End Client: Gogo In Flight Internet
Program: Large-Scale Staffing and Project Management, Technology


  • 6 Gogo airline partners serviced in 15 markets.
  • 17 Airport locations in the U.S. and Canada.
  • 13 Full time Marketing Managers, 4 team leads.
  • 100+ trained CSRs across all airports.



  • Ongoing program spanning over 4 years.

Program Elements:

  • Sales-oriented, results-driven, clean-cut, professional and articulate staff.
  • Large-scale project management, program development, on-site staff training, schedule creation and on-line data capture.
  • Managed program technology (laptops/Blackberry’s for staff ), as well as the kiosk component for the AA and United programs.
  • Developed on-line program repository and on-line reporting system with real time data capture.
  • Prior to initial launch, EPS provided 5 months of strategic planning support and program development, including: reporting form/procedure creation, schedule planning/creation, training content creation and development, content presentation at training, management of training documentation (filming), and gate representative day-to-day procedures.


  • The success of the program expanded the campaign from a one month, single airline event to a large scale 4 year, ongoing partnership between EPS and Gogo.
  • CSRs continue to achieve goal after goal, increasing revenue for Gogo and selling the Gogo service at the gates of the equipped aircraft.
  • EPS continues to work with Gogo to develop innovative technologies, measurement tools, and program structures to advance efficiency, capture clearer and more accurate data and increase ROI for Gogo.


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