Mobile Marketing Tours: How to Be on the Right Path

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Have you ever experienced the thrill of the ice cream truck? The sound of those upbeat jingles coming from blocks away has driven hundreds of thousands of children in their directions for decades. Considering their popularity, it’s surprising brands didn’t more quickly follow in their mobile footsteps. But, at last, the trend of mobile marketing tours caught on, and brands need-not look back.

That’s because consumers love the ease of getting their lunch made or their pet groomed right outside the doorstep of their home or business. It makes life easy, a benefit that should come as no surprise with the dependence we all have on our mobile devices. But, mobile tours also make consumers’ lives more exciting. And, it’s these perks that place brands that launch this type of experiential marketing event in the forefront of their respective markets.

Why Mobile Marketing Tours Work

A national consumer services brand activated a mobile marketing tour of several hundreds of events throughout the U.S. over 10 months. And, the results were astounding. The majority of visitors to its stops – almost 80% of all guests – were non-customers. When surveyed, 12% planned to switch to the brand. And, seven percent had done so in the six months following the mobile tour. Of its current customers who visited, 75% said they were “more likely to stay” with the brand as a result of the event.

These statistics are common for brands that engage in experiential marketing. When activating mobile tours, it’s for several reasons that include:

  1. Brands can get in front of people left untouched by digital advertising and similar efforts.
  2. Brands with only an online presence or with brick-and-mortar stores in limited areas can interact with consumers or penetrate new markets to build connections.
  3. They personify their brand. This enables consumers to trust brand messages – a strategic advantage per Harvard Business Review – and to become brand loyal.
  4. They can get their products in consumers’ hands, allowing them to verify benefits through use of their senses.
  5. Consumers fear missing out on experiences, such as those provided by mobile tours, and are more easily persuaded to visit.

Event marketers only need to put in the time and effort to make visits to their mobile marketing tours worthwhile to realize benefits.

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5 Things You Need to Make Mobile Tours Work

Like all experiential events, mobile marketing tours call for much attention-to-detail. Yet, mobile tours may command more since there are many events within a single campaign. Event marketers can find success with careful thought to these five critical elements. 

1. A Solid Plan Backed by Data.

If you’re going to invest your brand’s resources into mobile tours, your first step is to give your plan careful thought. This means analyzing current data to determine the best locations to reach target consumers. Your decisions should be as high level as the city and state and as detailed as the neighborhood or event. The latter may drive timing of certain stops, when festivals or other happenings can provide easy traffic to your mobile tour.

2. Your Mobile Tour’s Draw.

Why should consumers visit your mobile tour? Will you hand out samples like Mayfield Ice Cream? Will you distribute coupons like CopperTone? Or, will you give people a first look at your latest product like Nintendo? Whatever it is you decide to do should support your goal. That may be to sell a certain number of your promoted products or to build brand awareness. Look to your goal to provide direction for best use of your resources, as well as for the greatest ROI.

Mayfield 9

3. Key Messages Everyone Can Retain.

This is another must-have that should be based on your campaign’s goal. Whether that’s brand general or product specific, you must determine the key messages you want your guests to take away. A best practice is to keep talking points concise so that they’re not only memorable to your event staff but easy for your guests to retain, too. This way, when consumers think of your event and your brand, they’ll remember your brand for the exact way you wanted it perceived.

4. Capable Event Staff.

The people who personify your brand in mobile marketing tours have many important functions. They may need to attract visitors. And, they’ll definitely need to make them feel comfortable and be able to hold conversations. Your product may require them to have specialized skills, such as when performing demonstrations. On top of this, you’ll want event staff who are responsible enough to show up on time and represent your brand in a professional manner. The bottom line is, so much of your success at each mobile tour stop depends on the people who execute your event. And, that makes their choosing a top priority. 

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5. Event Technology to Capture More Data.

Event marketers would be remiss to not get contact details to continue consumer relationships long after the mobile tour is over. That makes event technology, specifically a mobile platform, an essential component of any mobile tour. Such a platform helps event staff easily capture lead details. Most important, it allows you to send surveys to determine interest in your products or satisfaction with your event. This data can then be used to drive future sales, new mobile marketing tours, or other experiential events. It’s even a great resource when making business and strategic decisions.

Another Great Resource for Mobile Marketing Tours

Event marketers just breaking into mobile tours, as well as those who activate them often, look to a reliable source for many of their must-haves. This is an event staffing agency.

An event staffing agency allows event marketers to direct their efforts to event plans. That’s because this partner focuses on safe and effective hiring of the best people for the job at hand. For mobile tours spread out across the country, an event staffing agency can remove the burden of finding event staff in many locations. It can also provide nationwide training on your brand, products/services and critical key messages. Most importantly, a staffing partner can deliver the people who produce the benefits that keep consumers coming back for more.

At EPS, we stand ready to help you put your mobile marketing tours on the right path. With almost 18 years staffing these types of events, we can deliver and train the best event staff – nationwide. And, we can provide advanced event technology to keep you connected now and later. 
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