Incorporating Influencer Marketing into Your Experiential Campaign

An experiential marketing campaign is one of the most exciting and tangible marketing efforts of which you can make use. Connecting your brand or event to people with concrete, physical interactions between brand ambassadors, other staff, and consumers creates a basis not only for improved awareness and consumer relationships, but memorable experiences for everyone involved. Imagine, then, the possibilities in combining influencer marketing into an experiential campaign.

Influencer marketing is a potentially powerful force. It drives interest with word-of-mouth from those whom potential clients trust, which then creates further revenue. It only makes sense that this approach be applied to any campaign. However, doing so with an experiential campaign combines two significant marketing powers.

Close up Two hand holding smart phone with Influencer MarketingSocial media and online purchasing has created a chain of information in consumerism; clients rely on the words and ratings of others to inform their decisions. YouTube product testers, online ratings, and commenters make a significant difference in how a business or product fares. Identifying these influencers and directing your experiential campaign toward them may have an even more profound impact on your overall campaign.

To begin, your marketing team must identify the overall demographics and campaign reach goals, and then identify the primary influencers in that setting. The latter becomes the target. Then, the experiential campaign is created for the influencers. As the two campaigns are executed, targeted influencers experience the memorable campaign to which you have drawn them. They then share their experiences with their followers via the influential force that are social media and other online platforms.

Ultimately, it is also easier to target a smaller group of individuals than a larger demographic. In the end, by combining influencer and experiential marketing, you double your campaign’s power without necessarily increasing the work. Your staff provides the experience, your influencers provide the report, and your brand’s reach expands further than you imagined.

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