Marketing Firm: Marketing Drive
End Client: Mars, Inc. / M&M’s Candies
Program: Mascots and Costume Characters


  • Raise awareness of M&M candies
  • Put a friendly “face” to candy brand
  • Distribute samples of new, themed candies (e.g. Star Wars M&M’s at Star Wars events)


  • 2 year program, total of about 30 appearances
  • Program Elements:
  • Complex costume handling, packing and shipping from location to location
  • Public interactions, and photo opportunities
  • Media events and communication with members of press 
covering events

mars-img1      mars-img2


  • 30 events
  • 1-2 staff members to dress in an M&M costume
  • 1 escort per “M” (mascot)
  • Characters have to be super animated, friendly and be able to be expressive without speaking
  • Approximately
  • 90 Talent Staffed


  • Greater market awareness of M&M’s at large events
  • Increased sales of candies because of marketing tie-ins (Star Wars, etc.)
  • Characters put smiles on people’s faces and added an element of whimsy and fun to events

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