Featured Event: Fiat Chrysler Automotive


EventPro Strategies provided experienced automotive product specialists to represent Fiat Chrysler Automotive (FCA) at auto shows throughout the US in 2016.¬† The events showcased FCA’s law enforcement vehicles and targeted officials looking to increase their LEO fleet vehicle size or upgrade outdated fleet vehicles. The event exhibit consisted of Dodge law enforcement vehicles and simulators as well as safety, tactical and technology demonstrations.

The automotive product specialists went through extensive training to learn about vehicle specifications as well as FCA’s fleet services. The product specialists were on hand to greet and interact with officials in attendance while providing directional assistance throughout the extensive exhibit. ¬†Additionally, the product specialists relayed key brand messaging and answered questions for officials.

Whatever your trade show staffing needs are, you can count on EventPro Strategies to provide you with trade show staff that will drive results for your brand. Contact a member of our client service team today to learn more about EventPro Strategies and our event staffing services!

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