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Retail Promotion Ideas and the Best Fan Experience

Experiential marketing is a highly-effective method of consumer engagement for almost any industry. And one industry that is embracing it on all levels is retail. From product sampling to immersive brand experiences, retail is using event marketing to catch consumer attention and stand out from the crowd. But as with any industry, how do you make sure that your experience is set up to succeed? This edition of the EPS Water Cooler is headlining with an article that helps retail brands do just that. We start with retail promotion ideas, then move into Comic Con, the science and art of experiential, and how to measure a brand experience.

EPS Brand AmbassadorsHow Retailers are Winning with Everyday Experiential

The landscape of the retail industry has changed. With online, brick-and-mortar, and even pop-up shops in the mix, getting noticed by consumers can be a challenge. Even more difficult is keeping their attention and creating a brand relationship that leads to loyalty. But, with all the retail promotion ideas out there, some brands are discovering success in everyday experiential. Some stores are rolling out the red carpet and providing guests with a signature luxury experience. Others are embracing virtual reality and hosting an immersive, visceral experience. Here are 3 great retail promotion ideas that companies have used to connect with consumers.

Not having an engagement strategy is one of our experiential marketing mistakesThe Art and Science Behind Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing breathes life into brands. It takes a relatively benign entity and gives it a face and a personality. It is for this reason that an experience leads to brand loyalty, much like getting to know a person produces a similar long-term affinity. When crafting these experiences, there is no doubt an art to their design. Yet, like any marketing discipline, to be effective, experiential requires a cohesive strategy. And therein lies the science of experiential. Without both sides to the coin, events can fail to reach their objectives.

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Convention Staffing10 Great Tips to the Best Trade Show Exhibit

One of the most tried-and-true forms of in-person marketing is the trade show. With hundreds of trade shows executing throughout the country each year, there’s a place for almost every industry to converge. Trade shows provide tremendous opportunity to engage with potential clients, customers, and partners face-to-face. Yet, to have these interactions, first you need to attract attendees to your exhibit. You need to have a compelling story to tell. You need to have measurable goals that you are working to achieve. Here are 10 great tips on how to design a great exhibit and boost your trade show results.

Building a brand at country music festivalsExperiential Examples You Should Take Note Of

With more brands entering the experiential marketing game, the number of outstanding experiences has grown. With some of the biggest brands (and budgets) crafting incredible events, it is an exciting time for consumers everywhere. The addition of technology has improved these events’ ability to engage with consumers and reach them on a personal level. But never fear. You don’t need an astronomical budget to create an impressive and memorable event. Take a look at these 20 exceptional activations and draw inspiration for your next brand experience. From retail promotion ideas to entertainment industry events, there is something for everyone.

cowboy-940081_1280Why Westworld Won at Comic-Con

Comic Con has long been one of the premier destinations for brand experiences. The conference, which features the best in entertainment and sci-fi, is a spectacle and experience in and of itself. And, when it came to providing guests with the ultimate fan experience, HBO’s Westworld exceeded expectations. The show’s Comic Con installation was more than just a promotion for the show. It allowed guests to actually visit Westworld and experience it as though they were a character in the show. From choosing costumes to interacting with “robots”, Comic Con guests were swept away in the ultimate fan experience.

Event technology for large-scale marketing eventsThe Now and the Future of Marketing Technology

The rise of technology has revolutionized many industries, and marketing is certainly one of them. From the article: “It can safely be said that without technology, words like analytics, big data and conversion hold no meaning. Marketing and technology together are the pair that helps each other grow. Without one, the other is quite incomplete.” As marketers, without data to drive actions and provide feedback on every action, it would be impossible to be effective. Technology has given marketing increased efficiencies and opportunities. Here are 5 trending technologies in marketing, and a look into what the future may hold.

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