and feel your brand in a way that traditional marketing cannot. But, while know experiential works, rarely do we dive into the simple fact that people can even have relationships with brands. It surprises many modern marketers that, up until the 90s, consumer/brand relationships were not thought to exist. Here you’ll learn more about the science and research behind these relationships and why they are so important.

monitor-468148_1280LG’s Stand Out Experiential Launch Event

Recently, more brands have been using experiential marketing events to launch a new product. An experiential experience allows brands to do several things. It generates excitement and provide engaging activities that create a positive product impression. Data and feedback from the event shows brands how to structure marketing moving forward. They can gather attendee information for continued engagement, and encourage social sharing to amplify advertising. Recently LG executed a first-class launch event for its LG SIGNATURE brand. This event went well-beyond typical and into the stratosphere to exceptional. Here are 3 elements that we can all take from LG’s tremendous launch event success.

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anatomy-1751201_1280How AI Improves the Event Experience

When we talk about event technology, generally one might think about social walls, virtual reality, or even 3-D printing. Rarely is AI, or artificial intelligence, part of the vernacular. Even though the mention of AI might bring The Terminator franchise to mind, AI is already mainstream. The article points out that, from Siri to Google Now, AI is all around us. Here are exciting ways that marketers are using AI to improve the brand experience.



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