Marketing Firm: PMK-BNC and Javelin
End Client: Samsung
Program: Large-Scale Staffing and Project Management


To provide world-class staffing, project management and the highest quality of local brand ambassadors to promote a new range of high-tech Samsung consumer electronics in a mall setting. EPS provided technology-savvy product specialists, as well as a full-time dedicated in-office project team to provide in-depth project management and program coordination.


  • The Program’s goal was to promote and demonstrate six high-tech Samsung electronic devices in a mall setting. Product Specialists then directed consumers to Samsung’s in-mall Store
  • PMK-BNC and Javelin created experiential “footprints” in each mall; these centralized event spaces hosted passers-by as product specialists demonstrated the devices and generated interest.
  • 10 major cities, 14 different mall locations
  • All 14 Samsung ‘footprints’ operated all mall hours, 7 days per week for 10-12 weeks of continuous activation.
  • All 14 Samsung ‘footprints’ operated all mall hours, 7 days per week for 10-12 weeks of continuous activation
  • The program required detailed on-line reporting and metrics; over 196 reports were produced each week, or close to 2,000 throughout the program
  • EPS screened, booked and managed over 350 tech-savvy, highly-trained product specialists who showcased the Samsung devices and encouraged consumer participation in interactive games and competitions.
  • Approximately 8820 shifts were worked throughout the duration of the program (over 882 shifts each week.


  • Event activation: October – December, 2012; 3 full months
  • Event times: Varied per location; all “footprints” activated all mall hours, 7 days per week

Program Elements:

  • Dedicated EPS Internal Team: 8 full-time employees, including a Project Director, a Project Manager, and several Project Coordinators.
  • Quick turn Program: EPS had just 2-3 weeks to ramp-up and hire product specialist teams prior to execution start.
  • Large-scale Program: Large-scale hiring, on-boarding and talent management with over 350 product specialists hired and managed across the country.
  • Specialty Staff: All product specialist candidates were vetted based their device-specific and general technology knowledge, as well as their social media involvement. EPS worked with our client to ensure the candidates’ were highly tech-savvy and had appropriate social media acumen.
  • Talent Selection: EPS presented hundreds of candidates for our client to choose from, and included a full employee biography, photos and technology and social media statistics.
  • On-line Reporting: EPS hosted and managed the collection of all in-depth field reports, which were compiled and archived via an EPS on-line database.
  • Partnership: EPS consulted on best practices, helped develop staffing plans and coordinated staff member logistics to ensure the program’s success. EPS Project Director provided on-site spot checks and secret shopping to ensure EPS teams exceeded client expectations.


The Samsung Mall Program has significantly contributed to an increase in sales of Samsung’s technology products while increasing brand recognition and reemphasizing the company’s status as a leader in the industry.


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