End Client: Macy’s National
Program: Retail Marketing


  • To promote Macy’s annual National Believe Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the spirit of generosity and goodwill.


  • 16 Markets (Nationwide), executed simultaneously on one cold December day.
  • 2 – 3 teams per market.
  • 1217 Total Event Staff: each team consisted of 1 Team Leader and 4 – 7 staff members.
  • 216 Street Performers throughout various markets, including singers, dancers, jugglers and stilt walkers.



  • 1 celebratory day in December.

Program Elements:

  • All Team Leaders, Event Staff and Performers were all dressed as 19th Century Newsboys.
  • Teams were responsible for handing out National Believe Day flyers as well as finding patrons doing ‘good deeds’ and rewarding them with a Macy’s gift card.
  • Performers attracted media and provided a variety of skills.
  • Staff maintained a positive and enthusiastic attitude throughout all markets, many enduring extreme winter weather elements.
  • Head Team Leaders were exceptionally knowledgeable about local markets and created detailed routing each team in their respective market.
  • EPS provided support for Event logistics including: working with Macys Regional Teams to secure routing and media placement; selecting, ordering and shipping all costumes; fulfillment and shipping of collateral to all Team Leaders.


  • Macy’s National Believe Day was a big success, spreading the spirit of generosity and goodwill to customers in 16 seperate markets.
  • Street Teams exceeded all client expectations and garnered significant media and public attention.
  • The program was a positive branding campaign for Macy’s consumers, leaving them with a memorable experience and a friendly welcome into the store.

Client Testimonial:

“Macy’s Believe effort continues to inspire people across the country to celebrate the season’s spirit of generosity and goodwill.”
~ Peter Sachse, Macy’s Chief Marketing Officer.


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