Featured Event: Michelob ULTRA

Michelob ULTRA

Michelob ULTRA kicked off an event marketing campaign in January to celebrate its sponsorship of select PGA tournaments and running/cycling events throughout the U.S.  EventPro Strategies is thrilled to be providing TIPS certified brand ambassadors to represent the popular beverage brand at each of the 41 sponsored events.

Brand Activation

At the events, attendees are welcomed to the Michelob ULTRA tent and treated to ice-cold Michelob ULTRA samples. Here, the brand ambassadors set out to create a fun and memorable brand experience for the attendees by interacting with them and engaging them in conversation while preparing samples. In select markets, attendees are not only invited to enjoy samples, but also to take part in a fun, digital photo booth and/or make a personalized koozie at an interactive koozie making station.
From the smiling faces in the event photos, it’s safe to say the brand ambassadors and the event attendees have been having a blast! We look forward to staffing stellar brand ambassadors for the remaining events of this awesome program!
If you are considering a brand activation that involves sample distribution for your alcohol brand, make sure you partner with an event staffing agency that can provide you with TIPS certified brand ambassadors. EPS has provided TIPS certified brand ambassadors for some of the largest beverage brands throughout the US and Canada! Our experienced brand ambassadors can increase sales, create brand awareness and drive brand loyalty for your alcohol brand by providing consumers with a fun and memorable experience in any type of setting

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