Maximize Revenue This Holiday Shopping Season

It’s hard to believe, but next week’s Black Friday will kick off the year’s most lucrative time in retail. Now is the ideal occasion to get your brand in front of consumers and drive your year-end bottom line. However, it’s not enough to simply show up. To get (and keep) consumers’ attention and maximize revenue this holiday shopping season, you have to stand out.

If you are a retail brand, you may have ads queued up to drive traffic to your locations. Considering ad spend during the fourth quarter represents as much as 30-60% of many retailerstotal year ad spend, how will you ensure your money is well spent?

Unique brand experiences that allow face-to-face interaction are the best way to engage consumers and drive sales. 

When 2,300+ people were polled last month regarding their likes and dislikes related to holiday shopping, only 6% responded they actually enjoy the experience. Why not change that? Draw attention to your brand and differentiate yourself by providing a personal touch that moves consumers to enjoy shopping this year. A holiday marketing event ensures consumers will remember you long after the holidays are over, creating a spark that can lead to brand loyalty and increased sales both short and long term.

An event is the best way to get the maximum return on your 2015 holiday marketing investPicture2ment.

EventPro Strategies (EPS) is an event staffing agency that provides talent, execution services, and event technology to brands and retail clients during this time of year and beyond. Our past holiday programs have delivered:

  • Immediate sales of a new brewing system for a major coffee retailer
  • In-mall demos of high-tech electronic devices for a leading technology producer
  • Holiday shopper events for GGP, a mall property management company, for which we hired over 1,000 staff nationwide and executed a simultaneous multi-market program across 165 locations (Read details about this project here.)

EPS provides the best staff in the industry to deliver the personal touch that matters to your customers. We have the experience and capabilities to successfully execute your marketing event and help you make the absolute most out of every marketing dollar.

There’s still time to maximize revenue this holiday shopping season! Contact us today.

On behalf of EventPro Strategies, we wish you the most wonderful holiday season yet!


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