Incorporating Social Media into Street Teams and Experiential Marketing

Street teams can be extremely vital in marketing campaigns.  Originally, street marketing began in the music business, but since then it has expanded and become effective in other industries.   As an interactive form of marketing, street teams incorporate large-scale brand spreading techniques that reach the public in innovative ways. In the past, companies would use print or broadcast advertisements to reach the customers.  Now, organizations also have the choice of street marketing. To attain the best results it is important to use an integrated marketing campaign. By pairing street teams with social media, companies are able to stretch their reach even further.

Ease of Reaching Fans

Today’s culture lends itself to an advanced social media public.  It is uncommon to hear of someone connected on a social media platform.  Sites like Twitter and Facebook create an environment where it is easy to deliver bite size pieces of information to consumers.  Social media mixed with unique street team activities ensures brand recognition.  By using an integrated marketing strategy, consumers will consistently be reminded of your brand.

Advancing Technology

Technology has advanced so that creative outreach by your company’s street marketing campaign efforts can be almost simultaneously updated to your social media platforms.  Cameras and even phones have become advanced and are able to upload video, pictures and status updates to your followers as your street team excites the public.  Now the excitement of your in person street teams can be shared all around the world.

The Power of Social Media

Your social media followers can also be used in successful street marketing campaigns.  As you produce and upload exciting street team activities and content, your followers will interact with the posts.  Each interaction brings notifications to the followers of your followers.  This chain is virtually endless and will provide more traffic for your company.

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