How to Improve Audience Engagement with Photo Marketing

Photo marketing


By guest author Dave Simmons of Shoot Systems

Sometimes as an event planner, it can be easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. With a million tiny items on the to-do-list, simply getting your event off the ground, sticking to the budget and getting bums in seats can feel like the height of achievement. But no matter how busy you are booking venues, managing logistics and securing speakers, for your event to have a significant impact, you need to make time to focus on engaging your audience.

The benefits of wooing your audience

Like any relationship, pursuing a connection with event attendees requires effort. As a brand, you need to consider their needs and how you can meet them. You should understand the problems they encounter, offer solutions, and perhaps even make them laugh along the way. If you get it right, audience engagement will bring valuable benefits for your guests and your business alike.

  • A better experience at your events will make customers happier and more content
  • Engaged attendees are more likely to part with contact details and other data to inform your marketing program
  • Better audience engagement will lead to word-of-mouth recommendations, repeat customers and increased brand awareness

The role of interactive video and photo marketing

Whether you’re organizing a conference or throwing a product launch party, one great way to entertain your guests is through interactive video and photo marketing. By installing photo booths at your venue, you can check off quite a few boxes for that all-important audience engagement:

  • Attendees can pose against a green screen for eye-catching images that reinforce your brand message. They’ll have a great time in the booth and come away with a photo that’s truly memorable and unique.
  • Photos and videos from an interactive photo booth can automatically be customized to carry your branding.
  • Here’s where you can really benefit from increased engagement: green screen photo booths are designed with social sharing in mind. Guests can upload and share their photos and videos in seconds, so your event is publicized to friends and contacts in a similar demographic.
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Tips to maximize audience engagement through photo marketing

Including a photo booth at your event footprint is a great start. But, to get the most out of photo marketing and make a great return on your investment, here are some tips for even better audience engagement:

  • Use green screen to your advantage. Produce a backdrop that enhances your branding and helps to communicate your event messaging
  • Use a custom event hashtag, and ask attendees to use it when posting event photos
  • Start a viral campaign. Get your guests to challenge their friends by posing in similar images with the same hashtag
  • Provide props in your photo booth and provide attendees with a branded takeaway

And don’t forget to use the best content from your last event to publicize the next one!

With the help of a photo booth and some strategic publicity and planning, you’ll give attendees a truly interactive photo marketing experience. As a result, they’ll come away eager to connect with your company and products in the future.


dave_simmons_008Coming from a background in IT and Technology, Dave Simmons, founder and Managing Director of Shoot Systems, has been in the Events and Experiential Activation industry for the past 15 years (pretty much since the birth of consumer digital cameras). Throughout that time he has developed a suite of software to deliver high volumes of photos and videos to clients. Growth in the Adrenalin Activity market has driven the need to deliver instant video solutions for this market.




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