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Experiential marketing is exciting by its nature, but one major perk of modern events is the technology. It seems as though every week there is a new attendee engagement tactic that is blowing everyone’s hair back. On top of wowing consumers, technology is making it possible for businesses to do more with every campaign. Companies can track and measure engagement, gather leads and develop a long-term marketing strategy, all from a single event. This week the EPS Water Cooler is featuring how brands are using the latest and greatest in current event technology. We also cover how experiential turns customers into content producers and, as always, more data showing how marketing events impact the bottom line.

Current event technologyWhy Marketers Use Virtual Reality to Build Brand Memories

The hype surrounding virtual reality has been around for decades, but always in the hypothetical. Up until recently, the technology simply has not been ready. Lacking in quality and affordability, VR was in purgatory between science fiction and reality. But now, things have changed. Products like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets have brought VR to the mainstream. As a result, several brands and event organizers are eager to give this current event technology a try. Here are 3 reasons that virtual reality is one of the best tools experiential marketing has to tell a captivating and memorable brand story.

experiential marketing mistakesExperiential Marketing Gone Horribly Wrong

“Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” While Edmund Burke my have been the first to utter these words, this wisdom has been imparted for hundreds of years. A takeaway? Understanding the mistakes of others is just as valuable as learning about their successes. Yet, it is important to note that not all mistakes are equal, and some are downright horrifying. From bomb scares to poison pool parties, these brands made experiential marketing fails that are so awful they might keep you up at night.

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Social wall current event technologyThe How and Why Behind Incorporating Social Walls into Your Event

Social walls are popular when it comes to embracing current event technology. These huge digital displays collect social sharing related to the event in real time. They can be found anywhere from corporate meetings to large marketing events. Not only do social walls encourage attendees to create positive event content, they make the event more interactive and more about them. The implications and impact of social walls can be significant. Here are some of the key things that a social wall can do for your event, and why your brand should consider giving them a shot.


Live streaming current event technologyLive Streaming Events: A Good Idea, or a Bad One? 

From live streamed NFL games to the masses recording themselves though Facebook Live, everyone is broadcasting in real time. Live streaming in the world of event marketing comes with great benefits, but it also comes with significant risks. As is the adage for live events, with live streaming there are no do-overs. There is no editing or spin – live streaming your event opens the real time experience to everyone. In an interview with Event Marketer, Andrew Kabakoff, VP-Marketing at Sunoco, details his lessons learned when using this current event technology at a recent NASCAR race in Daytona.

Macys Raleigh 2How to Encourage Content Creation at Marketing Events

There is no shortage of small moments on social media. Users seem satisfied to share the mundane details of their lives. But that means when something ‘big’ comes along, the likelihood of posting, tweeting and sharing multiplies. When you create a memorable brand experience through event marketing, attendees will want to share it with their friends. It is for this reason that you must design your event with content creation and sharing as a primary focus. Attendees can be transformed into a social media marketing powerhouse, with all services rendered at no charge. Read here to learn how to build content moments into your event to take advantage of the lucrative marketing opportunities found in social sharing.

What to ask when interviewing a brand ambassador.Connect with Consumers and Build Your Brand

Every company has some element of branding, and most work hard to develop a brand identity. Usually a brand is defined by visual assets, like logos and print style, as well as defining characteristics. Brands can be luxury or budget. They can be charitable or earth-friendly. But what good is your branding if it doesn’t resonate with consumers? Arguably, your brand identity is more consumer perception than corporate conception. This makes developing and building your brand with consumers a critical, yet challenging task. Now enter event marketing. Read on to learn how to leverage current event technology for big impact and see how live marketing events build brands and drive revenue.

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Email marketingHow to Use Email Post Event to ABC (Always Be Connecting)

Marketing events are powerful ways to connect with consumers. Not following up with your audience and continuing the conversation beyond the event is a big missed opportunity. The goodwill that events create needs to be capitalized on. This is the perfect time to turn an event attendee into a regular customer, or even better, a brand advocate. But what is the best way to nurture these leads? This article delivers tips to help you to use email marketing to engage attendees and move them along the sales funnel beyond the initial sale.

Current event technologyEvent Attendees are Your Best Content Producers

Having a robust and effective social media presence can drive results, from brand awareness to actual sales. Posting actionable and engaging content is the first step in realizing social media goals. Marketing events are a great way to have your customers develop powerful and positive content for you. Consumer-developed content is more authentic and can be powerful in influencing their peers. In addition, as this article points out, according to EventTrack, experiential marketing’s most targeted and comprehensive annual research report, “at live events, around 98% of consumers can be relied upon to capture content and share it across social media profiles.”

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DSC_0324Ideas for Experiential Marketing Beginners in Event Planning

Many experienced marketers are continually hunting for the newest and greatest in experiential marketing. However, some people in both marketing and event planning are just beginning. For those who are not as familiar with experiential, understanding what it encompasses, its flexibility, and its effectiveness needs to be the first step. This article showcases some of the more basic, but no less effective or popular, forms of experiential for those looking to get in the event game.


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