Marketing Firm: Momentum World Wide (Chicago Office)
End Client: General Growth Properties
Program: Large-Scale Staffing and Project Management, Mall Marketing


To kick off the biggest shopping day of the year the evening before Black Friday and keep the momentum up throughout the entire Black Friday experience by greeting shoppers, handing out collateral, promoting contests, and taking video of shoppers capturing the holi-day shopping experience


  • 165 Mall Locations Nationwide
  • 1-2 Day Nationwide Execution
  • 1 Manager (per market)
  • 1 Assistant Manager for Rockin’ Shoppin’ Eve (per market)
  • 3 – 9 Brand Ambassadors (per market)
  • Execution in all 4 US time zones
  • 171 Total Managers• 6 Total Assistant Managers
  • 843 Total Brand Ambassadors • 1,020 Total Staff (plus paid backups)

Program Elements:

  • GGP Rockin’ Shoppin’ Eve staff worked at their respective malls all night from midnight until 5am the next day generating excitement with shoppers in line by passing out collateral and leading holiday songs
  • GGP Black Friday Mall Events staff worked a long, full 10 hour day at their respective malls on Black Friday from a very early 5am call time until 3pm
  • 1,185 (this number includes backups) Managers and Brand Ambassadors booked within a 2 month time frame
  • Coordinated the logistics of shipping event collateral packages to 171 managers throughout the country
  • Organized 9 conference calls with our client contact to ensure every single of the 171 Black Friday managers were trained prior to execution day
  • Created and utilized an original software program named LEO™ to plan, organize, and execute our staffing requirements in all 165 mall locations
  • LEO was designed to be simple to use, yet complex enough to manage the whole program.  Each mall had its own screen which allowed EPS account executives to instantly see whom they had staffed at a mall on a weekend.  As well, the client had a login to LEO, and could view these statistics.
  • All program information at your finger tips. Malls, shifts, staff, contacts, all easily sorted and searched to have updates just a click away.
  • 2 GGP/Momentum Black Friday Program Elements  Executing Simultaneously:
    • STREET THEATER TEAMS:  The Street Theatre team was run by the Manager/Emcee and consisted of one Brand Ambassador and a videog-rapher hired by a third party agency. The team walked around the mall taking video of consumers sharing their favorite holiday moments in exchange for a mall gift card, goody bag, or a branded recyclable shopping bag
    • GREETERS:  The other Brand Ambassadors stood at the entrances of the mall to greet consumers and hand out the “Deals of the Day” flyers which have listed on them the best deals of the day at each mall.  The Brand Ambassadors were also responsible for encouraging shopper to enter the text to win contest by texting a certain code to an 800  number to win one of many prizes
  • All EPS hired Managers were responsible for attending the confer-ence call, receiving their shipment and taking inventory, managing the Brand Ambassadors onsite, being the program expert and answering all consumer questions, managing the Street Theatre Team (including the videographer), and shipping back all release forms and leftover collateral. RESULTS:• 100% staffing success rate on GGP Rockin’ Shoppin’ Eve Events and 99% staffing success rate achieved on GGP 165-mall Black Friday events


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