How to Make the Most of Your Experiential Event’s Street Team 

canada-street-teamFace-to-face, enthusiastic engagement is no easy task. It takes a determined person who understands how to approach and converse with people in such a way that does not drive them off, but makes them willing to stay and learn more about what is being offered.

A strong street team is comprised of these sort of people. When you have them at your disposal, it is important to utilize their talents to the greatest extent possible and give them everything they need to be your most effective consumer outreach.

Knowledge and Approach

Your needs to know the goals and your preferred approach to reaching them. Setting up a tent and providing them with tablets, forms, and pamphlets, and instructing them to go forth and engage is not enough. They need to know what the end results should be, and how they should achieve them. Should they provide demonstrations? Will they make offers? Are there prizes and giveaways? What sort of information should they collect, and what details of the business should the provide? Take the time to work with your street team to develop an approach, ways to handle various possible circumstances, and gather the results you want.

Divide and Conquer

Yes, people are stronger as a team. Your members, however, each have their talents. Give each team member a job at which they’ll be most comfortable and strong. One person, or a pair of people may cover introductions, others may do particularly well at demonstrations, etc. This will also help prevent members from being overwhelmed by all that must be done, and make certain that each part of the event is thoroughly addressed.


Yes, a professional hired team will be paid. That does not have to be the end of it, however. Offering something in return is more than just an incentive–it’s appreciation for a job well done. You could provide rewards at the end of the event to everyone, and perhaps offer more for those who achieve a certain goal. Free products such as downloads and e-cards for things they find useful are always appreciated.

At EventPro Strategies, we know what makes a strong experiential marketing street team. Call us to discuss your event and let us show you what a great street team can do for you!

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